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  • What is a fast spreading ground cover for a steep slope?

    Specifically, is there something that will overrun the grass? The slope I have is dangerous to mow, but if I get rid of the grass, I'm going to have a mudslide into a very busy street until the ground cover takes over.. I'd love to be able to plant something that will just take over the grass. Any possibilities?

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  • What ground cover would be best for a steep slope?

    I have a very steep slope that is a killer to mow. I'm looking for suggestions for ground cover.(I'm in Indiana) I'm fairly inexperienced with plants and I'm wondering how I keep the soil, etc from washing away if I get rid of the grass that is currently there?

    5 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Upgrading Photoshop Elements?

    I'm still using Elements 3.0 and would like to upgrade to the newest version. My question is: will the add-ons that I have purchased (such as Noiseware) still work with the new version or will I have to purchase those again?

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  • Need dimensions for a Washers type game with a bolt!

    I'm looking for dimensions for a washers game. It's played on a board that looks just like a cornhole board, but about half the size. It has one hole. Above the hole is a bolt that you try to ring the washer on. You get points for landing the washer on the board, more if its in the hole, and even more if you get a ringer. I need the dimensions and/or rules if anyone can help! My boards were crushed and thrown away!

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  • Where can I get one of those fake/cardboard dishwashers?

    I'm getting ready to sell a house I've just remodeled and I'd like to get one of those *display* cardboard dishwashers like they have in model homes, so that there's no big empty spot in the cabinets... Any ideas?

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