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  • anime series/movie where a main character becomes a god?

    They were playing it at the drs office and I kinda got into it and now I forgot a lot about it but the characters weren't exactly human I don't think and this guy suddenly became a god in order to save his people. It had to be on netflix or hulu or something like that. I know I did look it up and find out the name but I have forgotten and I remember it was a limited series plus it had a movie. I think it was the movie we were watching.

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  • What is the name of this song? (old country song)?

    The Judds sung it on the Ralph Emery show but never recorded it. I only have seen clips so I don't know how the whole song goes but some of the lyrics are My momma said don't you go downtown  my momma said not to mess around I always do what my momma says say my prayers or go to bed.

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  • Baby name game. You have 4 children. What are their names? Any Mixture of gender is fine.?

    Here are mine.

    Edwin Charles Dale

    Ellen Mary Irene

    Thomas Austin Gregory

    Nancy Leah Pauline

    As you can see I like classic, old fashioned names :)

    18 AnswersBaby Names4 months ago
  • What do you do when you need to get away from reality for a while and get your mind off of things?

    No suggesting drugs or alcohol please. Just looking for some things I can do when reality hits too hard. What works for you?

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  • Where can I find real live cams?

    I wanted to see the micromoon but I can't stay up til midnight. There are several live cam sites so I thought I would check out the east coast, say, new york but it showed that it was daytime so obviously it wasn't truly live.

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  • Tips on growing out your hair healthy and strong while having 12 week cut and color sessions?

    I get my hair trimmed and colored at the salon every 12 weeks, use shampoo and conditioners labeled for colored hair, rarely use heat on my hair and never blow dry, but I get split ends so easily and it grows so slow. I tried getting it cut more often but it never looks like it grows if I do that, and finances are an issue as well, so anyway, looking for tips, products etc to get my hair to be strong and healthy. I have been told it is "thirsty" and is prone to dryness.

    Hair12 months ago
  • can a non-asthmatic have an asthma attack if they cry too hard?

    I have noticed lately my throat feels like it is closing up when I cry and I make this sound that reminds me of a donkey when I try to breathe(not joking) and have to really concentrate on taking a full breath and making it stop. I struggle with depression (on meds and working on it) so I have been crying more than usual and Im just wondering what this is.

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  • what does the typical Yorkshire Lass look like? (Hair, eyes, skin)?

    I know there is no "one" right answer but in general. I know there is a lot of Dane/viking influence in the area (of course the Harrying of the north with William the conquerer might have negated this some) so I am thinking lighter hair than the average Brit. I am an american so I am just trying to do some research for a story. My character is from the Welton area (East Riding) where her family has lived for over 500 years.

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  • Does anyone remember a red head reporter during the OJ trial?

    She had shortish red hair and wore glasses. I want to say Marta or Greta (NOT Greta Van Susteren) I want to say she worked with Beth Karas but not positive.

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  • please help with computer problem?

    I just got a brand new HP laptop with I3 processor less than a week ago have been really careful with it first thing I did was installed antivirus and firewall and use it for light browsing word processing YouTube video watching etcetera. I was on Facebook writing a post when everything just froze I couldn't scroll I couldn't move the mouse I couldn't even control alt delete so after a couple minutes I manually restart it. After going through a few diagnostic screens I finally get a blue screen saying automatic repair couldn't repair your PC I tried rebooting it did the same thing I tried doing a recovery option where your files stay and you just reinstall Windows from what I understand and it wouldn't let me. What would you try before using the warranty and having it repaired?

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  • Does anyone remember a crafting gadget from the 80s that made crochet like flowers?

    It was a $19.95 thing I want to say popin daisies or something the flowers looked like daisies, I just wanted to see the commercial again but I can't remember what it was called to look it up. Going through a nostalgic period was looking various things up on pinterest and that popped in my head.

    Hobbies & Crafts2 years ago
  • what shape is my face?

    Or you can look at my photo on here i guess but i was a little thinner in that one. Just trying to figure out if people think I have a round face because I am overweight or if I really do, my chin is a bit pointy though so I thought inverted triangle but not sure.

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  • Why does my cats hair separate into parts?

    I don t know if this makes any sense but I can groom my cat and immediately her first separates into hundreds of parts like somebody took a comb and parted her hair hundreds of times all over I don t know if I just never noticed it or if it s a recent change. She s 8 years old and entirely indoor I can literally pressure down and 10 seconds later her fur all pops up spiky again

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  • What movie or tv show is this from?

    Person sees 2 boys fighting and says if they are determined to fight they must wear gloves.

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  • Facebook friends don't play facebook games. What can I do?

    Hi, facebook frowns at inviting random strangers to be friends, but I was wondering if there are any ways around it like I don't want to be annoying, but none of my friends want to play the facebook games I play and they aren't fun and some are downright annoying if you don't have people playing with you because you can't get extra lives or compete for scores etc. I play Solitaire tales, Candy Crush, and several others but those are the two I play the most. Wondering if there is a website or something to network with people who wouldn't mind me adding them as a friend that play facebook games.

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  • Please put these classes in order for when you think they should be taken?

    7th grader is taking Pre-Algebra, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, French, PE, and Band. There are 7 periods not counting lunch, which is between 4th and 5th period. There is also a 10 minute recess between 2nd and 3rd period. There has been studies showing kids who take Math in the morning do better, but I don t know about the other subjects. Thinking PE should be last.

    Update: Basically, based on your opinion, I just want you to put the subjects in the order you think in which the student would have the most success, all other things being equal.

  • looking for a list of danish/norse/viking surnames ending in by?

    Like Holtby, Wauldby, Kingsby etc, particularly in the yorkshire area. (for a novel) Thanks

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  • what can cause morning sickness besides pregnancy and low blood sugar?

    I am having dry heaves every morning and it has been going on for about a month. Sometimes it hits in the afternoon also, but I never actually throw up and can eat fairly normally. I am trying to lose weight and am on a 1500 calorie diet so I am not overeating either. I had a hysterectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy and am a virgin so suffice to say pregnancy is out of the question. I also am a (controlled) diabetic, take my sugar regularly and it stays between 100-140. This is getting to be a huge problem because my stomach is really sore from the muscles used during the dry heaves. I see my doctor soon but was just wondering what the causes could be.

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  • I am looking for free or low cost ways of learning French, preferably online. Any recommendations?

    I am wanting a program where I can take 4 years to learn and at the end of the 4 years theoretically be able to pass the French language AP test (note I am an adult and not eligible to take it I just want to be able to say I have the equivalent of 4 years of high school French and if tested be able to prove my proficiency.)