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  • Going to japan from NY?

    I sent in my application for my passport a while ago & I am wondering if I need a visa or anything to visit japan for less than 1 1/2 weeks. I hope one of you knows cause I need it quickly by the 18th. anyone know if I need it or how long it will take?

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  • Getting a "Americans" option when I right click.?

    Im not sure when or what started it. It wasnt showing up a few hours ago. I first noticed it when I went onto & it makes no sense as to why it would happen. Running spyware doctor to see if its a virus.

    Anyone know why this happened or know why it does. Is there any way I can get rid of it cause its annoying.

    Heres a pic of it.

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  • Pipes vibrate loudly when hot water is used too much.?

    BUT the problem is that its only for our upstairs sink, nowhere else in the house does this occur when hot water is used too much. The shower doesnt create a problem like that when I have it on full hot water so im lost. I think my dad did something while I was away.

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  • Comic book question, gold cover with super heroes being summoned?

    I was wondering if anyone remember a comic book with a gold metallic cover with this womans head & in the comic super heroes get transferred to this peacful looking place where she says she is going to make a better world or something like it. I dont know the series because ive only seen that one comic & I was wondering what it is.

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  • ipod itrip auto fm transmitter question?

    I bought it from walmart today for $58 +change & I plugged it in & the LCD light doesnt show anything. It says to I quote " attacj itrips dock cable to the dock connector of your ipod and begin playing music." I do that but the lcd screen doesnt appear & all I get is the static from the channel I chose( i also went through other ones but its the same).

    I plugged itrop cable into the ciggarette lighter port in my car & it does nothing. What does it mean do I have to get an ipod dock but what would that do also? The entire thing is in one huge cable

    Thats how it is the itrip auto, mine was in a different packaging though.

    Anyway anyone know what I should do? Do I have to charge the itrip or something to get it to work. Cause it seems like its broken or something & I dont really want to pay another $20-30 more dollars for this other $80+tax ipod fm transmitter I saw.

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  • Ipod question and problem?

    Ok so I plugged my ipod in today when I got home from college around 3-4 & I checked back at 8:50 something & saw it was disconnected so I checked if my dad turned the computer off but it wasnt so I just re-connected it & left. I came back a bit before 10:30 & it got ejected again & it didnt even charge.

    I got this message saying it might be corrupt & i might need to format/restore it for windows & also I couldnt play my music on it but I could play my movies & episodes but I didnt get any sound so I checked my hardware & the sound worked but I still cant play music on it.

    Anyone have this kinda problem with their ipod? I dont really want to try restoring it now as it would take too long + I dont want to have to ship it to apple to "refurbish" it or have it not upload the files onto it saying they are corrupt & I have to leave at 7 for college.

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  • (Naruto) Manga in the US?

    As we know naruto is on going in japan & naruto is being released in volumes. What im wondering is what are they gonna do when it catches up. Will they release the next volume every 3 months or so since there are 8 chapters in each volume if I am correct.

    Also this applies to other manga series also

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  • Advertising as my major, need some help.?

    So I went to a college a while ago & they said I needed better scores since I slacked off in HS a bit. Anyway I am attending a community college to get some credits so I can transfer over after 2 semesters.

    Anyway they comm college(CC) didnt have what I wanted & their fine arts prog was filled said my advisor. Anyway so I chose individual studies & she put me in eng comp 1, inter algebra , macroeconomics, sociology.

    Im wondering if anyone who took advertising thinks that what im taking now will even help me when I want to transfer. Also is it better if I switch from individual studies over to marketing as my major?

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  • Naruto,bleach, anime/manga question for narutards?

    I see a lot of you noobs who started watching naruto,etc etc on Cartoon Network & come online & ask where/when can I get past episode __ or chapter __?? Plz help me out.

    If you even searched & first search on if you want to know about something.

    Each chapter/episode comes out weekly & by nice people who live in a different country decide to record & release it on the net for us free of charge so you can enjoy it also.

    OK, each chapter/episode comes out weekly!!!! So dont ask when is so & so going to come out check wikipedia & look at the episode list for the anime & it will show the dates when the episode is going to air.

    Also dont ask for dubbed anime, its illegal & cause of people like you they deleted the subbed off sites like youtube. I mean I watched subbed naruto & other anime on their for more than a year before naruto began airing on CN & they didnt get delted till people started uploading them.

    SO STOP UPLOADING THE DUBBED & asking for it.

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  • Christians tell me if you like this song.?

    Sing Hallelujah - Dr.Alban

    Youtube thumbnail

    - Original.

    Youtube thumbnail

    - 2004 remix.

    Youtube thumbnail

    - Yamboo feat. Dr.Alban remix.

    I think most of you should like it. Check out this other songs, they arent religious but more global awareness.

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  • Pastoral Training, what is it?

    My cousin said my friend who im not in contact much with since we live in diff. countires was taking it so im wondering if anyone knows what it is.

    Also she is a female so wouldnt it be nun training? < If I am understanding the "pastoral training" word correctly.

    3 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • rap music(most) to go like disco?

    Just wondering if any of you guys think that it will burn out like how disco did.

    I dont mean ALL rap music but most of it. Like A bay bay by hurricane chris, coffee shop by young joc & songs like that.

    They make no sense to me & are just out htere to make quick bucks. I mean seriously I cant see this music substaing itself for the next 20-30 years before something new comes out.

    Go listen to Dr.Alban on youtube if you want actualy music with lyrics that make sense & actually have some meaning behind it like This Time I'm Free, No Coke, Hello Afrika & other ones/

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  • Why do people name their pet jasper?

    My name is Jasper & I searched yahoo asnwers for " is your name jasper" & I got a lot of people saying they have pets named jasper & they dont like the name jasper since its used for pets or such. Just wondering why people would use the name, its very uncommon & for a pet too. What is it some regal breed from england? lol

    Just wondering not trying to offend anyone.

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  • Hottest girls in the world?

    Heard that they are Swedish but that was in some back about 5-6 years ago.

    So im curious as to what you the public think the hottest are from.

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  • What do you guys think of diff accents in america?

    We all think that we dont have an "accent" but to people in diff parts of the world like england,australia,etc etc think we have an accent.

    Here also we have diff accents. I live in NY so when I hear an accent from the south it makes me feel odd hearing someone who lives in the same country with an accent that isnt close to mine. Latinos from california also, ones that were born here also sound like they moved here & people in texas & midwest & so on so on.

    What do you guys think of them

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  • Finnish people search site?

    Anyone know an official site where I can search for people in Finland?

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  • Ipod Games question.?

    I just bought 2 games, texas hold em & sudoku.

    Wondering, if I re installed xp onto my comp & formatted the hard drive during the installation.

    Would I have to buy the game again or can I transfer the game from my ipod into my itunes?

    I have this software from purpleghost & I used it to recover my songs but I dont think it will do the same for games.

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  • Anyone know how long it would take for my to fly from NY to India flying westward?

    I have always flown east the last 3 times I have visited with stops in London, Milan & Frankfurt & it takes about close to 20-24 hours.

    My parents flew westward from NY>Chicago>Delhi>Hyd & the same back & when I calculated the time when the left it took 30-36 hours for them to reach it but I asked my mom how long it took for them to come here & she said about 15 hours so I am confused.

    Anyone know where I can find info regarding how long a flight would take if I flew westward instead of eastward through europe?

    1 AnswerAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Are a scorpio & a pisces a good sign?

    I am born on oct 27 & the girl was born on march 4th anyone know where I can take one of those compatability test. I wanna have some fun with this :).

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  • x over 12 = 16 over 3?

    I got x cause I kept dividing the 12 & 16 by 2.

    6 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago