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  • how to mess with a cheating boyfriends head?

    my partner of two years has been secretly signing up to dating sites saying he's single, younger and showing a photo from before i met him (when he was slimmer).. this has probably gone on our whole relationship and it p*sses me off since he wont even let me have a facebook.. he always has excuses when ive busted him - 'i was helping a friend set theirs up' 'its from ages ago and it wouldnt let me delete it' etc. I thought he'd stopped a few months ago but no.. the other morning he got up at like 2am and was on them til 5:30.. he's probably not meeting chicks, however a few times ive amde up profiles and the last time, he didnt even ask the 'chicks' name, but went ahead trying to get her number, gave her his, told her the suburb we live in..

    so anyway i want to mess with him. ive already signed him up to other dating sites even a gay one, with his email so he'd know.. he suspected me but couldnt do much about it..i also went on the ones he made himself and clicked 'forgot password' so theyd email him.. over and over, to let him know someone had caught him.

    i want some really good ideas.. im either thinking of pretending to be a guy we know, 'stumbling' on his profile, busting him and threatening to tell his girlfriend (me) or maybe even threatening to steal me .. i dont know, how bout you?? someone must have better ideas than this

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  • ipod touch synching problem..?

    just got an ipod touch, downloaded itunes and am putting my cds into it. im having a few problems, sometimes the itunes doesnt recognise the music on the cd so i have to manually enter the names and stuff.. and now i have an album in the library on itunes that isnt synching to the ipod, i did nothing different than i did with the others that worked? anyone know what to do now?

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  • nuvaring failure?

    has anyone you know used the nuvaring and still become pregnant?

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  • Anyone know a good family court lawyer in Adelaide SA?

    My boyfriend has been seperated over a year, his divorce in finalised, and the only thing they have left between them is their daughter who's just turned 4. They had an arrangement by mediation, and she has now decided to break it by changing her mobile number and not letting him see his daughter. She also has a restraining order which she got by making something up, he has never hurt her or harrassed her. She has no reason not to let him see his daughter except to hurt him. She made a mediation appointment for Jan 10th next year so if he waits til then he wont see his daughter over the holidays.. what can he do? He will be going to court so that she cant do this again, but is there something he could do in the meantime to at least have contact with his daughter?

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  • what website might i find out what a design on a katana sword guard means?

    the guard (tsubi) has a design of a dragon, coming out of water, going into fire.

    i want to find out what it means.

    do you know any sites that may help me? specifically want to know what the dragon represents

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  • what is the meaning of this picture?

    It is a design of a Suba (hand guard on a samurai sword (katana)) and is of a dragon coming out of water and going into fire. I would very much appreciate your help.

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  • I'm trying to find the meaning of a friends tattoo..?

    It is a design of a Suba (hand guard on a samurai sword (katana)) and is of a dragon coming out of water and going into fire. I would very much appreciate your help.

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  • can you tell me how to get?

    how to get to Sesame Street?

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  • how do you think this comment comes across?

    I put a comment on a guy friends myspace and my boyfriend doesn't like it.

    He thinks I am broadcasting that I'm not happy in my relationship..

    the comment, in reply to one asking what ive been up to, said "went to a car show on sunday, other than that I've been doing not much, a lot. How great is this weather!"

    so what do you think?

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  • need your opinion on this comment! please?

    A friend on myspace asked in a comment what Ive been up to and my reply said I went to this car show on sunday "other than that I've done not much, a lot. How great is this weather! "

    by that i meant that I havent done anything that exciting lately! However my boyfriend is upset because he thinks I really meant that I havent enjoyed hanging out with him or something, that I'm really trying to let my friend know I'm not satisfied, which couldnt be further from the truth.

    So i just want to get other peoples opinions.. how do you think the message comes across?

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  • I have this song in my head but I dont know the name or who sings it?

    It starts off

    "Hey (not sure but i think this word is johnny) where's (?jimmy) he's smoking crack with billy

    Those guys are so funny, they're making so much money

    and the chorus bit goes 'Hey you, dont you know who i am, hey you dont you know who i am, hey you, dont you know who i am "

    This has actually been driving me nuts every now and then for years.

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  • An artist who draws cars in Adelaide?

    can anyone tell me where to find an artist to draw a cartoon style pic of my car in south australia?

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  • Custom drawing/caricature of my car in South Australia..?

    Does anyone know where in Adelaide I can get a picture drawn of my car, and possible with a person in the picture as well? I'd like it for a present.. I have searched online but keep only finding services in other countries.. would prefer to have it done locally.


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  • What starsign are you, and what is your partner?

    and how long have you been together? i am just interested to see if there is truth to the starsign thing..

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