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  • Is it better to pressure-wash moss off a roof when it is wet, or dry?

    Should I do it after it's been raining hard for some days? Or after a week of dry weather?

    I am aware of the risks of using a pressure-washer on an asphalt-shingled roof, I will be careful, low-pressure, and only aiming downhill (not uphill nor sideways which would damage the roof).

    I am aware of other solutions (zinc strips, zinc powder, bleach, hydrogen-peroxide, detergent, etc.), and I will be using them as well, later. But for now, my mind is made up to use the pressure-washer.

    Is it better (easier to remove) when the moss is soaking wet, or dry? Thanks!

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  • How is life in New Cairo (near New AUC) for single Western expats? Where exactly to live?

    What's it like to live near the New American University in Cairo, Egypt?

    I'm considering a job there, as is a female friend. We're both single, from the US. (We're not dating, I'm just asking for both of us).

    We've both visited, but only short trips. So we know the stereotype, that it doesn't have the nightlife of Maadi or the soul of Zamalek. But we both hate long commutes in traffic. Has social life picked up at all near New AUC, since it was built last year?

    If we decide to live near New AUC, what's the most interesting area for singles? El Rehab looks pretty family-oriented. Are there any apartments for faculty within walking (or biking) distance of AUC, or at least nearby?

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  • In MS-Excel, what is the formula to look up a random cell in a given table?

    E.g. Let's say a table w/ 4 columns, A-D, and 5 rows (1-5). Column A and Row 1 are the titles.

    I want a formula for cell A7, such that each time I press {F9} (recalculate) it randomly selects and displays the contents of a cell from B2..D5.

    I don't know how to use VBA. (Yet.)

    Something like:

    A10: =RANDOM(B,C,D)

    A11. =RANDOM(2..5)

    A7: =LOOKUP((A10)(A11))

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  • Is there a website or software that rephrases or rewrites any sentence you give it?

    I'm looking for a website (or software) that will paraphrase any sentence I input. Any help? There must be writing-tool software that does this, or some web-site. (It might parse each phrase, replace words with synonyms, re-arrange the syntax, etc.)

    For example, if I input this:

    "We believe these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal..."

    It will output this:

    "We think these truths are obvious: that all people are created the same."

    Or (more extreme):

    "All people are born equal, and in our belief that is obvious."

    This will be done many hundreds of times by our small inhouse staff, on our own inhouse training materials. Not all our staff are native English-speakers nor highly educated.

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  • National Guard training: what's covered in the training?

    What is taught In the 1 week of Orientation, the 8 weeks of Basic Training, and (perhaps) the general part of Advanced Individual Training that everyone receives (if any, excluding their specialty)? How many hours (approximately) are spent on each subject?

    Are any subjects like human-rights law or the Geneva Conventions covered? If so, how much time is spent on them (if any)? Thank you!

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  • How do I turn off the key-click sound? (Win XP, Dell Inspiron 600m laptop)?

    How do I make my keyboard silent, so it doesn't make a "click" when each key is pressed?

    I've looked to no avail under Control Panel -> Sounds/ Keyboard/ Accessibility Options. I can't find it in WinXP "Help".

    Thank you!

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  • rental house foundation is leaning, is it legal?

    1) I want to measure how much the house I rent is leaning. (The foundation is bad.) If I hang a plumb-bob on a 60" string from the corner, it lies 2.75" away from the wall. I forget my geometry. What is the angle, in degrees? (Right-angle triangle, 60" one side, 2.75" the other side, so the hypotenuse is 60.063". Angle x below is 90-degrees, what degree is angle y?)




    | \







    |........\ <--60.063"



    |x____\ z


    2) Is this legal, in Philadelphia? Is it safe to live in? Brick house, but there are cracks showing in the brick. I may hire a structural engineer, but that will cost me $600 for a written report. Math, geometry -- it's been too long!

    Thank you!

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  • Estate sale: do-it-yourself, or hire a professional? Pros and cons, from those who've done it either way?

    My brother and I need to get rid our our late parents' junk. One of us thinks we should do it ourselves. The other thinks we should hire someone to do it for us. In your experience, what are the pros and cons of each?

    Our parents were middle-class, our mother was a hoarder and garage-sale junkie, so there's lots of stuff from the early-1960s to 1980s (and some stuff from our grandmothers, from the 1940s). Most of it is not super-valuable, there may be some "collectible" things (knick-knacks, dishes, toys, old clothes), but most is junk or in bad shape. (The roof leaked, damaging stuff.)

    [E.g., A professional:

    Pros: can identify collectibles and know how to price things.

    Cons: takes anywhere from 25%-75% of the proceeds. ]

    I'm interested in hearing from those who have done it either way, or -- even better -- both ways. :-) Thank you!

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  • Who's the best adult orthodontist in the Seattle-Eastside area?

    Are there any surveys of adult orthodontists? I'm looking for the best medical care, which must involve some comparison. Although personal experience is a start, unless you've used several orthodontists and can compare them, professional word-of-mouth is even better. Anyone work in the dental profession in the Seattle/Bellevue/M.I. area?

    I've heard good things about Carol Knapp (sp?) on M.I. Any others?

    Thank you.

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  • Roofing "tar": what's best for near-flat leaky roof, while it's raining now?

    I have a nearly-flat roof, with an old tar-paper/tar cover, that is leaking. The house is a complete tear-down and will go on the market within six months, so it's not worth the expense of actually re-tarring. A year ago I tried a water-based roof-sealant (brown goop in 20 gallon drums), but it didn't work.

    To keep it dry inside for the next six months, I'm thinking of rolling down overlapping layers of Tyvek ($150 for 9' x 150' roll), as a stop-gap. I'm in Oregon, so I expect continuous rain. Ideally, I'd slather on some goop both under the Tyvek and on top of it (oil-based or water-based?). Can anything be applied while the roof is wet?

    I don't expect more than 2-3 days of dry weather for months, and meanwhile the roof is leaking in several spots. (It's impossible to pinpoint exactly where, because the water runs down the ceiling insulation for many yards.)

    Suggestions welcome. Thank you!

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  • Sears garage-door opener shorted-out? Won't work. Help?

    I accidentally drilled into the control-unit wires of my old Sears garage-door opener. There was a tiny electric spark and a slight smell of ozone. I repaired the wires, but the unit does not work (no light, doesn't open or make any noise). I THINK it did work prior to my mistake although I am not 100% positive as it hasn't been opened in years. The electric-outlet it is plugged into works fine, so it is getting power. I did not see a fuse inside the unit, nor any obviously-burned parts. It is c.1974, though it has been used VERY little. I have no specs for it. It is a "Sears Best", 1/2 horsepower, chain-drive. I have little experience with electric motors, so am not sure what to test for or where (e.g. with a volt-meter). Suggestions welcomed! Thanks.

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  • Temperature gauge (temp gauge) stopped working on '77 Toyota pickup (HiLux), help?

    The temperature gauge in the dashboard of my '77 Toyota pickup stopped working after I flushed the cooling system and replaced the thermostat. The temp needle doesn't move. The motor had been nearly overheating; the radiator was very rusty, and in the process of flushing, de-rerusting, and cleaning the cooling system I noticed the temp gauge was fluxuating a lot. Water got splashed around under the hood, which might have shorted something? But I checked all the fuses. (Should I l ook for the temp sensor somewhere -- where? Could the gauge itself go bad suddenly? Or, what else???)

    Thank you!

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