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  • what does it mean by....when your ex boyfriend told you he is not sure about the break up?

    He told me he might regret later....

    I am very confused.

    I want to move on, but feel like he is holding me back!

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  • take a break for a relationship....?

    Me and my ex boyfriend are currently taking a break....

    His reason for taking a break was because long distance

    However, he wrote me a message a week after we decided to take a break saying that we should keep each others life updated......

    What does he want??? or what does he mean by that.....

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  • what does what does =) mean in internet talk?

    i am confused by the symbols

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  • 汽車路考上坡問題





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  • U Richmond vs, Santa clara?

    need some experts' opinion...

    I am an a senior in American high school

    I face some problems with college decision....

    I want to major in Business in my undergraduate education,

    and I got in

    University of Richmond(VA)


    Santa Clara University(CA)

    In Undergraduate B-school Ranking (according to business week)

    Richmond is 12

    SCU is 32

    but there is less international students in Richmond

    plus SCU is in silicon valley (might have more internship opportunities)..

    Which one would you choose?& please tell me why!


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  • 命中注定我爱你


    at the beginning of the show it was not too bad but ok

    but it got better in the middle

    The show at that time was worth watching..

    but now....

    totally no idea what are they playing...

    this show in general could not be judged as a good show but a not worth watching show....

    They should end around ep. 20...

    There is no meaning for this show anymore

    fell really sad for the programers to do this (longer the show)

    People should stop watching it and let them know they make mistakes and ruin the show..

    This is the opinions that my friend and I have for the show...

    If you disagree, plz do not be mad..

    everyone has its own freedom of speech, right?

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  • 中山樓的內部....


    是 尼龍線



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