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  • Is my estimated tax liability before or after last year's deductions?

    I know that I need to pay estimated taxes this year. I'm also familiar with the safe harbor rule and plan on paying 100% of my tax liability for 2010 in 2011. Here's the problem: When I'm calculating my tax liability do I go by the total taxes I owed before or after figuring in deductions? Deductions took my tax debt down to below $1000 whereas it was above $1000 prior to that. I just need to know which I need to pay. Thanks.

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  • Car repair shop repaired the wrong thing..can they charge?

    I took my car in for service over a week ago (it broke down). The repairman said that it needed a new head gasket, water pump and thermostat. The cost was a little over $500. He performed the work and now says the car still won't start and needs a new motor. Is there any way he could have known that prior to replacing the parts he replaced?

    I guess I feel like if the car needed a new motor, there should have been some way for him to know that in the very beginning rather than "repairing" the car, only to have it still not work and having to scrap everything--and charging me for it.

    Am I wrong in that assumption? What do I do now? I don't want to let this guy replace the motor. I don't think he's intentionally trying to cheat me, but at the same time, I don't feel that I should be charged for him repairing the wrong thing either.

    If anyone knows of where I can look up laws on this sort of thing or do some research, I'd appreciate it immensely.

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  • Why Is Microsoft Works Hiding Sentences and Blinking?

    I've been using Microsoft Works on my computer for my word processing. Today it started doing something weird. Sentences will vanish and blink back. This occurs almost like its on a timer--every four seconds or so. I restarted my computer to try and fix the problem but to no avail. Sure, I could install another word processing program, but I want to use this one. Any ideas what's going on or how to make the blinking stop?

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  • Trying to turn a wps file into a doc file or a pdf file?

    I have a wps file that I need to send as a doc or pdf file. I have Microsoft Works, not Microsoft Word. I downloaded Primo pdf which supposedly as soon as I go to "print" is going to give me another option to save as pdf. That didn't happen. I hit the print icon and guess what? The document printed. No options.

    I'm confused and I'm frustrated. I hope someone out there can help. Thanks.

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  • Can they force us to repaint after it was approved?

    My husband and I rented a house in which all the walls were white. We wanted to paint. We got approval from our agent and hired a painter. Part of the work we did ourselves. This was all done before we moved in and before carpet was laid in the home.

    Our agent came to check the paint job before the carpet was laid. She said it was beautiful and the carpet was laid the next day. After we'd moved in, another agent (her father) came to check a problem with the door lock and became very irate over the paint because he said in certain lighting he could see "brush strokes". He demanded that we repaint.

    He wasn't our agent, but outranked her in the company. Are we obligated to hire someone (again) to repaint? Or are they just out of luck since our agent already gave it a walkthrough and approved it?

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  • Overdraft when there was still money in the account?

    This morning I noticed a massive reduction in my checking account balance when I went to do a balance request at the ATM. When I went home and pulled up my detailed online report, (I bank with Wachovia...for now) I noticed $376.00 in overdraft fees. The strangest part about all of this, is there was still plenty of money in the account when the fees were levied.

    After the fees, I was in the negative and had 4 purchases that were "overdrawn" but only because of the fees. Supposedly no fees were levied on those purchases. The irony of this is at $30 for each overdraft even if the fees I was charged were for those four charges that still doesn't come anywhere CLOSE to $376.00. What is going on here? I can't get to the bank until morning but I thought someone might be able to shed some light on this

    Just for reference, the account had about $200 in it before the whopping fee. The four purchases after the fee were little purchases under $10 so without that fee, I'd still be in the clear.

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  • Credit Score Situation?

    My husband and I moved from Canada to the States two years ago. We recieved a bill from Rogers at our new home stating that we owed them $300. We called and were told we could have a payment plan so we paid them $100 and recieved another bill the following month for the same amount.

    After 2 hours (no kidding) on the phone with Rogers they couldn't tell us where our original $100 that we paid went. The check was cashed, yet the money was not applied to the account. We sat on hold, got disconnected repeatedly, etc. Keep in mind this was on our dime since the number listed on our bill was NOT toll free. Finally my husband said "Screw it, we aren't going back there anyway"

    Now, I am fairly well versed in American credit but I am not sure Canadian credit works the same way. I know by this point a CA has gotten ahold of the account and its on our credit. Will it fall off after 7 years like an American debt? What course of action do we have, if any? Thanks.

    He is a Canadian citizen and I am an American citizen. We both have good American credit, and he uses an American SSN and not a Canadian SIN here.

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  • Computer keeps restarting?

    Hi, my husband's computer has been continually restarting itself since this morning. The Windows screen never pops up. All it does it give itself the option to restart in "safe mode" (which I have tried) and then do a 30 second countdown and restart again. I've tried starting it up in all the modes it offers to no avail. What can I do to remedy this issue if I can't even get to the Windows screen? It was working fine last night.


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  • No actual L1 hard copy visa?

    My husband is Canadian and in the US on an L1 visa. We are currently trying to get a mortgage and their requirements for any visa are a copy of the visa itself. After doing some research I discovered that, for Canadians entering the US, there is no actual laminated hard copy "visa" that goes into the passport. Canada seems to be the only country who has some non-immigrant visas that are exempt from this.

    My issue is that I need to prove this to my mortgage company. My husband's place of employment has faxed over his approved I-797 form, but they say that's not enough. They want the actual passport visa that my husband's L1 status (although a legal visa) does not require. How do I prove to them that there just isn't a hard copy visa? And is there a copy of the actual visa hanging out in a government computer somewhere that we might be able to get our hands on? I can't seem to find the answer to this question anywhere on the web. Thanks in advance.

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  • Sent to collections by accident?

    I just recieved a letter from a collection agency on a hospital debt. I pay them monthly and made my last payment (of more than was agreed upon) on November 19. The collection agency letter was dated November 23. My payment was not late. When I called the automated number that held my account information with the hospital I recieved a recording that said my account had been transferred to collections. I don't see how an account that was being paid reguarly and was not late can be sent to a collection agency. Now its friday night and I have two days to freak out over this before I can call them.

    I'm scared to death this "accidental" collection agency is going to slap a tradeline on my credit report before the 30 day period is up and I'm never going to get rid of them--accident or not. It's one thing to end up with a collection agency on your back when you haven't paid a debt, but when you are paying regularly and it comes out of left field its one heck of a blow.

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  • spongebob movie question for adults?

    Yesterday my husband and daughter and I watched the Atlantis Squarepantis movie. The Atlantians looked vaguely familiar to my husband and maybe we remembered them from some video or show in our childhood...but what? I KNOW I've seen them before with the big lips and spindly legs and for some reason I find them really creepy. I'm not alone in this because my husband mentioned to me "I think I've seen those things before" and I hadn't voiced that yet.

    My question is where could we have seen these things, or things similar enough to jog a childhood feeling of uneasiness from both of us? He's 30 and I'm 25 so odds are we saw something similar sometime in the 80's, maybe early 90's. Thanks to anyone who has an idea.

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  • Need Canadian credit report info in the U.S.?

    My husband's company transferred him from Canada to the U.S. We set out this week to find a new place to live and discovered that our excellent credit history means exactly jacksquat if realtors cannot access it. So basically my husband has a good job, but we have nowhere to live because of this. How on earth do we get his Canadian credit report pulled here in the U.S.? Surely there is a way. We have no problem starting from scratch, but we need a place to live in order to do that. I know others had to have encountered this problem at some point and I wondered what they did to remedy it.

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  • How to get Canadian husband work permit for the U.S.?

    I am currently in Canada and planning to marry a Canadian at the end of the month. We were originally going to remain here, but I'm unhappy here and want to be home in the U.S. Without both of us working it is going to be very difficult to support our family. Getting a company to sponser him is probably out of the question considering that companies just don't like to stick their necks out there and we aren't professionals. Aside from "Call immigration and ask" does anyone have any firsthand experience with a similar situation? Thanks

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  • Email address still appearing under another name...?

    Several years ago I let a neighbor use my computer to set up an email address with yahoo. I then set up an email adress though yahoo much later. Now when I send mail it shows up as my email address with HER name next to it. Yahoo wants me to pay them $25 to fix the problem. I can't find a contact number for them to call for free to get help. I went to "options" and then "general preferences" but nothing in there in any way referred to changing the name that appears when your mail arrives. I have combed every aspect of the options menu. I really need this situation remedied quickly. Please help! Thanks

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  • my email address appearing under another name?

    Several years ago I let a neighbor use my computer to set up an email address with yahoo. I then set up an email adress though yahoo much later. Now when I send mail it shows up as my email address with HER name next to it. Yahoo wants me to pay them $25 to fix the problem. I can't find a contact number for them to call for free to get help. I don't understand how my account is in any way connected to hers. Going to "my account" has my info and NOTHING with her name on it. It's even a different computer, what gives?

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  • Can a landlord divulge information?

    Can a landlord divulge information concerning your lease and the people who are or are not included on that lease with you to a third party without a court order?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Denied for apartment?

    I was denied for an apartment on the grounds that my prospective landlord called my current residence and asked the landlord there if he was aware of the fact that my boyfriend was living with me. He said no. According to the prospective landlord this constitutes dishonesty and is grounds for denial. The kicker is my boyfriend does NOT live with me. Nor did I ever say to the prospective landlord that he did. I said that he would be living with me when I moved, not right now. I have a roommate right now and she is on the lease. Everything here is legit. I knew that the prospective landlord wanted a reason to deny us because she went on and on about how we weren't married on the phone and also mentioned several times about "If he has a criminal record...." (referring to my boyfriend) Not only do neither of us have a criminal record, but we have five degrees between us. This is insane. She had the audacity to claim that I said something that I did not say. What do I do?

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