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Hi there! First question! What are you doing in here? Are you here to stalk me? Or maybe steal my secret identity? Hmm... I'm gonna be realistic here. I guess you are just here to check me out. Yipee! Another new fan! :D Anyway, the polite girl I am, I will introduce myself first. As you can see, I am a teenager. But I ain't an ordinary one! I live in a place called, Chocolate Land. I am not kidding. You believe me, don't yah? O:) Hmm... I am the most unique person that you will ever meet. (I wonder if that actually made sense). I was created with a purpose, although, I still need to find what that purpose is. As you can see, I love writing and reading novels. I also love helping other people out (Which is probably how I ended up in here). I love acting, and watching comedy shows. I am also a big fan of cartoons. Oh, before I forget, I am really in love with you! :> Which is why, i dedicate my username to you! Good Luck and if you need me, just ask Ms. Strawberry. Lo

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