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  • Just received a promotion - how to approach those non-selected?

    I just received a promotion to Supervisor. Prior to this promotion, I was somewhat social and friendly with my co-workers; some even visited my home. One of these co-workers was interviewed for this same position and we had already discussed our mutual respect for each other should the other be awarded the promotion. We wished each other well and anxiously awaited the announcement. I was offered the position yesterday and was asked to remain confidential until the non-selected applicants were notified. Today, they were notified and I'm unsure how to approach those that were non-selected. I certainly don't want to make them feel bad for being non-selected, however I don't want to avoid them and the issue at hand either. Any suggestions on a suitable approach to this awkward situation?

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  • How would you react?

    My officemate hates the smell of boiled eggs. One morning, I brought a boiled egg to work for breakfast but I waited to eat it while she was out on a smoke break, plus I also put the shells in a small plastic bag to eliminate the smell as much as possible and to respect her dislike for the smell. When she returned from break, she was upset that I had eaten the egg and began to spray Oust spray. I politely asked her not to "overspray" because the chemical "fog" triggered my migraines and I already had a mild headache that day. She continued to spray.

    At one time, I considered this woman a friend and shared after office hour activities and even invited her to my home on many occasions. After she appeared to purposely try to trigger a migraine by continuing to spray, I no longer consider her a friend.

    The office atmosphere is tense to say the least. We used to have a relaxed, fun atmosphere with frequent laughter. Now we rarely speak all day.

    What would YOU do?

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  • What would YOU do?

    What would you do if a coworker entered your office to speak to you and you clearly heard them pass gas as they were speaking, yet they did not acknowledge it, nor miss a beat in their conversation?

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  • Why ask me what to get your significant other for Christmas?

    If you are in the relationship, shouldn't you know your significant other well enough to know what to get?

    Am I the only one perplexed by this phenonemon?

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  • Appropriate color for Step-Mother of the Bride Dress for beach wedding?

    Do you think a black, low cut, skin tight dress would be an appropriate dress for a Step-Mom of the Bride to wear to a beach destination wedding?

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