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  • I think my boss is bullying me?

    Whenever I start a new job I get severe anxiety & I constantly stress & make mistakes, it takes me longer until I feel comfortable in a new place

    I have a job in Retail that I’ve had for 4 years. I do well there & get along with co workers, managers, & regular customers.I have a background working with animals & got another job working in a pet shop & have been there 2 months now.When I went for the interview the manager was nice to me but on my first day of work he turned nasty to me. I asked him where something was & he crossed his arms, shrugged his shoulders & said “no idea” then told me to ask someone else.There are 4 other female co workers & whenever I’m around he will talk to them loudly & kind of flirts with them & acts like I’m not there.He will also point out my mistakes in front of the other girls & be sarcastic towards me.Some days he walks into work & walks past me multiple times without saying hello & not looking at me yet talks to everyone else. When I start acting depressed & like I don’t want to be there he will start being nice to me.I walked into work yesterday & he asked me if I had a big night out & a co worker asked him if he was being nasty and he said yes.I hate working with him & find the stress is making me make more mistakes.I don’t get it, all the guys at my other job like me & are nice (I’m female 24, he is male 33).I’m not sure if I’m being bullied. What can I do in this situation?

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  • Depressed after break up?

    I met my ex last year & dated for 3mths, his mum told me she was glad he’d met a nice girl like me.

    He never had money & told me he used his money on booze & cocaine every Saturday night.

    I’m slim petite with long blonde hair & my ex wasn’t that good looking, and had a dad bod. He’d occasionally say he thought I was gorgeous/hot or that he liked my body & kept nudes of me on his phone & introduced me to his mates.

    He has lots of hot girl mates & after 2wks of dating he was always on his phone texting them & then meeting up with them, while sitting next to me (I could see their picture on his Facebook). He’d randomly show me selfies of him & girl mates or go to show me something on his phone that already had some girls picture on there.

    During the 3mths I never sex with him cause of the pics he showed me & I broke up with him. He cried & seemed genuinely devastated & told me he was still in love with me 3wks after we broke up. He said he didn’t do anything wrong. It’s been 4mths since we broke up & since I’v seen him. I have blocked him & changed my work days so I don’t see him.

    4mths later I know he was bad but I still feel hurt & wonder why he did it. He made me feel like **** & I have flashbacks & wonder what he was talking about to those girls.

    I feel jealous at the thought of him going out & hooking up with girls & still cry over it. 

    I wonder if he acted like this because he thought I wasn’t attractive/ good enough for him.

    How do I let this stop affecting me?

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  • Scared to have sex?

    All my life Iv had a phobia with putting things up there. Iv heard bad stories from friends and relatives about their first times and using tampons which have sacred me.

    Iv never fingered myself or used a tampon because of it, Iv also never had sex. Iv dated 3 guys and have never gone all the way with them.

    Last year I nearly had sex with a guy I as seeing. He fingered me twice and it hurt so I stopped and left.

    Iv been seeing another guy recently for 2 months now and we have done pretty much everything sexual except for sex.

    We tried last week and he is pretty big and was unable to get it in even though we tried

    I am pretty small and petite, I seem pretty tight down there. I felt awful and upset about what happened and I so badly want to go all the way with him because I like him a lot.

    Is there something I can do to make it easier?,  or should I just see my GP?

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  • Guy suddenly blocked me ?

    A new guy started work 4 weeks ago, does 2 days a week. Last week I was working and he came up next to me and asked me about what type of music I liked.

    I mentioned the bands I like and asked him what he liked. We both like a lot of different bands and rock music.

    The day after he was talking to me again about music. He told me to get Spotify and said he would make some playlists and send them to me, I in return told him about a record store that might have music he liked.

    I thought it would be a good way to discover new music so I downloaded it.

    I saw him him today at work and he asked if I got the app which I did so I gave him my phoneand he connected me to his facebook and playlists.

    I don’t know how to use the app well so I went on my break and tried adding my own songs and playlists, later on I went to his profile to add some of his playlists like he said to.

    There were some bands there that I liked so I clicked the like button. I went to add some more of his bands to my playlists later tonight and found that he completely blocked me.

    He was the one who told me to get the app, he was the one who connected me to his profile, he was the one who told me to add his playlists to discover new music, so I did.

    Wtf?, I feel so awkward now like maybe it was all just some weird prank.

    I’m female he is male and we are both in our 20’s.

    Why did he block me?

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