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  • Should I ask roommate for access to internet security at home even though I'm moving soon?

    Here's my deal. I am on a wireless router with a roommate. My roommate moved in months before I did and has set everything up. When I moved in, I notice that for certain websites I have "keep me logged in", I am automatically logged out after I close the window. I definitely think my roommate has a monitoring program for unsafe/unknown sites that filters everyones history who logs into our wireless account. And no, this is not a spyware program that everyone has on their computer, this is monitoring all traffic that goes through the router. that's why on some sites, and not others, I am kicked out afterwards. There is probably a list in the program that I can manually add safe websites, that my roommate only has access too. Plus my roommate is in the tech industry and an a bit of an a$$hoe. So as far as tech saviness, I can't compete. I really see this as a breech of privacy. And I really don't want to tell my roommate the exact sites I'm getting logged out of even if it is just blog accounts.

    Overall. Should I bring up the issue of me being kicked off login websites even though I'm moving in several months? I almost feel like it's not worth the trouble dealing with an difficult person.

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  • Medical / Nursing after work hair and hygiene?

    Hello all. I wanted to know what other nurses and doctors do after work to keep clean, especially longer hair for women. I always take a shower every time I work but not wash my hair everyday. I wash it every other day or unless I had a very intensive day where my hair touched IV fluids/food/dirt etc. Washing my hair everyday with shampoo with is just too drying for my scalp and skin. I always have my hair tied up so it isn't getting in the way or falling into things. And I use standard precautions when seeing everyone.

    I'm not always at the bedside on the floor, sometimes I see patients for scheduled appointments in an office also. I don't know if it makes a difference in those two settings.

    It would be great if anyone can share what they do for hygiene and hair or give tips. Thank you!

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  • Did I buy a fake CHI iron?

    Hello. I recently bought a chi flat iron on amazon and have doubts that it is real. It was only $10 cheaper than retail, so I'm really sad that I spent so much money on a fake. The box says made in USA and also has a small US flag in the corner. It also comes with all the warranty paper work with it. The iron is made of grainy plastic and has the words on both sides of the iron which pop up from the plastic. The LED light is red and there are stickers instead of engraving for the warning label.

    The flat iron looks almost exactly like the one shown on this site :

    The box is exactly the same as the ad in that website.

    However, the only difference is part with the on/off switch which is on a long raised panel like the one in this ad (sorry about the ad, it was the only pic i could find) :

    I've read a couple guides on ebay and on various beauty websites that show the differences between fakes and real, but I really don't want to believe I bought a fake. :(

    If it is a fake, is it still safe to use on your hair? I'm assuming that the quality is just worse than the real thing, but you can still use it. Have any of you with a fake CHI iron still use it? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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  • Is this fair splitting the cost between friends?

    I have a friend who lives in another city and we visit each other. I usually visit her and when I get there I also drive her around. The problem is that for me to drive to her city it costs about $15-20 for gas and tolls, granted it is only 1-2 times a month, the costs do add up. I can't really ask to split gas because most of the cost is for me getting to and from her place, not really driving her to our hang out places. Lately I've been asking her to come near my city. This way we can both take public transportation, its alot cheaper for me, and it costs the same for both of us to get to the destination. But I can't keep asking her to come to my area because we said we would switch locations every once in a while.

    Here is the main problem. I'm finishing college, swimming in debt, and don't have much money. She is working and has plans to start junior college. I feel like because I am doing better in life than she is, I should split the cost sharing inequally. I even sometimes pay a little more money on restaurant bills because I feel sorry for her. Financially, I am only doing slighty better than her. In my field I am guaranteed a good paying job after a graduate, but untill then I dont have much.

    Should I just continue what I am doing? Is there a way I can indirectly say something? What would you do?

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  • Best handheld devices and PDAs for nursing/med field?

    I'm going into the medical field and wanted to know what is the best handheld device or PDA to carry around at the hospital. I know many medical professionals carry one around to look up drugs or obscure terms they may not know. I'm thinking about getting an itouch because it can also go online and you can download books on to it.

    What is the best brand/ model to buy? I'm willing to spend a good amount of money on it if it is a good investment.

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  • What type of shoes is good for nursing?

    what is the best shoe for nurses and people in healthcare who walk around all day? I am thinking about getting sports shoes like new balance, nikes, etc... what shoes are comfortable? Please Give me suggestions for a shoe type I can buy. Thank you.

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  • Dual band router 5ghz not detected on my Laptop, Help?

    I have a router which supports dual band and 5ghz signals. My laptop does not detect the 5ghz signal. But another laptop I have connects to it fine. I've been trying to find drivers or something I can download to have my laptop detect it but am not successful. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my laptop to detect the signal?

    How do I check if my laptop is 5ghz compatible?

    Thank you

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  • Why do people throw toilet paper in the trash and not in the toilet?

    I don't get why people,especially mexican, do this. I live in the US where plumbing works fine. I've heard that some mexicans do this, but now I actually live with a person who does it. Its disgusting. The bathroom smells all the time and I can see poo covered toilet paper in the trash when I walk in. Not only that, the trash fills up with toilet paper and isn't taken out in 2 or 3 weeks; this actually happened to other people I know too.


    Toilet paper is made to degrade in water.

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  • Are there any online chinese radio with current songs?

    I'm trying to look for an online music radio station which plays current cantonese/mandarin songs. It would be helpful if the music play has pinyin names of songs too since I'm still learning chinese, but its not necessary.

    I've tried mandarin radio from 365 but they play very outdated songs.

    Please give me a link to the radio station and tell me how to navigate it if its hard to find the radio link.

    Any info is appreciated! List any artists you guys like too. Thank you, thank you.

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  • What can I do to prepare for the TEAS exam for prospective nurses?

    I wanted to know if there are any books like ones by kaplan, princeton review, etc which can help me prepare for the TEAS exam. Also if you've taken it before, can you give me some tips? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  • Anyone in San Francisco know a good hair salon?

    I've been looking for a long time for a place that cuts asian hair (been through bad hair cuts trying out different places). I want a place that actually gives your hair style and not just the regular layered cut.

    I'm looking for a place that cuts hair for $25 or less for medium length hair. I think my max is $30 including tip. Thanks!

    2 AnswersSan Francisco1 decade ago
  • HP notebook fan runs constantly after turning on the notebook.?

    I just bought an HP notebook and took it out of the box today. I turned on the computer and the fan began to blow air out and does not stop for the whole duration I have it on. I did not have any programs running.

    The fan is not at full speed but is still pretty audible.

    Can someone tell me if a constantly turned on fan a normal feature for HP laptops?

    Please help. Thanks

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