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EMAIL ME BEFORE YOU ADD ME AS A CONTACT OTHERWISE I WILL BLOCK YOU! No offense to anyone, just a safety precaution. "I react badly to fear. I don't usually have the good sense to run, or hide--I just try to smash whatever it is that's making me afraid." The great wizard known as Harry (Dresden) "Reputation is how Men and Women see us. Character is how God and Angels see us." Thomas Paine If you're reading this after reading one of my answers, yes, I am a sarcastic bastard. DEAL WITH IT! What? MORE!? Are you serious? I'm a guy, man, male, and the residing older brother of the C&A community. I'm not an idiot, I'm not a boy, I AM A MAN! Gamer Anime fan And Shockwave is a term used to explain things like this, it has nothing to do with electricity or lighting. And if you've got a problem...well deal with it. I'm not a miracl

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