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  • Rhapsody x64 on Vista Ultimate Crashes on Startup.?


    Ive got a system running vista ultimate x64, and it had a version of Rhapsody Music Player x64 on it working like a charm. Recently, after starting the program and trying to login to my account, I get a windows error stating that their is a problem, and the program will now close. No error number, just " windows has encountered a problem, and will now close the program". I tried system restore, anti-virus checks, removing all firewalls and anti virus programs, but nothing helps. The program WILL WORK, play files, but crashes on login. So I am stumped. Any advice?

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  • Both Firefox and Opera Web Browsers refuse to run. Help!?

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both applications. They run initially, but after I close them, or open IE, they refuse to run. All I get is the windows "ping" sound when I click on their icons. They do not fuction from within their folders either (the icons in the folder). I am running windows xp, and neither program is blocked by a firewall, as they run flawlessly on initial setup. I have tried setting each as the default browser on setup, and still they refuse to run after closing them or opening IE. IE continues to work. Any help?

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  • What sound cards are good for digital output to receivers?

    I am planning on building a Home Theater PC. I want as few cables as possible cluttering up the back of my components and want to go all digital. What sound cards have digital outs so I can run a sole digital output connection (optical, coaxial) to a digital input on my receiver.

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  • Internet Explorer (vers 6) Hangs on startup, BUT...?

    When I click on Internet Explorer, it will load my home page just fine, but when I start to surf, or click on a link, it hangs and won't go any further. Here is the kicker...If I open up a separate page, by clicking on the IE icon again, THAT browser window will work fine, as will subsequent browser windows. It is always the initial browser window that hangs. Any ideas what could be causing this? (Windows XP, SP2, Updates Updated.)

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