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  • Where do I find a list of the UB funkeys?

    Hello does anyone know where to get al ist of UB funkeys. My daughter got about 12 of them for christmas I know there are over 40 of them bu I cant seem to find a list anywhere. If some one knows where to find a list of them I would sure like to know smiles Katy

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  • Advice for a camper who wets the bed?

    Yeah summer............

    My two girls have the opportunity to go to operation purple camp. It is a camp for military children with deployed parents they are both excited to go. Its a week long over night camp I'm excited for them to go I haven't had a day much less a week with out kids since My hubby left in march but here is the problem my youngest daughter who will be eight wets the bed every night, Its a medical problem nothing she can help and they cant do the corrective surgery until she is a teenager. So I'm really worried she is going to be picked on by the other kids at camp I plan to send good nights to camp but I was just wondering if anybody else had suggestions or ever had to deal with a problem like this thanks any advice is welcome smiles Kate

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  • find a vet in council bluffs IA?


    We just moved to council bluffs IA, and We need a good inexpensive vet for or cat and dog. Any advice would be aprecated thanks so much!!

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  • help, nasty leg pain?

    I have a huge vein above my knee and it burns horrable after each step i take. It is swollen and warm to the touch. My Doctor had and ultra sound done and said there is no clot take Motrin you will be fine. Okay But it still hurts !!!! I have factor V and lupus so Im know to be carefull with my legs and clots but nothing seems to help any suggestions on what to do ?? I allready wear compression socks and i keep my legs elvated when I sleep . thanks for reading , Smiles Kate

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  • would you move or stay put?

    My husband has a very big chance of deploying (he is in the army) with in the next 3 months. He was deployed last year for 11 months and I satayed put it was long and lonly but or kids got to stay by thier freinds and other kids going though the same thing. This time will be for 18 months our family are over 1400 miles away and my hubby wants me to move back up north where they are. There would be no army anything there, but lots of family. Any suggestions?? I would love to hear some thanks.

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