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  • I'm sick of it..?

    Hi, for a long time i've always been fat, ever since I was little i've always been bigger... Now 15 and a junior in highschool i'm still fat.. Weighting in 230 6'0 tall and I want to lose all this weight, i'm very bulky i bench 205 freebar but im very weak on squats (225) I like to workout my upper body but absolutely hate working out my lower body i also hate running... also im flat footed which is part of the reason why i hate running but i want to fix myself I want to be skinny for once in my life. My BMI is 31.2 which is OBESE, I don't see myself that way. I also have a problem, at night I like to eat i like to have midnight snacks... I know BAD what I want to do is lose all this damn weight... I want to be normal I don't want to stand out can anyone help? 5 point answer please! FYI my mile times have been terrible best is 9:34 lol i average around 11 minutes

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  • OBS killing computer?

    I have a core i-5 2500k 7870 amd graphics card and my cpu is overclocked 4.2k and i'm still having trouble running obs why? I have my graphics settings on low and in crowded places or arenas I get like 15fps my quality on obs is on 10 preset stuff on fast or else it's still pixelated why can't I run obs correctly?

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  • Computer question (hardware)?

    Hi, I have a duel core i5 2500 and I need a upgrade, I also have a 7870 graphics card. When I saw my game running I saw my cpu usage was at 100% so i need an upgrade. But when I upgrade i was wondering is 750w enough for ny graphics card and possibly a i7 quad? (Any) and later in the future I was thinking of crossfire my cards. So how long will my wats be good enough, and what i7 should i get 5 pointy ty.

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