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  • Religion has spawned humans' definition of right/wrong; good/evil. Is religion merely an evolutionary strategy?

    Think about it. The various religions have one thing in common; some behaviors are good and some are evil. Are these actions really right and wrong, or does our belief that they are such help human kind to work as a society and aid us in forming order and kinship? All of our laws are based on things deemed right or wrong in the bible, Koran, Torah, etc.. Without these base beliefs, we would be more animal than human.

    It is ok for animals to kill one another and steal form each other. Survival of the fittest is accepted among our wild counterparts. The thing that differentiates us is our large cerebrum and our invention of religion to account for questions we cannot answer.

    Atheists will agree. I would like to hear from the believers in the various religions on this one. And please remember. There is no more proof of a god than there is of the big bang. "Faith" is not an acceptable argument.

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  • Question for pro-lifers. What is the difference between....

    Just a question for the pro-lifers. What is the difference between preventing a life that should have been through contraception and ending a very early life through abortion.

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  • Is Comfortis a SAFE flea prevention product for dogs?

    I've heard this product is very good. I like the fact that it's in pill form and doesn't make a mess of my dog's coat. I know it doesn't kill ticks, but I really don't have much of a problem with ticks. I just wanted to make sure nobody has had any problems with this product.

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