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  • My friend is is trouble should i keep the secret or do the rite thing???

    Well heres the thing she is 14 going on 15 the 18th of this month.

    She is already doing it if you catch my drift! The last time she did it the condom fell off she missed her period and everything.

    her mom is a princble of a christian school so she should know better.

    I love her to death but the girl is lyk killing me

    so should i set her straight or let her do what she wants not matter how if affects our friendship :(

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  • I have this friend who likes me more than a friend what do I do?

    I just dumped my guy a week ago!!! Then my guy friend asked me out and i didn't answere him because i don't want to ruien our relation ship as friends you know. Can you please help me.

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