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  • Help!! I'm racist and accidentally got a black girl pregnant. What to do?!?

    I'm 26 and she is 31. She wants to keep it but I want an abortion BADLY.

    I was bored and suffering from long term Covid loneliness and met her off an online dating site and she was the only one who showed any interest in me in like 2 months. She messaged first, her name is Marissa, I thought she was very pretty for a black girl, educated, no kids, well written, lovely eyes, perfectly sculpted bikini body and great seeming personality... but there was one thing.... she is black.

    I never considered black girls attractive at all and always stayed away from black people throughout my youth and college in the north Dallas suburbs area. Thing is, I'm a SUPER racist and so is my family, I would be shunned if not shot for even getting caught holding hands with a black girl (much less this!)... My dad is a businessman, workaholic, very Christian, we sing along and write country/rock songs with the N-word all the time.

    So the black girl and I went out on her day off and talked for many hours, I was impressed by her and that she has a good career as a hospital RN, and for sticking with it despite the pandemic. Really talkative, bubbly personality. So I went to her apartment, we made out and one thing led to another. I used a trojan but it broke at the end at some point but she assured me it was alright because she just had her period the last week. But instead Marissa calls me today and says she is positive... Not for Covid but for a mixed race fetus... Lord what do I do now?!?

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  • Help! I'm sleepy tired all day every day & night for the past 3 years, and it's ruining my life and youth! I'm 24/male/white/Texas 5'7" 125.?

    Good afternoon, my name is Jeff. I am 24 years old, male, white, American living in Dallas, Texas area. I am 5'8" and weigh around 125 pounds. Thin, pasty, and plenty athletic. I have one big problem that's been plaguing me really bad for the past 2-3 years... I'm EXTREMELY sleepy fatigued all day, every day, and there seems like there's nothing to do about it.

    It's literally ruining my life. Regardless of how many hours of sleep I get at night (0 to 14 hours), I cannot be productive at work (9-5 office job) because I feel like falling asleep the entire time. Naps don't do any good, as I just get tired eyed again 30 minutes later. The sleepiness seems to be concentrated in my upper nose, eyes, throat, and upper abdomen. I've always been this skinny; never can gain weight. I normally eat 1-2 times a day (large meals) as I always have throughout my life.

    All routine annual blood tests have come back virtually normal in every category, including my most recent one a few months ago.

    My wife says I don't snore at all (never have snored), and I'm skinny and young? I did get diagnosed with a small left thyroid nodule in 2013 but my TSH is always pretty center normal. I don't have any underlying health problems, never have. I do sometimes wake up feeling a little short of breath and have a weird scratchy feeling sometimes when I swallow during the day.

    Is it because I'm dreaming too much and not getting enough "delta" deep sleep? If so, how to fix this sleep cycle disorder?

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  • 21 year old, white guy, college senior. How do I find a nice white lady to marry?

    Dear Yahoo readers,

    I am a 21 year old last-semester college senior who is graduating this May. I turn 22 in April. I go to a college in a college town in the north part of Texas. I have an unblemished 4.0 GPA in a business STEM field, and I don't have a car, so I don't have easy access to the big cities (I could take the train system but it's not ideal). My problem is, I am stuck on a campus of nearly 40K students, but my campus is full of commuters and weird hippies and is overall very devoid of "normal" girls my age. I am nonreligious but quite conservative and traditional, and want a girl to actually grow with and build my life with before I start establishing my life full time. I wouldn't mind dating someone who believes as long as it doesn't consume her life (not way too religious). I am very much interested in marriage and commitment and do not believe in infidelity. I'm a big family person, but my mom lives 300 miles away in South Texas. I'm not in a fraternity because I don't smoke and don't like to drink (only because of the taste) but I don't have a problem with someone that drinks socially as long as it's not a huge habit. I'm only 5'8" 130, and consider myself a pretty good looking white guy except for my height/weight problem. I have a fast metabolism and my growth was stunted by a pneumonia episode in 8th grade, so it wasn't my fault. I'm only interested in girls 21 and up, and won't want to drag along someone still in school when I'm out.

    Any advice?

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  • Is it possible to become a full-body (e.g. nonliving) organ donor if you are HEALTHY?

    Dear All,

    I wanted to know if it was possible for a healthy person to become a complete organ and tissue donor but immediately, NOT a "wait until you die" sort of a thing. I have not found any information on this even after searching the entire Web. Every site tells me to "register to be an organ donor, and you'll get a red heart sticker and if/when you die your organs will be donated." But what if I am interested in donating all my organs in the near future? I am 21, thin, athletic, nonsmoker, nondrinker and healthy. Is there any option to become an organ donor now? I really want to help save lives, particularly of other young people like me...

    Please let me know!

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  • Swollen Cervical Lymph Nodes For 2 Years, Not Cured With Antibiotics?

    20 year old male Texas college student.

    I have had 2 lymph nodes that are visible and larger than normal since 2012; they don't seem rock hard but they do make my neck hurt, especially on the left side.

    The first, and most noticeable, is the one on the left side, superficial to my left sternocleidomastoid muscle. I first discovered it in summer of 2012, but I'm pretty positive that it cropped up in the earlier part of 2012. Here's one thing: from early February to early June of 2012, I had this persistent sickness that included sore throat and bronchitis for 4 months. I did not take off school days to rest and try to heal (it was my junior year in HS), but the sickness went away on its own a week or two after school ended. The mystery sickness could have been mono, the flu, etc, I didn't get it tested because my mom couldn't afford health insurance for me that year. However from that point on I have had the 2 lymph nodes (the second being on the right top side of my neck, in the corner under my chin but left of my right mastoid) as well as a bit of breathing issue while in bed in a lying down position (but no difficulty swallowing, and no history of asthma).

    Today, in 2014, the lymph nodes are the same, not bigger, not smaller, not harder, and I've had 7 rounds of 5 different antibiotics for various reasons (i.e. LASIK & when I had my wisdoms out last month) since 2012. Neck pain persists. I've had 4 doctor opinions & they all told me not to worry.

    Do I have cancer? :-(

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