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  • New business issue :(?

    Good morning people,

    I need your help as I am struggling to think of any more ideas.

    I have an online shop, I hope the style is neutral but also adding colour.

    I am trying to increase awareness of my company.

    I am using Facebook to promote my website, I have also created a page on FB, LinkedIn and Twitter. So social media is taken care of.

    I am advertising on Facebook and also Google Adwords, which is starting to build up in cost.

    Either my products ate not what people want or my keywords are wrong.

    Please can anyone help me out, It would be much appreciated :)

  • The Temp gauge on my bmw compact keeps rising and dropping?

    Any ideas please

    do u think its the thermostat or the radiator??

    The engine keeps going into the red, she is 9 years old

    Any idea how much this is likely to cost, if anyone has had the same problem


    6 AnswersBMW1 decade ago
  • we just got back together but he is acting weird?

    If you are seeing someone but on the weekends he does not answer the phone when you call, he is not a clubber, would you think he is playing house with someone else.

    When we dated before he called and texted all the time but now its different. We split last year and i dated someone else, i broke up with person to get back with my ex but now he is playing games.

    14 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • i want to firm up my mid section?

    what do you suggest.

    sit ups??

    crunchies?? what r these??


    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • coughing on someone ????

    how bad minded is this???

    i was called to see something on the computer and this person coughed on me on purpose, now i am sneezing and coughing and my ears itch and all sorts.

    when i got home i scrubbed my neck and was so angry. i think its a horrible thing to do, when the trollop coughed on me she said at the rime that she wanted someone to suffer the way she was...which boloody inflamed me as i shall now have to take time off work because of it. i have children and she knows it why would she do that bloody trollop.

    what would you do??

    7 AnswersOther - Diseases1 decade ago
  • what do think about a mentoring agency??

    i am thinking about opening a mentoring agency that supplies learning mentors to schools and alike?

    what do you think??

    3 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • help am i getting old???????????

    i am not sure what to do...under my eyes there are lines in the same place where there would be bags but they rae not wrinkles....i think.....its only in the inner side of my eyes close to where my nose is....does this make sense....

    is there something i could use to get rid of it ....or do i need more sleep....i have just turned thirty in march so i am not an old foot yet...

    please help not sure what to do

    4 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 decade ago
  • which is better sky or bt for broadband?

    hiya peps,

    not sure which one to go for....

    i have sky tv at the moment but do not want the broadband to be affected if i decide to cancel my sky account.

    i have a bt line but find the bt broadband price at little expensive after three months it will be £17.95 which is a little expensive compared to aol which is £10.

    what do you think people

    8 AnswersTiVO & DVRs1 decade ago
  • broadband question?

    so what if i had wired broadband and i wanted wireless broadband could i go and buy a wireless router and be wireless??

    8 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • broadband question?

    can i just buy a broadband router and plug it in or do i have to subscribe to an internet provider

    2 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • part and part?

    can someone please tell me what a part and part mortgage is?


    2 AnswersPersonal Finance1 decade ago
  • selling my house privately???

    I have my house on with 2 estate agents and selling privately question is My buyer was introduced to me via an estate agent but i don't feel that they deserve the £3500 to sell my house as i am doing all the running around!!

    When the agent sent people round to my house i showed them around and did all the question answering, i did not get any feedback from the agents or anything.

    my house is not in bad condition at all.

    do you think its bad and can they catch me if i dont tell them i am selling before my contract runs out with them on the 17th of decenmber???

    i was going to say something else but 4got hmmmmm

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • marketing a new business recruitment?

    hey peps, i got this business running and have advertised via london careers dot net, also doing mail shots what other ways would you suggest to market my business

    it's called

    what do you think of the site

    1 AnswerUnited States1 decade ago
  • hey, i need experto car advice, girl racers boy racers thnx?

    at the moment i have a auto 1.6 focus 03 coupe (loving this car-she's fast) on finance but i am returning it cos i am fed up making payment, i got a mortgage now and need to keep every penny.

    so i need to buy a cheaper car up to five gee's

    what do i buy or what do you rate most

    buy another focus 04 plate same spec (its a great car)

    an alfa romeo 147 1.6 auto coupe

    or a bmw 3 series 1.6 auto coupe

    i am tossing and turning

    pls help thanx

    4 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • hey peps, car accident payout?

    hey frendz, got a question. just recently had a car accident on monday night, but the car is being paid for monthly via a lease company (car land). the garage who picked up my car said that my car was un-economical to fix, so a payout is going to be arranged. just wanted to find out

    how long till i recieve the money-as i desperately need a car-really far from the bus stop

    or will the insurance pay the lease company-so i won't owe them anything further

    please help as i am going out of my mind-considering a hire car

    please be aware not my fault, the other driver was a boy racer who had a pint, we were both breathalized. and he did emergency brake twice.

    thanks for your expertise

    3 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • i want to open a recruitment agency, any advice pls?

    decided on this idea, as i am currently working on at one now and find i could do their job, they got training why can't I???

    what do you think realistically, i am in london by bexley

    4 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • eastenders fans?????

    does anyone one what stellas motive is??

    was watching this evening and she was faking talking to ben and then crying and banging her head against the wall?? doh

    whats her problem???

    24 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago