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i played tennis and love to share experience with all tennis players all over the world.

  • stringing ideas - KFive98?

    anybody using the Wilson KFactor KFive 98? can you share your current stringing, if possible:

    - mains = (type of string, gauge size, @ tension in lbs)

    - crosses = (type of string, gauge size, @ tension in lbs)

    my current stringing is as follows:

    - mains = Wilson Hyperlast Spin 19 @ 48 lbs

    - crosses = Wilson Synthetic Gut 16 @ 52 lbs (actually the one comes in a package of Hyperlast Spin 19 Hybrid)

    somehow i feel my current stringing is too stiff, hence i'm looking for different stringing scheme.

    i also applied the same configuration to my Kobra TeamFX with great feel, so i'm wondering why it feels too stiff with the KFive98.

    any input will be useful.

    thanks a lot guys!

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  • Hybrid Stringing tips for Head Microgel Radical Pro?

    i recently have my racquet strung with Ashaway Crossfire 19/16 with the following tensioning:

    - mains = aramid 19 @ 52 lbs

    - crosses = synth gut 16 @ 54 lbs

    previously i had it strung with Luxilon BB as both mains and crosses at same tension but it felt really stiff to my wrist and elbow.

    my coach would rate me 3.0-3.5 by NTRP levels and i played mostly serve and volleys.

    do you have any suggestion on my current stringing?

    your inputs are most welcome.

    thanks folks!

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  • how do you return heavy topspin serve?

    recently i found a friend who hits his serve with heavy topspins. at deuce court it really moves further out of reach to my backhand. if i move earlier to anticipate, he will quickly change to a slice to the sideline. any idea is appreciated.

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  • Anyone experienced Head Airflow 7?

    I was planning to buy Head Airflow 7 racquet for my girlfriend. She thinks (and i concur) that after 3 months played with Head Ti S6 she should move to slightly heavier racquet. Are there any player experienced this racquet? Please share what you think of this racquet and if possible, also include your string and tension. Many thanks, folks!

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  • hybrid stringing tips for wilson nCode n5 force 110?

    my current stringing is wilson stamina spin 16 @ 55 lbs. i'm planning to have it strung with luxilon hybrids. any suggestion about which gauge and what tension for mains and crosses? please share. thanks.

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  • what Volkl racquet do you use?

    i'd like to know what Volkl racquets you use, including string and tension if possible. thanks for your answer.

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  • lazy tennis?

    when i was training with my trainer, i saw the student next court is very lazy with his strokes, esp backhand. he just sort of let his upper arm fixed at sides and just waved his hand about elbow and snap his wrist. not to mention his footwork. his trainer is yelling at him and tried to boost his spirit. i feel like he's under big pressure. any suggestion? should i do anything about him?

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  • have you ever bought counterfeit tennis racquet?

    please also state racquet brand/type, in what country you bought it, how much you pay for it, and how do you finally know it was counterfeit. many thanks folks. i'm sure most of us can share and learn.

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  • how often you break your racquet frame?

    please also describe the moment when the racquet frame breaks, was the frame in friction with the court, whether you were hitting hard or not, how fast the incoming ball, racquet brand/type and string tensions you were using. many thanks.

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