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I am who I am.

  • The Official Atheist Playbook?

    1. I have WAY too much empty free time and enjoy trolling on the Religion/Spirituality section of Y/A!

    2. I may dislike and make fun of theists but they secretly define me as a person because without them I would have nobody to negate and my fragile ego would shrink into the abyss of a meaningless world.

    Just like light and dark, opposites make strange bed buddies!

    3. I'm making fun of an abstraction, yet I should know that other insipid and neurotic abstractions can be used as vehicles to kill and harm people....oh wait; who ever heard of millions of people being slaughtered for money, nation-states, freedom or power! Absurd! As of now the world isn't only being destroyed by the religious abstractions but more so by the lust for the other abstractions, but do i critique these? No, because I'm ruled by them.

    4. There are plenty of theists (god-believers) in history who make me look like a complete idiot. Wait, by spending lots of time behind a monitor I can surpass Kierkegaard, Dante, Shakespeare, etcetera....because naturally atheists are always smarter than theists! That Einstein was a moron for even using the word 'God'.

    5. I fall victim to argumentum ad ignorantiam, because I have 'faith' that their is no god/gods because the limits of my scientific knowledge have searched the entire multiverse and quantum parallel dimensions to show the defining hard evidence that there is no god/gods! Oh wait, science/reason hasn't done this!

    6. Yes I generalized atheists as group to make a point. Yes, there are plenty of smart, creative atheists out there; I'm mostly speaking to the ones who serial-troll this place.

    P.S. I'm not an atheist or a theist, but your little labels get old, bro...maybe it's time to get off the web and start creating your own belief-system, maybe one a wee bit more logical.

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  • Trying to find the name of a sociologist?

    Hi, I've seem to forgot the name of a postmodern sociologist/philosopher who was French and wrote on 'power currency/symbol currency and economic currency" in conjunction with humans as actors in a setting or field of action? This is just a shot in the dark but hey....

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  • Another backlash against Muslims?

    Because of the sick deeds of two sick men, and them being depicted as 'Muslims'...can we expect a major and violent backlash against Muslims? Hope not. For thousands of years certain so-called Christians killed, raped and murdered millions of innocent men, women, and children, yet there are still many good Christians out there.

    Or are the brainwashed racist idiots who watch FOX news the only ones who will bang the drums for Muslim blood? Btw, I'm not a idiot liberal so can't use that dumb label on me, I just don't like the bullcrap you people swallow....get a life, read some real books, turn off the propaganda-corporate-controlled-'fair' news on the TV (Rupert Murdoch, Koch Brothers anybody?) and stop illogically making a whole religion and a people the ready-made scapegoat for two men's sick deeds and your pent-up sick frustrations. Real talk. Just saying.

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  • Why do people think that 'Mexican' is a race?

    So to clarify, most people these days seem to think that calling themselves Mexicans is equal to defining themselves as a race when in factual reality (not confusion-land) it is a (nationality) and meant to categorize a nationality only. Also these days, a lot of Hispanic people as well as Anglo-Americans think that all Mexicans are brown-skinned only, when anybody who has been to Mexico City can see that there are hundreds of ghost pale white-skinned Mexicans, many with blonde hair and even blue eyes. To sum things up being Mexican doesn't define your skin color or your race....Case in point: This pale idiot with a Spanish surname at my work said he isn't white, he is 'Mexican'....when in reality he was born an American (nationality), he IS white, but his (ethnicity) is Hispanic.

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  • Will universal atheism eradicate human evil?

    I don't like playing sides or labeling myself (so I consider myself neither religious nor atheist) but I was arguing with a self-described atheist who actually thought 'evil' or human-destructiveness would end once religions were gone. I told him that our potential for evil or destructiveness is buried in the human animal, in our hypersensitive nature, our egocentric lust for power and our extreme death-fear. In other words, even if religions vanished by tomorrow we would still be doing bad things to each other because religion (like any other ideology) is just a superficial vehicle for our internal and largely irrational desires, hence these desires would still remain even if we crashed the theist-mobile point blank; because our brains are wired with these urges from evolution and social conditioning. Any thoughts?

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  • What's your favorite 'ism'?

    Whether it be theism, atheism, communism, liberalism, conservatism, socialism, consumerism, miltarism, nihilism, racism, etc., etc., this fast-paced hustle and bustle world we all need an easy label to latch onto in order to give our fragile egos some symbolic identity. So, what ism do you feel comfy in?

    (I personally love mindless consumerism, but also enjoy other rigid isms as well!)

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  • Why do rigid people misinterpret the word "faith"?

    Lately in my conversations it seems to be the gamut that both theistic and atheistic idiots misinterpret my use of the word "faith". They seem to always interpret the word as a religious word, as their anti-word or their pro-word.

    Okay, faith (n): 1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something 2. a strongly held belief or theory 3. strong belief in god or in the doctrine of a religion.

    Faith can still be used in a scientific context, as in; Einstein had great faith that his theory of relativity was correct.

    These people need to pick up English dictionaries more often if they always equate 'belief' and 'faith' with a religious context. Has anybody had a similar exeperience?

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  • Is the human mind a demonstrable fact?

    What I mean is that since science doesn't really know how human consciousness works or what it's made of, can that science really prove what the mind is in a factual, objective way. Or do we have a kind of automatic faith in its workings without knowing exactly what thoughts consist of and how our minds operate with and by them?

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  • Is god really the problem?

    Last time I checked it was the depressive economy, a ravenous and imperial military industrial-complex, a crisis in democracy becoming a plutocracy, global warming and endless consumption destroying the planet.

    So, where is the harm of the imaginary figment called god in all this? I know it meant something to attack Christians and God back when the church actually had some real power and the divine right of tyrants was in play, but now? Kind of a funny joke right.

    Or is the god-bashing more of a cool fad to rally around now because the issues I mentioned above are just to hard to solve, criticism being much easier than craftsmanship as they say!

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • Gay(er) male character name; Peeta or Gale?

    After reading the over-hyped Hunger Games trilogy I still can't decide who had the gayer and lamer character name....Pita Bread or Gay-le?

    Before I can retire from society and dedicate myself to writing Hunger Games fan-fiction for the rest of my days I must make a dicision to this most important question. Any suggestions?

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  • Why did she threaten to cut off my penis?

    Everything was going real great with my girlfriend until I saw her last night and she threatened to cut off my member. Has this ever happened to you before???

    8 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • Don't atheists and theists make strange bedfellows!?

    Okay, even the fact that many atheists haunt the 'Spirituality and Religion' section of Y!A is a good indicator of what I'm trying to get at, which is, in order for the atheist to have his/her unique ego identity s/he needs theists to rationally criticize (and if said, hypothetical atheist is feeling terribly insecure about her/his self) to ridicule. Very yin and yang right.

    Come on atheists, you need irrational theists more than you think, they give you a calling and a purpose in life (or at least in the hyper-real realm of the internet). And in that sense, they complete you. Heck, even law enforcement needs criminals in order to exist at all. (not that I'm calling all theists criminals or even irrational).

    *Atheists are the parasites on that dead carcass which is dogmatic religion. Yay!

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • Anybody else have (these) symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis?

    I don't really have joint pain, but when I wake up in the morning I feel like I have some kind of hangover, I personally call it deflation because (I guess, depending on my bodys inflammation) I feel deflated for the rest of the day with a slight pressure in my chest region as well as sometimes seeing flashes of light dots in my field of vision. I know fatigue is something common in people with rheumatoid arthritis, but does anybody else experience symptoms similar to this? Thanks.

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases9 years ago
  • Why am I attracted to ethnic girls with big butts?

    I mean there has to be some rational/scientific explanation for this!

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Do I write in the past tense or the present tense?

    It would seem that most first-person novels are written in the past tense because the narrating character is either looking back on his life story or digesting what he is seeing before he narrates/verbalizes it. But if the action is happening right before his eyes does he still narrate it in the past tense or is it now to be written in the present tense? Can you switch between tenses? Any examples from first-person novels? Thanks amigos

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • My sister is going into pornography, how can I make her stop!?

    Well I really care about my sister and we don't always get to see each other, but last night she called me and we talked and she told me randomly that she is going to become a porn actress/model. At first I laughed and thought she was only joking but she was dead serious and I became silent and I didn't really know what to say. She is very beautiful and I don't know the reason why she wants to sell her body like this, we grew up in a good stable family and nothing traumatic ever happened to her so I can't understand why she wants to be one, is there anything I can say to her to make her stop? Thanks.

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  • Is this is a good novel opening?

    For some time now the road had been deserted, white and scorching yet, though the sun was already reddening the western sky. He walked along slowly in the dust, stopping from time to time and hobbling on one foot like some squat ungainly bird while he examined the wad of tape coming through his shoe-sole. He turned again. Far down the blazing strip of concrete a small shapeless mass had emerged and was struggling toward him. It loomed steadily, weaving and grotesque like something seen through bad glass, gained briefly the form and solidarity of a pickup truck, whipped past and receded into the same liquid shape by which it came.

    He swung his extended thumb after it in a vague gesture. Little fans of dust scurried up the road shoulder and settled in his cuffs.

    "Go on, damn ye," he said to the fleeting mirage. He took out his cigarettes and counted them, put them back. He turned his head to the sun. "Won't be no use after dark," he said. Windless silence, not even a rustle from the dusty newsprint and candypapers pressed furtively into the brown wall of weeds at the road edge.

    Further on he could see the lights of a gas station, some buildings. Maybe a fork where the traffic slowed. He jerked his thumb at a semi as it whined past, sucking up dust and papers in its wake, watched it wench the trees further up the road.

    "You wouldn't pick up Jesus Christ, would you," he asked, rearranging his hair with his fingers.

    When he got to the gas station he had a long drink of water and smoked one of the cigarettes.

    There was a grocery store adjoining and he wandered in, cruising with a slithery sound up and down the aisles of boxes and cans and filling his pockets with small items -- candy bars, a pencil, a roll of adhesive tape... Emerging from some rolls of toilet paper he caught the storekeeper eyeing him.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • Why do most black people think that Ancient Egypt was made up of all blacks?

    Okay, I agree that there were many black-skinned people in Ancient Egypt and especially during its Nubian phase. Not arguing with that, I'm just saying that a lot of black people narrowly insist this was the only kind of people/persons in the region when you had massive and MUCH EARLIER waves of other cultures and peoples from Hamites, Semites, Hittites, Nomadic Sea-Peoples, Mediterraneans, Cretans....into much later invasions by Greeks and Romans. Ancient Egypt was the ultimate hoe of the Ancient World, everybody had a piece of her at one time or another...excuse the metaphor, it was the melting pot of all melting pots! why do black people think they only got a hit at that when REAL-OBJECTIVE history shows otherwise?

    9 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups9 years ago