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  • Paranormal..??? What's wrong with me?? should i go see a doctor?

    Ia the Paranormal.. why does it keep happening.. ?

    I go to sleep very tired and sleepy so your guessing i should sleep all night but no i wake up at 3:38, 3:32 this has been happening for more than two weeks, i get so embarrassed because i have to go sleep in my parents room floor :( im so tired of that.

    (is like if something wakes me up in the middle of the night.)

    Additional Details

    Sometimes i also wake up in the middle of the night and just stand there in the kitchen or living room....

    and when my sister goes ot my room i see the whole room dark and she is wearing another shirt and i start screaming then she tells me that she was wearing this and this and that she didn't have her hair down she had it up.....and i screamed because she was choking me and she said she wasn't choking me she just went to my room to get her college work.

    7 AnswersParanormal Phenomena1 decade ago
  • Can i get advice on how i should cut my hair??? (pics)?

    my hair is like this a little bit shorter but like this...

    I was thinking of cutting in like this

    Or like this too

    How should i cut it or i keep my hair how it is?

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  • Who's really good at math.. can u help me?

    Summer begun in june 1 and ended august 23 2010 (its oging to)

    How many days of summer did i have?


    3 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Can you please identify this hair color? (pic)?

    another picture

    i have dark-medium brown hair

    im going for Loreal wat box should i choose

    wats that hair color?

    please help me..?

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  • hey guys.. is "despicable me" movie a good one?

    Im going to a dat tomorrow!! yes i know.. haha charlie st. cloud i was thinking but despicable me is good?? funny?

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Any suggestions of names for my new baby chicks?

    they r two, one is yellow and the other one is goldish brown

    this morning my first baby chicken died namd Tiqui r.i.p

    i would like names starting with a T....or just suggestions of names... Thanks

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  • I'm i stupid for doing this...?

    So i met this guy and since the moment i saw him i felt in lov ewith him then we were friends for 6 months and he realized he loved till later so we went out for 5 months but he broke up with me because he was getting serious relationship anxiety......then he asked me out again.....then 2 months later he broke up with me again because he just was really scared of a relationship....then after two months he couldnt stop talking to me he would cry sometimes on the phone that he really messed up so after three months he asked me out again....and we had year already and my family met him and i met his family we were fine just that we hadnt talk for a whole week and well there was a lot of misunderstandings so he broke up with me thursday it hurt me like hell because i took him back the second time because he promised me he would never never brake up with. and i told him if he broke up with him i wasnt going to take him back. thats why the breakup hurt me so much......but now that we actually talked yesterday after we had 2 weeks with no speaking at all.....he feels really bad he says he's sorry that he thought i was going to brake up with him and stuff...and yesterday when we talked man i wanted to take him back...but my family tells me for ur own health and good dont but if u do then ur stupid what do u guys thin im i really stupid if i take him back...should i?

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  • Is it time to Move On?

    i'm looking for someone different than him, like someone that chases me lol and he says he can change but don't you think making a person bad??

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  • Can you guys help me out?

    You know like the celebrities names like vanessa and zac efron is zanessa

    well i was wondering if there's any ideas for Tiffani & Pedro


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  • Why does my boyfriend tell me this.... ? 10 points ! please answer?

    he tells me

    that he is disappointed because we broke up two times in 5 moths and he thought we were never going to brake up.

    he tells me i deserve a better guy

    he asks me why i picked him out of all the guys that like me

    he tells me that he loves me'

    but that our relationship is weird now lately he acts distant and a bit cold.

    That was one reason why i broke up with him because he acts like that.

    and he broke up with me because he doesn't want to hurt me

    when i try to talk about this all he says is IDK!


    any help or advice please?

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  • Do you still love your bf in the morning?

    hey it's cause when i wake up in the morning i dont't love my bf the same but then an hour passes by and i love him again like i did the day before..... so i was wondering if you guys feel the same

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  • what do you do when you make out?

    what kind of kissing is considered making out?

    and what do you do?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • where you should you make out? (help please)?

    what are some places where you should make out... and some places where you shouldn't


    it's cause i try kissing my bf on school but everyone starts telling us stuff like "get a room" and stuff and we only kissed like for 8 seconds!

    i don't know if to kiss him or not anymore there's no place in school where there's no people is it rude to kiss in public and where you should make out if you cant really bring the person to your house.

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  • ugh has anyone been through this...?

    i really really like this guy, he is my best friend we have like for months knowing each other but now that i know he likes me, i get really shy around him super nervous like my hands shake and everything and before i knew that he likes me i wasn't. how can you calm your nerves ?? & i don't if my parents allow me to date it's cause i never really asked them if i could have a Bf how should i start ?! please helpp my parents are kind of strict. thankss!

    can anyone tell me your experiences ???

    21 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • can you guys helpp me..? a little advice would be needed?

    okk. first of all i have this best friend he is a guy obviously at the beggginign i fell in love with him so i confess my love to him but at that time he dint like me.. threee months pass by and i was trying to forget him but still being his best friend. Then we go on vacations i go to Florida he goes to Dallas we come back and it results that he realize that he likes me! So he compliments me he acts extra nicer something he wouldd never do! and now im confusedd because i mean i do like hym but not as much. And he told me that he likes me but i dont know if i could give him the chance what do you thinkk?

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  • does somebody how to...?

    put a picture on top of the other in your myspace pictures like, when i go to people's album sometimes they have a picture but one is on top of the other or next to the other. Just wondering how you do that ???

    3 AnswersMySpace1 decade ago
  • help please a major skin problem ?

    ok so i tried popping my blackheads and i know im not supposed to pop them but i did 4 hours later it got super super red the next day it went black with red then when i took a shower it came off by it self now is a big red open patch on my face am i gonna get a scar??

    please helppp

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • Help my eye hurts!! a lot please ?

    Yesterday when i was in school i felt like an eyelash got into my eye

    but there i was in the mirror checking and no nothing

    then i got home my eye still hurted

    but like in the eyelid

    so i fell asleep i woke up and my whole eye was red but i think it was because i touched it a lot and i put a lot of water in my eye so i irritated it.But today in the morning another day right now my eyelid hurts a whole bunch a lot i feel like sand in my eyelid can someone tell me what it is ?? please I"M LIKE DYING of pain!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 AnswersOptical1 decade ago
  • Tell me How can you tell when a shy guy likes you?

    okk he is not that shy but he is and he is my best friend and i feel a connection between me and him there's somehting between us i always hug hyymm

    and yesterday i was trying to see the pictures on his cell but he dint want to and to take it away (phone) he touched my hand and he looked at me me too we stayed looking at each other for 20 seconds then from ther ehe looks at me really flirty but how can you tellll when a shy guy likes you but not that shy ??

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago