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  • car estimate on what needs fixed?

    i have a pretty old car, a 1993 ford taurus. it has seen better days, so i am looking to get a new car. someone is interested in my car, as it runs and gets around despite it having minor issues, but wanted me to take it in and get it looked at to see what the major problems with it were and such. i am from ohio, but can i take it into any car repair shop to get this done? i realize it may cost something to have it assessed, but i have no idea the price range or what it is called when i actually call to ask if they do it? i dont think it would be an "appraisal" but im not sure what to ask for so they understand. i realize there are many many things probably needed to get it working perfect again, but i just want to know the major stuff. would it be like "repair estimate on the biggest things?" i just dont want to sound like an idiot calling and asking unless i know what i am talking about haha.

    any help would be appreciated. thank you

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  • metalocalypse monopoly question?

    im making a friend a metalocalypse themed monopoly game. i want to change the community chest cards to go along with the show. instead of being called "community chest" its going to be called "band fund". someone else that did this made the cards say things like "Van broke down, pay $200″, or “Happy dethday, birthdayface. Pay dr Rockso”.

    im trying to think of other ideas similar to these to change the cards. sadly i do not know the show well enough yet to know anything that would work well. i tried getting the dvds from the library but there was a huge wait on them.

    so if anyone has any suggestions that would be such a help =]


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  • metatarsal fracture or just a bone bruise?

    i was at a trade show nearly two weeks ago, when a large, probably 3 foot by 3 foot window leaning against a wall tipped over from someone moving others further ahead of us. i went to catch it because i didn't want it to shatter on the cement floor...but it was so heavy and falling quickly that i couldn't get it before it hit the ground, and the unfinished wood frame fell across the top middle of my foot. the glass ended up being thick enough that it didn't break at all. i was wearing tennis shoes thankfully, but it still hurt a lot. i limped around for about a week and it hurt to touch the top of my foot but didn't bruise. it swelled and got a slight bit red, and is still sorta swelled up.

    i can walk on it, but if you touch the top of my foot it makes it hurt and keeps on aching after that. i would think it would start feeling better by now but it hasn't got better and only hurt to touch the top of my foot and then a few days last week it hurt a lot and since then the pains been on and off and it occurred on the 10th of september. im wondering if i should get an x-ray in case somethings messed up or wait awhile longer to see if it will heal? im a 23 year old girl. my mom says if anythings broken i would have a hard time walking on it, but i read stress fractures occasionally start out as gradual pain and get worse. i don't think its broke just because its not extremely painful but i don't want to make it worse by waiting you know?

    i know its obvious just go get it checked, but im not quite sure how long i should wait to see if it starts feeling better. i was also wondering if you could bruise your bone without actually bruising your skin?


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  • making your own sauces and spice rack suggestions?

    my friend recently has been really into making his own sauces for wings as well as just chicken and other foods. he has just been experimenting, but i want to look into getting him something for christmas that can help him with it. maybe a kit or something. ive already seen "make your own hot sauce kit" and while it looks cool it comes with only a few spices and he has a ton of his own. i was thinking maybe bottles to store them in or like tools to make them or like a book to help? i dont know, i am trying to think of cool ideas to help out but i cant really find what im looking for.

    i thought about getting him a new spice rack, but i want something more than the typical spice rack everyone has in their kitchen.

    so christmas ideas for someone getting started making their own sauces and any cool spice racks.


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  • Why didnt people accept Wegeners theory of drift?

    alls i have in my notes are that they looked for tracks, and couldnt find any so the idea was ignored for the next 50 years. i read something online like it was because people couldnt understand the idea of the continents moving over the plates?

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  • help finding the point on a curve closest to another?

    ok... the question is

    find the point on the curve y=x^2 closest to the point (0,1)

    i know that you need to use the distance formula, but the example in my book is a little different so i cant seem to figure out how to do it.

    i could just look in the back of the book to get the answer (it says (sqrt1/2,1/2) or (negsqrt1/2, 1/2)

    id just like to understand it because there are other similar questions like it.


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  • How to find Vmax and Km using limeweaver burk method?

    for my exam tomorrow we will be given info and have to plot a graph on paper and figure out the Km and Vmax using the lineweaver burke method. i know that on the x axis the line touching it is -1/km and the y axis where it crosses it is 1/Vmax, but im still kind of unsure how you use these numbers to figure out the actual answers.

    so i just need to know how to get Vmax and Km.


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  • question about lifetime tax credit for qualified students...?

    I went online to H&R Block to use their calculator to see if i was eligible for the lifetime tax credit. i am a senior at a university that qualifies for the credits. i know i am not eligible for the hope one because i am a senior. however, when i put my information into the calculator it says "You're not able to benefit from the tuition deduction or education credits because your taxable income is $0." i made $7,000 last year. my qualified expenses are $9,163.

    i guess i dont really understand what this means, because when i look up on the IRS website at the requirements i do qualify. i am not being claimed by anyone else.

    any suggestions?

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  • calculus question limits.?

    im working on my homework right now and im stuck on a simple problem.

    it is

    lim 2x/3-square root (x+9)


    so i first tried plugging zero in, no because the denominator would be zero.

    so then i figured i have to get the X out of the numerator. i tried multiplying 1/2x so the top would equal one but i would still get zero on the bottom. im not sure if im even taking the right path.

    any help or suggestions.

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  • simple math problem...sin theta=.90675?

    im just trying to find theta.. but i cant figure out how you do it. i know its really easy but i totally forget. i just made up that number really any number will work.


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  • thin film physics question?

    when you look at the surface of a thin film solar cell, you might see a certain color due to the constructive interference between the light reflected from the front and back surfaces.

    suppose that the color you see is blue lambda=475nm. if the light starts in air (n=1) the index of refraction of the silicon thin film is 4.5, and the index of refraction of the back surface material is 5.0.

    what is the minimum thickness of the silicon thin film that will cause the reflected light to be this blue color. find two other thicknessess that meet the criteria for this problem

    okay! so im trying to figure out what equations to use on this thing. the equation ive been looking at is t=(m+1/2)lambda . but then the only other equation i see would be the mlambda= change in l which i know doesnt really fit. any clarification and help would be awesome...thanks..

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  • when a beam of light enters a body of water..?

    when a beam of light enters a body of water from the air at an angle through a level surface, does it bend toward or away from the normal line in the water?

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  • why do you have to be careful about the location of the structural girders and beams in a building when..?

    why do you have to be careful about the location of the structural girders and beams in a building when making magnetic measurements?

    does the magnetic force make the beams weaker? thats my only guess.

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  • if the earths magnetic field was caused by a bar magnet, what would north pole be?

    the question is.....

    the magnetic field of the earth can be modeled as being caused by a giant bar magnet lying along the earths axis. if this were true, what letter (N or S) would be printed on the end at the north pole?

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  • where to buy a clear ipod video case?

    i need a good website where i can buy a decent priced clear ipod video case. it has to have a clip on the back having trouble finding one in any stores.


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  • physics help currents?

    a current of 0.1 amp is measured to flow through one of three identical light bulbs connected in series to a battery. what is the current through the 2 other bulbs? i was kinda thinking that it would be the same was the first light bulb..but that seems too easy.

    my last question is

    when a 6 volt battery is connected to a particular type of electric heater element, a current of .5 amp flows. how much current must the battery deliver to a parallel combination of two identical heaters?

    i thought i knew this one (started doing 1/Req=1/r1+1/r2 etc) but i realized i was solving for the equivalent resistance not the current.

    ahh im so confused. please help. thanks a lot.

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  • what is the closest organ 3 finger widths from belly button to my right side?

    im a 20 yr old girl. for about 3 weeks i notice a small "lump" i guess on my right side of my belly button about 3 finger widths over and one up. i know that your kidneys are in that area *i think*, but im not sure. i wouldnt know if a kidney could make a noticable buldge into the front of me...

    it doesnt hurt or anything and hasnt caused any symptoms thats why ive been waiting before i see a i have no insurance. once maybe it had a quick sharp pain but that could of been anything im guessing.

    anyways im getting it checked this weekend just in case but i was just trying to google what it could be. i was thinking maybe a cyst on something? maybe an ovary or kidney? but i dont think ovaries could be that high. hmm. any suggestions or imput would be cool for the time being.


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  • how to find the intensity of the source?

    i have a physics exam monday, and i was going back through my exams looking at problems i missed. one i cant figure out asks

    the distance between the earth and sun is about 1.5x10^11 m. if the sun radiates energy with a power of 4x10^26 W, what is the intensity of this source at the earth.

    the answer is 1.4kW

    i just dont know how to get that?

    help please

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  • why when you titrate a strong acid with a strong base the pH is 7 at equivalence point?

    and why when you titrate a weak acid with a strong base at equivalence point is above 7?

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  • what is the functional group of ester and phenol?

    im studyin for my chem lab final thats tomorrow, and it says on the "review" sheet to be able to find the following functional groups in an organic molecule and name them.

    i know for exampl, that a carboxylic acid group would be anything with COOH.

    but im not sure about esters or phenols?

    any help?


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