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  • Is it really that hard to answer a question?

    Every time I come to this section, I end up reporting 3x to 4x as much as I answer questions. Is it really that hard to simply answer a question? Why does it seem that people have so much more trouble doing so in this section more than any other? Also, this isn't just some one sided thing, people of multiple different faiths are doing this, although, from my observation, it seems to be coming mostly from the Christians and the "atheist." Between the two it appears to be about even.

    Also, is it that hard to answer only when the question is addressed toward you? If the question addresses individuals of a particular faith and you don't belong to that faith, then you should not be answering unless you feel that it is appropriate in that circumstance (such as answering a question addressed toward Christians concerning the meaning of the word deity as I did prior to posting this). This is something else that I don't see occurring in other sections as much as it does in this one.

    TL;DR: If the question doesn't address you, then shut up (except in rare circumstances). If you know the answer then answer; otherwise, shut up.

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  • What are some words that are said without their original context?

    What are some words that are used without their original context?

    For example, "That room is already booked." Since hotel rooms are no longer reserved by writing the reservation in a book, this term is used without it's original context.

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  • What is the word for...?

    What is a word that means behaving in a way that is non-sexually provocative.

    The context that I was attempting to think of this word involve my attempt to describe someone that used her looks to get what she wants, but in a way that is non-sexual. However the particular word that I was attempting to use slipped my mind and I can't seem to recall it.

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  • Penny for Your Thoughts?

    Is there a Japanese equivalence for this idiom?

    The reason why I ask is that I have seen it in the subtitles for certain anime. However, I don't know if the subber was using a equivalent idiom to the one being used, doing a direct translation (which I believe is unlikely but is still a possibility and would likely indicate a language/cultural cross-over), or replacing the characters non-idiomatic speech with an idiom that would fit their character's speech in English.

    Thank you for in advance for your help.

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  • Why are Agnosticism and Atheism treated like they are the same thing?

    Agnosticism and Atheism are paired together like they are some packaged group. When you search Agnostic on Google it brings up searches that contain Atheism as well (with Atheism in bold to show that it search with it as a replacement world). This makes no sense to me. Yes an Agnostic person can be Atheist, but they may be Theist. An Atheist person can also be Agnostic but they might be Gnostic. These are two different ways of categorizing religious beliefs. The practice of grouping them together and using them interchangeable with each other is no different than use the term African-American and gay, Native American and transsexual, Hispanic and straight, and Caucasian and bisexual interchangeably (P.S. Ethnicity and sexual orientation were randomly generated into pairs). Yes each could be of the sexual orientation they are paired with, but they could also be any of the others because one has nothing to do with the other. It would be quite annoying to try to look up information concerning gay rights and receive nothing but information concerning African-American rights, or vice versa. So why should I have to dig through thousands of links concerning atheism to get to links concerning agnosticism. This only furthers the misunderstanding and ignorance of what Agnosticism is (because it is difficult to find things concerning it). We as members of the Agnostic community, and those of the Atheist community as well, should work to fix the tremendously aggravating, illogical, and unrepresentative problem.

    Sorry this ended up becoming more of a rant then a question, but it is still valid.

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  • Why should Same-Sex Marriage be allowed?

    I have never heard a compelling argument that is logical, secular (i.e. not religiously based), and not based on opinion against allowing Same-Sex Marriages. I would like to hear an argument against Same-Sex Marriage that meets this criteria so that I may be familiar with the other side of the argument.

    (I posted this question previously but no one could provide an answer that met the criteria so I am posting it again to see if I can get some new answer.)

    Thank you in advance for contributing.

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  • Gay Marriage. For what reason should gay marriage not be allowed?

    A majority, if not all, of the arguments for not allowing gay marriage that I have heard have had a religious basis or were simply illogical. I would like to hear a logical, secular reason for the US, as a whole, to not allow for gay marriages (Note: marriage in this context means married under state, not under god).

    Thank you in advanced to those who contribute.

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  • I'm looking for the name of a particular game...?

    I saw a video for a game a while back in which you play as a leader of a religious cult. From the video it appeared that you amass followers and can attack or convert nonbelievers. The game had a top down view similar to an Age of Empire or other similar games. The graphics also did not appear to be that high. I have been having trouble finding the name to this game. Could you help me find it or a game similar to it?

    Thank you in advanced for you time.

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  • I Need Help Finding A Video. (Hearts of Courage - Two Steps from Hell)?

    I am a big fan of orchestrated music and love the song Heart of Courage by Two Steps from Hell. Unfortunately, I can not find a video of a professional orchestral playing the original piece. I have found a few small orchestras playing a modified version but they are usually not as good and exclude the choir. I would like help finding a video of an actual orchestra (choir included) performing the original piece. Please post the link. Thank you in advance for anyone that helps.

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  • I need help with a game I'm making in Batch.?

    Ok so I am making a game in batch and I'm having trouble with 4 different features. The first is with the spending money for equipment and other similar items in game. I need a line of code that will cause the user to be prompted with the message, "You do not have enough money" and the money will not be spent. The next two features that I am having trouble with is the saving and loading feature. I need to save all of the stats such as strength, defense, intelligence, luck, name, sex, current location, ect. in a seperate file that will remain after command prompt is closed. From there I need to be able to open the game in command prompt, click load, select the file (i.e. slot1, slot2, slot3), and have it load the stats and take me to the current location (reminder: current location is already set as a variable that was saved. Also I need to be able to delete a save file from the load or save menu.

    Please do not just past a line of code and tell me it will work. Explain the how each piece of the line of code works or I won't use it. Tutorials are fine to post as long as they follow the previously stated rule.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who provides help in this delima.

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