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  • Indian Trends?

    I'm interested in learning more about India and Indian trends (may affect my investment):

    1. Are Indians savers or spenders?

    2. Do you know how fast India's GDP is growing?

    3. How many cars does an average Indian own?

    4. What's the approximate interest rate in a bank?

    5. How many Indians own a home? Is it still affordable?

    6. What do you think of:

    TTM -- Tata Motors

    SAY -- Satyam

    INFY -- InfoSys

    IBN -- ICICI Bank

    7. Is the middle class growing?

    8. How many people have cell phones?

    9. How many people have DSL or Cable modem?

    10. Are internet cafes popular?

    11. Is there a lot of traffic in India?

    12. Is there a lot of pollution?

    13. Do people text on cell phones (SMS) or use their voice?

    14. What are the major trends in India right now?

    15. Are workers leaving India in large numbers?

    16. How popular is McDonald's or other American Fast Foods?

    17. What kind of foods are popular?

    Any help is appreciated.

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