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  • I have a bully in my cichlid tank?

    I have three African cichlids and a convict cichlid in my tank, along with a pleco. All had been together in the tank for about a month now, and had established their own territories with little dispute. About a week or so ago, my white/yellow/black striped african turned an ugly shade of brown (almost completely) and became very aggressive toward my blue african. He leaves the other fish alone. After a few days of severe tail-nipping I rearranged the decorations in the tank to disturb his established territories. Although this seems to have helped a bit (he has not reclaimed most of the tank and only stays under one cave structure) he is still dark brown, and mean towards the blue almost exclusively. All of my fish are still eating well and show no signs of disease. How can I help prevent my (now) brown fish from acting like a bully?? And why did he change color so drastically???

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