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  • I need good, affordable health insurance. Any suggestions? Do any exist specifically for Nursing students?

    I already looked into StateFarm and they quoted me at near $200, and that's just way too much. I need something that's gonna be less than $100.

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  • SEX Question For Guys?

    What qualifications does a girl need to have to be considered "good" at sex??

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  • Girls who have been dumped by long term bfs and ESPECIALLY fiances, PLEASE help me. This is a bit long.?

    The wedding dress was bought, plans for the wedding were mostly made and my fiance had moved in with my parents and I a month ago after being kicked out by his parents. The wedding date was set for this July and we both could not wait for that day...until he broke up with me a week ago. We were together almost 3 years (4 months short of) and always told each other how much we loved each other and that we couldn't live without each other. He always tried to do things to keep me happy and granted my wishes and things that I had asked of him. He never showed any signs of being unhappy with me and he never came up to me with any issues he had, nor did he ever tell me he wasn't willing to do whatever it was I was asking him. I tried to make him into a better person and he liked that (or so it seemed). He has broken a lot of his promises to me and hasn't been very romantic at all with me (only Valentine's day when he knew he had to be). He did a few things here and there that were sweet, but i have done SO much more for him. I have surprised him with a hotel night including a bubble bath and a rose-petal bed and champagne. I have helped him out financially when he didn't have money and his parents weren't willing to help him. I bought a car for him to use when he crashed his. I woke up at 4:30am to make him breakfast AND lunch for work when he had spent the night. I bought things for him i knew he liked (music, food, clothes, etc). I mean, i gave ALL of me for this guy. And regardless of us fighting a lot and him hurting me (emotionally), i still wanted to be with him. I really was in love for the first time in my life and saw him as the one i wanted to grow old with. We watched "The Notebook" together and wanted to be that couple. Or at least I did. He did have a temper problem and got irritated easily. And a few times when i was really upset, i tried to "break up" with him and he begged me to stay and bawled his eyes out on his knees to me. He lost his virginity to me and had told me that no one could ever make him as happy as I did. He has done a lot of stupid things in his past (like pot, and reckless driving) and i have often asked him for reasons why he had done that to which he never had answers. We both gave up our friends for each other because all we wanted is to be together. And though he wanted children, he said he would be happy with me even if we didn't have them. To make a very long story shorter, he ended it a week ago. And he was a complete jerk when he did it. It came out of nowhere after his sister told him "F*ck you" after we didn't attend his nephew's b-day party. His mother had said hurtful things to him about me and I didn't want to go because I didn't feel welcome. And he didn't want to go without me. I also told him I would appreciate it if his parents were not at our wedding after all that they said and did to us because I needed that day to be happy and without drama. he had agreed to that. Well, on friday, he told me he wanted his parents there regardless of what they said about me. He told me it wasn't gonna work, and then said he would give me another chance when i pleaded to give me one. Then he changed his mind again and said he was done with me. He wanted to go back to his old life. That he hasn't been himself with me and that he knew from the start that i wasn't the one and that he never loved me. Only thought he did. And he said he has been thinking about it for a while and we should have been done with a long time ago. At the same time, he tried to kiss me twice that night to try to save us which got me really confused. He left that night and told me he planned on paying me every dime he owed me (including car payments until i sold the car). Saturday, he texted me and said i better have his tax money ready for him when he dropped the car off on Sunday. He had given me money to hold on to for him because he was responsible for his own taxes and didn't have a savings account. And when i told him that he wasn't gonna get it until i got MY money back, he said "you better have that F*ckin money for me." And i again said that his dad can now help him since they took him back to which he replied "it's not about help, it's about what's mine." His tax money was 600. He owed me 1200. I had paid off his school debt as well which was included in what he owed me. he said he was planning on paying me back, but that he needed his money. I refused. On Sunday, he dropped off the car and the first thing he said to my father, who spoke with him in my place, was that i had his money. My dad handled it and said that to this day, HE was the one who owed ME money and that i was already gonna lose a lot of money on the car that i didn't need and a dress that couldn't be returned along with things we had bought for our future apartment. He told my dad that he planned on paying me back, but that he needed that money. My dad held his ground. he left with the rest of his stuff i had packed for him an

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