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  • Doing a Documentary film on Wicca, Any advice?

    Several years ago, a friend of mine got me curious to what wicca is, is not...because he practices it. I was raised, as most people are, with the witchcraft fantasy world (bewitched, wizard of oz, most recently with the harry potter films, and other films like the witches of eastwick and the craft), but I have never known what is really true, and what is myth.

    Now, with this documentary...I intend to find out first hand. I am trying to find financing of course...and lots of it, but I need advice also on getting in touch with a coven, with what materials to buy, and if there is someone in the wiccan community who is "famous" that you'd like to see make an appearance in the film.

    Thanks to anyone who gives me some good advice....

    and to the people who bash me for this....I don't care what you think...if you have something constructive to say..that is fine...but any bashing is just going to have me laughing at you.

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  • Serious health issues...and no way out...?

    Ok. I'm going to list my health problems. I need some serious advice, especially so if you live in NorCal.

    Epileptic Seizures (Petit-Mal)


    Sleep Apnea

    Deviated Septum


    Enlarged Heart

    Fatty Liver Disease

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    And...a problem with bowel movements (ever since I had gall blader surgery I'm either constipated or have diahrehea all of the time...there is no in-between..and it's been this way for 6 years now).

    I've tried to seek medical help...but I have no insurance, so I can't afford the docs. I can't work..because of the seizures (everyone says if I can get cleared/on meds they will hire me..but until I'm medicated..they can't take that chance because I'm a medical liability). I've tried to apply for Medi-Cal and other forms of help..but because I have transportation issues..and getting over heated sets off my seizures, It's not exactly easy to walk 12 miles each way to where I have to go just to apply for the help. My fiance makes to much for food stamps, and I'm too damned honest/too much integrity to lie about being with her (especially when I'm marrying her next year). I want to get the help I need so that I can eventually get back to work, get me in better health and contribute to society, not burden it. I feel like all I am is destined to just die an early death though because I can't get that help I need to get better.

    What do I do? (oh, and as for the busses...we can't afford the is that tight, the same goes for the lightrail..and the lightrail is still 5 miles of walking each way..and it's just too much for me to handle on most days (without having my seizures start up).

    Can anyone tell me how to get the help I need so that I can get better and not end up dead by 35 or 40? (I'm honestly scared that I will end up dead by then and i'd like to see my 60's and 70's if at all possible). My fiance can't take any time off work btw...they will fire her for it. (she's the one with the car...not me..I'm not allowed behind the wheel of the car until I have a year seizure free (which means I need the meds)).

    For the record....we live in the Sacramento if you are familiar with that does help.

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  • cheese making recipes

    I'm looking for some harder to find cheese recipes out there. Especially Limburger, Feta, Pepper jack and well...just about any cheese that isn't as common in the USA as it is Europe. So far I've got good recipes for Cheddar, Mozzerella, Gouda, Baker's Cheese, Brie, Parmesean and Ricotta. (btw...please no blue cheese or goat cheese recipes...I can't stand either of them).

    Yes, I want the recipes for making the cheeses themselves...not for recipes involving them.

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  • Needing to find a good myspace backround

    I'm looking for a good myspace backround (having a little trouble finding it over the last few days). I'm wanting to put up a new one (sick of the one I have) and I want a Final Fantasy 7 backround. (from a free site btw). I was curious if anyone knew where a good Final Fantasy 7 backround was at.

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  • Oral Sex....Help!!!!?

    Ok. Before I say what I need to say....I need to let everyone know something. I love my fiance. She loves me. When it comes to the relationship...I couldn't be happier with how it's going because we communicate well, we flirt alot and we get along better than most couples I've been around. I know how lucky I am to have her in my life.

    That being said, there is something I need to get off of my chest. There is something missing in our sex life. I'm a very oral person, I love giving it, I love recieving it as well. However, it seems that she is only into the recieving aspect, and giving it to her...well I don't's like she's afraid of it. Maybe I'm using the wrong word...but I don't know how else to say it right now. I talk with her about it, trying to keep the lines of communication open, but it only leads to an arguement if I bring up oral sex. I want us to be able to talk about sex openly and honestly....but she always seems to shut the door to communication..............

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  • Question about Actresses and nudity?

    Ok, first everyone who might answer...I'm not trying to be offensive by my question. I'm just curious to know (I'm a trivia buff and the question may come up).

    I'm curious to find out how many actresses/celebs out there have posed nude, and who has posed nude in pics (the real thing, not photoshop/internet fakes).

    I know Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, theese are some of the most famous ever...but some out there aren't as well known, or have been kind of put on the back burner. So if you know who has posed nude, and how many have in total or a rough guesstimate...that would help.

    Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone by this question. If you are, I'm sorry...but as I said...I'm a bit of a trivia buff...and the game I'm supposed to play today is going to be based around I need to get brushed up on factual info including this.

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  • repost: needing to find out what the name of this movie is?

    Ok. there is a movie that I saw in the early 90's. I remember it being on Cinemax (it was the only movie channel we had at the time).

    It had this really attractive woman, and she was in this house I think playing a nurse to an old guy with health issues. I remember a lot of nuddity (not porn/skinamax level stuff but B level film nuddity) in it. I know at some point she kills the old guy with a needle (not sure what drug was in it or if it was air or what) while he's got his hand in her crotch. (and they show everything cuz she was naked).

    I'm not sure if I remember it all right or not, but I think it may have also had a guy cut off the top of someone's head while they were awake and reveal their brains in the process as well...I'm honestly not sure.

    If you can help me to figure out what movie it might have been I appreciate it greatly.

    Btw..I'm not confused with 2 movies. The movie I'm thinking of came out way before Hannibal (proably late 80's/early 90's era).

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  • How to find this movie?

    I'm looking for a movie. It was a little indy film by the name of Lapdancing. It was never a great movie by any standards other than I just don't remember the brunette that stared in it so I could look her up to see what other roles she might have had.

    The film was done in the mid-90's....probably 95 or 96 if I remember it right. It was a skin flick...but not porno actually did have a script to it that made a little bit of sense at least.

    If you can tell me the actress(es) that were in the film that will help as well.

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  • NFL Draft - your thoughts?

    Ok, so I'm wondering where some of you are thinking some teams will go in the draft (1st and 2nd rounds mainly).

    Some teams have interesting positions and needs.

    Especially Buffalo, Chicago, New Orleans, and Denver.

    So, with thoose 4 teams in mind who do you think goes where?

    New Orleans - 10

    Buffalo -11

    Denver - 12

    Carolina - 13

    Chicago - 14

    Detriot - 15

    Theese are the sticky picks. Who is picking what, or do you see any of them trading up to get someone earlier in the draft, or going for depth by trading down?

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  • wtf? a reoccurring dream that I can't explain......?

    Ok, for 3 straight nights when I fall asleep I keep having this dream. I can't figure it out, so I figured I'd see if anyone on here could possibly figure this one out.

    The dream itself doesn't last long....(or what I can remember of it, anyway).

    I'm at my grandparents place (they've been passed away and the house sold for awhile now). I'm sitting in th living room talking with them, and with several other family members, and all of a sudden, I hear this reallly odd noise that actually hurts my ears. (I can still hear it now, and if I could describe would be worse than finger nails on a chalkboard, and a deeper sound). I look outside the window, and see some clown like figure outside in the drive way, it's tongue waging and about 3 ft. long. It moves closer to the window, making that noise and continuing to wag it's tongue, and it moves closer again.....this time only 10-15 ft. away from the window, but partly behind something that has fallen on the porch outside......

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  • Rape and molestation victims?

    Ok....before I ask this question...I would prefer answers from thoose who've been victimized by theese crimes to answer, as since I'm a suviving molestation victim myself....I would prefer other survivors to share their point of view, though if you have family/friends that has been through rape or molestation, your opinion would be welcome as well.

    What I want to know is how many of you are still (having been in therapy/counsling or not) having trouble with flashbacks and nightmares of the event. Sometimes I feel like a real freak because I can't stop having them, and all I want is to get to a point where I can go more that 1 day and not have it dominating my mind. No, I haven't been in counsling for it...but if I get the help I need soon for it...I will be, finally getting that help. However, I've had the flashbacks and nightmares for years and years....and wondered if this was normal or not to have it continue this long.

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  • Old Schoold (80's) rap songs?

    Ok, I was wondering if anyone in here could remember some good old school rap songs (mostly from the 80's) that most people tend to have forgotten about.

    (if you can list song and artist it will be a great help).

    (oh, and please don't let it be "Marky Mark" bad ok?)

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  • I feel good.......?

    I know this isn't really a question...but I'm happy......

    I reached level 4 today on Yahoo Answers...hehehe.

    Just felt like sharing this with everyone.......

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  • needing advice - Weddings - Nor-Cal - DJ's, decorations, etc.?

    Ok, my fiance and I are planning our wedding. We have the place figured out, and the color's as well. We know what date.

    We have a $6,000 budget to work with (place is free, so it cuts the cost down). The Wedding will be in Rancho Murieta, CA. (near Sacramento).

    So does anyone have some good tips on how to save money on the wedding and still allow for it to look classy?

    Like saving money on photography, the cake, dj, flowers, centerpieces...stuff like that.

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  • Castlevania: Bloodlines (Sega Genesis)?

    Ok, I know this may sound stupid....but whatever. I never had the game Castlevania Bloodlines growing up....just didn't happen. Well, I got it recently....however, when I started to play..I realized it's the same game as Castlevania: The New Generation. It doesn't make sense to me though, because in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) it shows the end of the game, and Richter Belmont kills Dracula in Bloodlines....but the characters showing up are the ones from New Generation.

    So how can it be the same game that was the prequal of SOTN? I know I might be asking for spoiler info...but I don't's confusing the hell out of me.

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  • Past Lives?

    I'm curious to know how many of you out there believe in past lives, (reincarnation) and if you do, why do you? if you don't, why don't you?

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  • Guys only: question on Orgasms.......?

    Ok, what I want to know is, if any of you guys out there have ever gotten away with faking an orgasm or not when you are with your partner (current or ex), and if so, how did you do it?

    (yes, for the record...I did get away with it once.....I just want to see if I'm some sort of freak of nature to get away with it, or if anyone else has done it before).

    (couldn't help it btw...she sucked in bed...I wasn't feelin' it..and didn't want to go any I faked it so that I could go to sleep...and so she'd leave me alone).

    I know the question sounds a little mean...and ladies..I don't mean it that way.....I'm just asking out of curiousity only. (I know you ladies out there have gotten away with faking for years...maybe you don't all of the time, or you have only done it once or twice...but as a whole...ladies get away with being able to put on a show and not mean it...while the's not so easy...hehehe).

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  • Is there any hope for me to get better? (medical problems)?

    Ok. First off....I have a laundry list of medical problems.

    Epilepsy, Rhinosinusitus (cronic), Deviated septum, enlarged heart, cronic gastritus, fatty liver disease, and (as embarassing as this is to admit) I was born with a underdeveloped rectum.

    I am overweight.....and I have some mental problems (not formally diagnosed though) as well as a learning disability (effecting the speed in which I learn, but not my ability to learn).

    I've been trying to get help for my problems..but it seems like every route I go...I just get ignored. It makes me feel even more hopeless that things won't get better, and I'll be stuck like this until I die, instead of getting better, loosing weight and getting medicated (I'm not on any medications right now..can't afford it without some help).

    I don't want to be this way anymore..but it seems like there is nothing I can do.

    Please, any Good advice (constructive, not destructive) would be appreciated greatly.

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  • 3 Part Question........Hall of Records?

    1. I am trying to find my family lineage. So, with only my surname (Bitzegaio), My grandma's maiden name (Law) and my biological father's name (Thomas).....and no money to spend on or any other service...I'm having to do my search to find what exactly is my heritage and to what degree I am of what.

    2. There is a German candy name of the Bitz Bar....(it might be slightly different by name..but Bitz is still the title name to it) or at least there used to be this candy bar. I am wondering if anyone knows if they are still around and if they have a website.

    3. If you can't help me on the other two...does anyone know what the hall of records contact info is in the USA or Germany (if they have national databases anyway).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. (just please no smart assed "go to" stuff....I can't afford to spend money out on that I'm going to have to do this a little more old school than that).

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  • heart healthy recipes that allow for lots of flavor/spice?

    I'm looking for some good recipes (that don't have tons of spinach, artichokes or mushrooms involved either) to allow me to eat a lot healthier than what I normally do. I have to loose a good amount of weight (80lbs) to get back to a healthy me again. (I used to be pretty fit for awhile..but I got depressed, and got really, really heavy). I don't want to end up having a heart attack...but it's hard for me to eat healthy when so many recipes out there call for little to no seasoning in them. I like things like garlic, oregano, chili powder, basil, and pepper (white, black and red) in my cooking. I'm not a big salt that's not really an issue for me.

    My main problem is cutting out fat...without cutting out flavor.

    So I need some good ideas here. (I like chicken, beef, pork, and I'm not going to be a vegitarian to do it...I just can't do that to myself...I like meat to much).

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