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  • Will Russia grant Asylum to U.S. Citizens?

    I am U.S. citizen seeking political Asylum. As the situation worsens in the U.S. and the government is getting ready to openly run concentration camps. What is the probability of being granted Asylum in Russia. There does not appear to be any recent cases of an American requesting Asylum in Russia.

    I have no wish to stay in the U.S. for the impending mass roundup. I know I am on several U.S. domestic "watch" lists for speaking out against globalist banks and attending end the Fed events.

    I plan on bringing my family as well. I am white, and my wife is also an american, but is Ethnically Russian.

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  • Is it ethical for a public agency to spend 1.8 million on an employee appreciation party.?

    I work for a government agency which will remain nameless. Last year we spent 1.8 million for an employee appreciation event. We have done this every year for over a decade. This year the head of our agency who started last year put an end to the practice out of fear of a public outrage. I support her decision. The question is, was it ethical for us to be doing this in the past even in a good economy. We are not publically funded and operate under a budget based on revenue we internally generate. Was it unethic and perhaps even illegal for these past events to be paid from our budget.

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  • How will HR1338 work with individuals currenly between the ages of 18-25?

    HR 1388 institutes 3 months mandatory civil defense service to all individuals between the age of 18 and 25. If an individual is currently already at an age over 18, how will this law be imposed apon them. For instance if you are 24, will you be forced to do three months of service this year. Also how would this be imposed on a stay at home mother who has no means of child care to be able to serve 3 months of mandatory service. Are there any provisions in the law that grant exceptions in these cases. Also what if you are between the ages and already a public servant, can this still be imposed apon you? Or in my case, what if you are the only source of income and would lose your home if you lost your salary for three months.

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