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  • My boss is making racist comments. Anything I can do about it?

    I am managing a pool this summer (teacher during the school year). The pool is a co-op, where people own membership shares. The woman who is in charge of the memberships and payments pulled me aside and asked me "you know how we like to do things arounf here, right?" Not knowing what she was about to say, I engaged her in conversation...she said " we like to keep it all Caucasian here. Keeping the colored folks out keeps trouble away." She then told me that a family who are already members adopted to little Asian twin girls, and she wants to try and revoke their membership, and that if someone brings a non-Caucasian person, I should ask that guest to leave!!!

    The thing is: she is not technically my boss. I am the manager, and she is the liason for the members. We both get paid from the same place. What can I do to get her in trouble? Is there any real legal ground, since the pool is a private, members-only place? I am SO TIRED of her racist remarks and comments. I am a teacher with the NC public school system, and I do not want to be a part of a place with that kind of mindset.

    I put in my 2 weeks notice, but what LEGALLY can I do to get the pool in trouble? This is 2011, not 1945. Segregation should be OVER!

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  • How to find a lady to have a 3 some with us.?

    We live in a small town, where most people are religious and conservative. My husband and I would like to find a lady to have a 3 some with us. How do you find someone who is willing? Any ideas?

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  • Questions about tubal ligation...?

    For instance, did you have any complication? How large is your scar? I am 26, and I am going in for a consult on Monday. I know I don't want to have any kids, so I'm not concerned with the regret side of things. My concern is (call me vain), I love to wear a bikini in the summer, and I don't want to have a hideous scar.

    Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • From your experience, what are the pros and cons of tubal ligation?

    For instance, did you have any complication? How large is your scar? I am 26, and I am going in for a consult on Monday. I know I don't want to have any kids, so I'm not concerned with the regret side of things. My concern is (call me vain), I love to wear a bikini in the summer, and I don't want to have a hideous scar.

    Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • Outline or no outline? That is the question...?

    I want a psychedelic looking tree tattoo. I want it to look wispy and very colorful. How much quicker does it fade/ look washed out, if I get it without a black outline? I have seen tattoos without outlines, and they look awesome...Just wondering about the quality (long term)??

    Here is a link of something **similar** to what I want, just so you can get a reference point.

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  • I am wondering about pricing for tattoos. Any artists out there who'll give me some insight?

    I want a psychedelic looking tree on my back, like 6 inches wide at the top, with the trunk thinner, of course. I am planning for it to extend from about my pants-line to my bra strap area. I want bright colors, and 3-ish birds flying from the tree (heading for a quote "she flies with her own wings", that is already on my opposite shoulder). I am looking for the birds to fade from bright to black and grey as they ascend.

    What I want to know is what you would charge for something of that nature. I know every shop and artist is different, but I just want an estimate, so I can know how much money to save prior to going in and having it drawn.


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  • Can a straight man and a straight woman be friends, without either one trying to score with the other?

    My husband and I have had this you think an attractive man and an attractive woman can truly be "just friends," without either one having (for lack of a better word) lustful motives?

    I have a buddy that I work with. We hang out during our planning periods, etc. I know that I am not interested in him in any way other than friends, but my husband seems to think the guy has a crush on me. (the man is married as well) He says no, and I say yes.

  • What do you think about the song "Call Me," by Shinedown?

    I love it, but some of my friends say its too slow/soft....

    what say you?

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  • I have an atheist student, and she gets ridiculed...HELP!!?

    I teach in rural NC, where religion is strong. I have a student who is an atheist. When she admitted it, the kids in the class ridicule her, telling her she is stupid, going to hell, etc.

    THEN, they went on to tell me how this boy got AIDS last year (which is true...) They say he got AIDS because he is an atheist. WTF!

    I am really bothered by this whole situation. I told them that there uis no way that the boy got aids just because he is a non-believer, and they told me that God was punishing the boy b/c he was sinful!!

    I don't know how to handle this without telling the kids that their religious belief is nuts. I am an atheist, but, as soon as I say that, the principal (who is also a preacher) will have me in a bad spot. Keeping religion out of schools is VERY important to me...

    HELP! How do I try to get my students to open their minds and stop being so ignorant, without specifically preaching my beliefs to them??

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  • Need some info about drug testing?

    What could cause you to fail a drug test (sleeping pills, etc.)?

    How long does marijuana stay in your system?

    I had to take a drug test for work. I know I should be fine, but I am worried about a false positive, failing it, etc.


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  • Can you be diagnosed with bipolar disorder by your family doctor?

    Can you be diagnosed with bipolar disorder without having to go to a shrink? It sounds crazy, but my health insurance doesn't cover mental health. I have wanted to talk to my doctor about it for a while, but I have been afraid that she will refer me to a mental health specialist. I am not suicidal or anything, but I have a family history of manic depression and am worried that I am showing signs.

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  • How do I ask for a second date?

    I am new to the whole lesbian relationship thing...last night, I went on a date with this girl. We had a really good time, dinner and drinks and then went back to her place. We watched a movie, but then when I left, we didn't kiss or anything. She texted me this am and told me that she "had a fabulous time last night," and that she hoped I had a great time as well.

    How long should I wait before asking for a second date? What is the appropriate way to ask her?

  • How do I flirt with and pick up another woman?

    I really suck at knowing if another woman is gay (I prefer femme), and I don't want to flirt with a straight woman and have her get upset or reject me.

    How do I find another gay or bisexual woman?

  • Bisexual a question for you!?

    I am a married bisexual female. My husband has agreed to have a 3-some with me and another woman.

    How do you go about approaching someone with that? Where do you find a woman who would be willing to participate with me and my husband?

  • How much would you estimate this tattoo would cost?

    I am not going to get the same one, but I am looking for somehting similar in size and detail. I am going to a shop and getting it drawn up soon, but I want an estimate before I go in and don't have enough $$.

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  • Is there anything that REALLY makes hair grow faster?

    I got a really bad hair cut a while back...I cut it to the ear lobes, and now it is almost at my shoulders. I want it to be long enough to put in a pony tail before summer! Is there anything that you have tried that honestly makes hair grow longer faster?

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  • How long would a tattoo like this take to complete?

    Here is a link to the tattoo I am asking about.

    I am going to get something similar in size and detail on my rib cage. I was wondering how long it would take to complete? An estimate would be good. I don't want to sound like a whimp and ask the artist how long it is going to take...

    Also, how much do you think something like that would cost?

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  • Which way should the words go...?

    I am getting a tattoo from my left should blade, sort of floating down over my ribs to the left pelvis bone in the front.

    I am dyslexic, and I can't seem to figure which way would look better...which way should the words go? Should I have them starting at the shoulder and going down, or starting at the hip and going up to the shoulder blade?

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  • Question to the tattooed/tattoo veterans...?

    I already emailed the tattoo shop, but I am just checking if I sounded stupid.

    I want to go to a specific shop/artist in another town. I am trying to consolidate trips, so I emailed and asked if I could email a picture in (along with the approximate size I want) and have it drawn and priced prior to coming in for my appointment. Is that even possible? Did I sound like a moron?

    I already have 2 tattoos, but I Have always just walked in and asked to speak to an artist/make an appointment.

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  • From a Biblical viewpoint, are men superior to women?

    I am a female atheist teaching in a public high school in the Bible belt (North Carolina, to be more specific). Today, one of my students asked me if I cooked dinner every night for my husband. When I told the class that my husband and I alternate nights to cook, they were astounded. One boy replied "My wife better cook, or that b**ch will be out the door!"

    Rather than freaking out, I asked him why he thought he had the right to think that way. His response was "In the Bible, it says that men are superior to women, so the woman is supposed to cook and clean." To my surprise, several of the boys were nodding in agreement.

    SO- I want references that mention men being the superior sex. Any Christians feel that men are the dominant gender? If so, why?

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