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One time i met a guy who looked just like Jack Black. I ran up a little starstruck and asked for his autograph. He scribbled something that was impossible to read. As I looked up from the scribbles I was just in time to see knuckles racing toward my face. I awoke some time after in a haze. My shoes had been taken and head ached. Jack Black had knocked me down and taken my shoes, or as least a man who looked like him had. My head was fine and the barefoot walk home wasnt so bad. I think im glad I met some crazy Jack Black look-alike instead of the man himself. Its just a better story.

  • Alfred Hitchcock Short Story Collection, Looking for a short story?

    There was this short story in an Alfred Hitchcock collection, Not sure who wrote it but it was about a man who goes into a cave or a tunnel or a mine shaft maybe and finds little men moving through the walls, Pretty sure the guy dies at the end or they take him into the stone. Does anybody know what this story is called?

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  • Need a VERY VERY scary movie to watch.?

    OK, I need some ideas for a movie to watch 2nite, i want something that will scare my gf to death... please do not just provide links to websites with lists of horror movies because i have tried this and all i get is some half ****** list of "scary" movies. i want a movie that is genuinely terrifying.

    examples of movies i DO NOT WANT are.. Dawn of the dead. alien, Nightmare on elm street series, halloween, friday the 13th and such....

    Examples of the type of movie i do want are The amityville horror, exorcist and such.

    gimme a hand here, i wana scare the crap outa her.

    oh and pls gimme a couple as we watch a few movies and may have seen ur suggestion.

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  • Star Trek.... Or Star wars. GoGo Geeks.?

    Cmon, I want some healthy debate over this.

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  • OOOOOOK its been years.... and still no dvd box set??? what gives?

    Alright, this is driving me nuts. I have been waiting for the tv show "Made in Canada" to be released on dvd for YEARS. it seems like every other popular Canadian tv show has a box set "most have the first season released as the third airs or so" Now, this wouldnt bother me as much if.... Season 1 had not been released like... probably 7 years ago or so. But, from what i have read.. there are 4 more seasons to go...

    I love Rick Mercer like i love Canada, Peter Keleghan is kRazzzy funny as the boss , Dan Lett plays his character toooo well and Ron James is aaaaalways funny.

    Its time we got our hands on these dvds... now i need help finding out who to complain to... CBC i am guessing... but where, who, how what department am i looking for here... i got directed to the cbc store once... yea.. cause that helps hahahahahhaha.

    Im losing it, i need these dvds.

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  • Utorrent speed spikes... unbelievable. what gives?

    ok ok, i have been using bittorrent and utorrent for a few years now and with most torrents i download the average speed is around 100 kb/s. now yesterday all outa the blue... my speeds are spiking upon opening of bittorrent/utorrent to 500-600kb/s and then quick falling to 0kb/s and back up to around 100kb/s and back down again to 0 every few mins. a torrent which would have normally taken 1hr to download is now taking 4-5.

    whats up with this?? i have done some serious reading online and none of the answers have been of any help. im not a tech god but i think that i have the ability to solve this with a little help.

    (port forwarded properly btw)

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  • R.C.M.P outa control? or just my imagination?

    alright. little story that i feel wrong about. i work in a small grocery store and one night while i was on break outside having a smoke a female regular customer was arrested in our parking lot. i stood and watched until a member of the rcmp sternly told me to not. he asked that i go inside. i explained i was on break and he told me just to turn around.

    what i want to know is if i had the right to watch and if he had any right to tell me not to.

    i feel i should have seeing as how it was 2 male and 1 female officers. even though there was a female officer present it still made me uncomfortable ( not to put down any of the fine male and female rcmp who go to work and do one of the hardest jobs in canada every day)

    i kinda felt obligated to see what happened but still cowardly retreated to my clerk bench behind the counter.

    after the cops searched her car and hauled her away i felt pretty bad (she was searched because they believed she had drugs on her. she was calm the entire time. but the fact that a female officer was present didnt comfort me, sometimes while girls are members of traditionally all boys clubs they decide to play mostly by the boys rules. even if they dont totally agree )

    anyway should i have stood my ground and watched? do i have the right as a canadian to do so?

    do i have an obligation as a scrutinizer of some ruthless police to do so? ( after seeing people beat and kicked by them i dont have much love for most of em. saw a guy in cuffs get beat down real well in front of my house a couple years ago. he was arrested for beating his wife so i probably felt more for him than i should have)

    do the police have the right to hide their activities in a public place?

    or am i just blowing this out of preportion?

    were they protection the womans right to privacy maybe?

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  • I have this.... friend. He downloads movies and music here and there. Is he wrong to do so? why?

    ok ok ok, all regular arguments aside (not just because its illegal or immoral) why should "my friend" not download movies or tv shows, he buys dvds and box sets of the movies and tv shows he really enjoys and obviously does not buy any products from the ones he does not care for. There are so many "bad" movies out there these days (i understand "bad" is merely a matter of opinion when the argument is about the arts but its the easiest way to describe the movies he does not enjoy) so wouldn't the lack of dvds and theatre tickets sold along with decreased sales for bad tv show box sets send the mesage to the people making these poor products. Give me a real reason as arguement to stop downloading. Is his downloading hurting anybody? Maybe the small dvd shops, owned buy people and not corporations, but i have seen a special edition disaster movie dvd for 22 bucks in places like that. whos hurting who. and rental places? it costs 9 bucks to rent a new release where i live. its a hard question. any feedback?

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  • rockwell belt sander trigger piece. looking to buy need directions and website?

    i have been searching for a rockwell belt sander trigger piece, the sanders model number is 337 and im not sure of the part piece's #.

    ebay has nothing, amazon couldnt help me and im kinda stuck. does any1 know where to buy somthing like that, new or used?

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  • sooo bored, need suggestions on what to do with my time on the internet.?

    really, unless you are a chat hound, wowhead, pornofreak or just a critic of everthing that you can leave coments on then there is really nothing new on the internet. yes yes, chat unlimited porn and wow are great if u can handle any of the hardcore fans of each respective field, but what about the rest of us. where do we go what do we do, help me find something that i can waste my time on too. please i beg you

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  • Do i have talent, i made this vid and my familly thinks its great?

    is this video actually worth showing to more people? my friends all think its great but i am a really shy person and i dont think its all that good.

    its art so dont be put off

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • I think this is a serious problem, i really need help?

    my friend made this video, its sad and i think it might be illegal. i am trying to get him some help but im not too sure where exactly to turn. i cant really explain what is going on (im not sure any1 would believe me if i did) any suggestions are welcome please

    thank you

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  • Alright, 10 funniest movies ever? ?

    i will make a list while you answer, closest match to mine wins. the prize is eternal happiness.

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  • My world of warcraft time expires today and is out for 5 days, need sumthing to keep me busy that is like wow,?

    i know its lame but im a feind, need somthing that is fun and similar to wow and that is a little better quality than runescape, i need it to b free to download and free to play. i really should have bought a copy of guild wars for such ocasions but as usual i am a fool. all suggestions are greatly apreciated but i will prolly only check out games similar to wow. ty and ishnu-dal-dieb

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  • New wow pvp gear?? when is the lvl 80 battleground gear gona drop?

    still waiting on new world of warcraft lvl 80 pvp gear? any1 know a date? send a link if possible,

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  • In need of a decent program to burn avi files?

    i used to use divx to burn avi files but have gotten sick of it, is there anything else out there that is free and as easy to use?

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  • dio or ozzy? and why?

    simple question

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  • bittorent avi files not uploading to my ipod?

    my movies that i got with bittorent, avi files. for some reason will not add to my itunes. whats with that and what can i do to solve the problem?

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  • briefcase in pulp fiction? ?

    what was in the briefcase in pulp fiction?

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