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  • What song is playing in this commercial?

    The commercial with Apollo Ohno skating alone in a dark rink - I think it's for AT&T and Samsung, and they play it constantly during the Olympics. What is the music playing? Thanks, Everyone!


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  • What is the song in this commercial?

    The commercial with Apollo Ohno skating alone in a dark rink - I think it's for AT&T and Samsung. What is the music playing? Thanks, Everyone!

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  • Why are we talking about this?

    I have in the last 1/2 hour seen two questions concerning Michelle Obama's dress. Now, I haven't seen anything about Obama's suits, ties, or Biden's, or McCain's choice of clothing for that matter. Palin's hairstyle, clothes, have been torn apart regularly. Even Cindy McCain's clothes must be critique'd on YA. Now. . . how is this NOT sexist?

    PS I didn't like the dress either, but who the heck CARES???

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  • Democrats, doesn't this alarm you?

    The corruption at the DNC continues. . . last week a Colorado delegate filed a lawsuit against the DNC for harassment for being a Clinton supporter. Other delegates around the country report being threatened by the DNC to toe the Obama line. This morning the website at a prominent pro-Hillary website reported from Denver:

    "The 300 Delegate contingent are on the verge of devastation. After all their work, all their dedication the Big Shots are STILL planning a work-around. Now they’re talking about a closed door written vote on Wednesday morning with no established Chain of Possession. No roll call vote is the threat.

    There is no avenue to submit the petition. The delegates were hoping to present the petition tomorrow to be read on the floor. Now it looks like they won’t get the chance to even do that."

    The "petition" refers to a required 300+ signature petition required by Party regulations to add a candidate to the roll call.

    People, whether you are a Dem or Rep or whatever, shouldn't you be horrified by what is happening here? Strongarming an election is called fascism. Is this Obama obsession so blind that the takeover and corruption of the democratic process is now ok?

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  • Why all the aliases, if not something to hide?

    Update on the lawsuit filed today barring Obama from campaigning further: the lawsuit lists the following defendants:

    Barack Hussein Obama a/k/a

    Barry Soetoro a/k/a

    Barry Obama a/k/a

    Barack Dunham a/k/a

    Barry Dunham

    Democratic National Committee

    Federal Election Commission

    The court will hold an emergency session tomorrow morning to determine whether there will be a temporary injunction issued preventing Obama from continuing his bid.

    UPDATE #2: According to a Linda Starr, Texas delegate, a request has been filed for a temporary restraining order to "prevent Obama from running for President and preventing the DNC from naming him a candidate.

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  • Is Hillary staging a serious comback??

    The Clintons are famous for pulling a rabbit out of the hat - they have done it before. Now, a lawsuit is filed today requesting that Obama be barred from running, alleging his ineligibility under US law. Hillary has never given up her delegates. Huge demonstrations for Hillary are scheduled in Denver next week - I know because I'm going to one. What does all this mean?

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  • Is this media bias at work?

    At 5PM eastern time, and again about 6:15 eastern time, envelopes were sent to McCain's campaign offices in Denver CO and Manchester NH. Both contained threatening letters and white powder (possible anthrax contamination). Employees were evacuated in both locations, federal agents quarantined and started investigating, and in both locations several employees were taken to local medical facilities for examination.

    Now, FOX picked this up immediately. Meanwhile, CNN was talking about Obama and MSNBC was talking about Obama. Two hours later, neither had yet reported the incidents.

    I find this incredible. There are so wrapped up in their messiah, an attempt on several people's lives and welfare doesn't merit mention because it's related to Obama's opponent.


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  • Has anyone else noticed that the Obama birth certificate has been removed from his website?

    It seems to have happened in conjunction with all the publicity over Obama Nation. . . and the book's pointing out as others have that it is an obvious forgery. Has there been any fallout?

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  • Who said in 2004 they viewed Iraq like Bush did?

    Who said that in 2004 they would have viewed the Iraq war like President Bush viewed it, and would have voted accordingly?

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Did you see the press conference from Georgia this morning?

    The president of Georgia's voice shook with anger as he rebuked the West for their failing to include Georgia in NATO and thus inviting this action by Russia. He cited only the US as showing any concern for Georgia's well-being. Only France and the U.S. are on the ground in Georgia trying to make any difference in the situation in defense of the Georgians. It's amazing, because Russia will NOT stop at invading only Georgia - why on earth can continental Europe sit back time and time again twiddling its thumbs, waiting for the US, Britain or France to clean up the messes? Is it apathy, self-centeredness, laziness, greed?

    Please - only intelligent thoughts on this.

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  • Is Hillary still in the running?

    PUMA is planning to move to get Hillary on the ballot at the convention, to be included in a vote for the candidate. They needed 300 signatures for this to happen, and they have over 200 and their petition is still growing. They are demanding that the Democratic leaders stop silencing all the Hillary supporters, and that the convention be held as a place for choosing a candidate - not coronating one. It looks like this might happen! Final step is that Hillary has to sign off on it - will she?

    As a McCain supporter - I don't want it because if Hillary were nominated all the Hillary supporters voting for McCain would be lost. On the other hand, I find it disgusting how the party leaders railroaded Hillary out of the process.

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  • What is with the fake accent?

    Has anyone else noticed that as time goes on, Obama has adopted this fake southern/black drawl thing? It has nothing to do with his background or upbringing so I can only conclude it is another phony move. I started to notice it a few weeks ago, and now it's worse - today he addressed the crowd as "y'all". Any thoughts?

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  • Voter fraud in Alabama? What could this mean?

    Announced today: An investigation has been opened in Alabama into the practices of absentee voting. . . it is alledged that there is rampant fraud on the part of Democrats in the state, and that selling of ballots in some cases has resulted in the same person voting up to six times for the same Democratic candidate.

    What could this mean for the future of Alabama's participation in the national level elections? And for the reputation of the Democratic party in southern states?

    Before you Democrats poo-poo it, there have already been three indictments - it's likely going to trial.

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  • No birthday or Christmas presents???

    I just heard that some periodical published over the weekend that the Obamas don't believe in giving their children birthday presents or Christmas presents??? Huh? Does anyone know where that was?

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  • Is this a brilliant bit of political writing ?

    If you haven't read this today - treat yourself. As a pro writer, I find it astounding writing, whatever your lean is. It's hilarious, but even funnier is the first comment posted below it - evidently irony escapes this guy!

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  • Pelosi a moment of hypocrisy? Again?

    Today she defended the vote for FISA when attacked by other Democrats as violating privacy, camplaining with teeth clenched that some people see it is "....warrantless surveillance of Americans. That is NOT TRUE!" Yet, Pelosi led her own party in whining that much of the Patriot Act - the same type of legislation was a warrantless surveillance.

    As one news analyst put it today, "The Democrats finally caved, and because of it we finally have a bipartisan compromise". Perhaps true and good outcome. . . but it drives me nuts, the hypocrisy of it.

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  • Why has Obama been allowed to move the DNP to Chicago?

    He is not even the official candidate but the "presumed". This is amazing to me. He gets to decide this? Why?

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  • Do people really even know what 'racist' means?

    I just saw someone pronounce publicly that they reported a question - which was truly idiotic but was not "racist" as the reporter said. It seems that I see this so often, people who are accusing others of being "racist" and don't seem to truly grasp the meaning of the word. It is almost as if they deem something offensive to them for any reason "racist".

    I'm not saying some of the stuff isn't offensive - at least in the level of stupidity it betrays - but "racist"? Too often that seems the wrong label. Anyone else notice this or have any ideas? Just curious.

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  • How much do people know about Cindy McCain?

    I just educated myself. This woman has done a heck of a lot of good in the world.

    First Lady material, definitely.

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  • Is Obama spending way too much time attacking McCain?

    I've noticed that lately he spends a lot of time running down his opponent and not a lot of time defining his own position. Will this be a mistake in the long run?

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