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  • what does "Anokha" means in Indian?

    Who know about "Anokha" means in Indian?

    please let me know.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • I am looking the girl name Kim Soo Hee in Seoul, South Korean?

    Long time ago, I met one girl in India. Her name is Kim Soo Hee who used to work in Shoe company in Seoul, South Korean. We didn't keep in touch because I lost her number and address.

    How can I find her or contact her again? I am not sure, in Seoul, there is directory for serarch the name of person, like yellow page. Only information I know is she live in Seoul, South Korean. I guess she still work in shoe company. Can anyone help?

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  • I am looking for investor partner to run the Thai restaurant business in Miami.?

    I have to work in this thai restaurant since I start in this business in Miami. It is good location everybody in this area love this Thai Restaruant. It make good income. I would like to take over the business which she is willing to sell it to me. Because she would like to take a rest and go back her country. I love to share this opportunity to someone who love to invest spcially in Miami, the money and own business together, in the same time, we make money together. I will be happy if someone would like to share idea or give some idea to me. The money that I need to take over and run business is about us$300,000.00 I have about us$150,000.00. Right now I need one or two investors partner to share my business. the profit for this business is about Us$ 10,000.00-15,000.00 per month depend on the season.

    Hopefully, I get some idea from your people.



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