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  • Jobs for the disabled, a resource?

    I found this today, It has some of the best info for those seeking to work for job accomodation and finding jobs in the US if you are disabled. I hope it helps someone.

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  • Ineternet friend in foreign nation in danger, may be scam!?

    This happens here and other places a lot. Today the US state dept has some new info on this subject. Before you send money or assist someone in need of help overseas contact your own dept of foreign affairs, (non american) and in the us go to or

    We know we all have compassion but a simple money transfer can wipe out your entire account.

    International Financial Scams

    The Consular Affairs Bureau receives daily calls about international scams involving Internet Dating, Inheritance, Work Permits, Overpayment, and Money-Laundering. Many scams are initiated through the Internet; victims range in age from 18 to 81 and come from all socio-economic backgrounds.

    If you feel you have been a victim of an Internet scam, please consult our consular publications for help and send all direct reports of Internet fraud to the Federal Bureau of Investigation at: . If the scam originated through a particular website, notify the administrators of that website. If you are concerned about an American in distress overseas, but you are not sure if it is a legitimate case, call our office of Overseas Citizens Services at 888-407-4747 (from overseas: 202-501-4444).

    International Financial Scams Brochure - for information on Internet Dating, Inheritance, Work Permits, Overpayment, and Money-Laundering

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  • Emergency contact info for Mumbai re; mass terror attacks ?

    The attacks are apparenty ongoing through the city. They have targeted western and non western targets. I wanted to start a post to post contact info for various govts. Please, post info for all countries. Mumbai is home to many multinational co's.

    India Terror Attacks: Information Hotline

    U.S. citizens concerned about the wellbeing of friends and family in India may call the following number for information:


    Canadian citizens outside Canada can call collect to

    (613) 996-8885 (where available).

    For calls originating in Canada, call

    1 800 267-6788 or (613) 944-6788.

    Post 'em if you got 'em. You will be doing a world of good.

    Peace for India. Our prayers are with you all.

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  • Have you voted today or earlier, and have there been long lines? ?

    Since this appears to be voter record turnout, i just wanted to say thanks America for finally taking your civic right seriously. Voter apathy is a bad thing and I am so proud of everyone for getting out and finally really ROCK the VOTE!!!

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  • Why did you immigrate to the US and what do you like or dislike about it?

    This question is open to legal immigrants and refugees. I want to try to improve a our local refugee center that has just begun to help immigrants. What can we do better and what is your favorite things you liked and learned by coming to the US? What was lacking to help you integrate and succeed?

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  • To save our country buy t bills and savings bonds?

    I have forever and my parents before. In years past the govt pushed them to pay off war debts.

    They have low interest but guaranteed rates and you can use them tax free to buy a house or fund an education.

    You can buy a 50 bond for 25 dollars and on up.

    Better than a CD!

    Every person who loves America should buy a bond. It pays down the national debt and helps our country.

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  • Text people in TX to communicate do not use cell phones?

    Only some people have landlines and if you are trying to reach a person in the hurricane zone do not use cell phone calls as they are taking up all the cell phone bandwidth, use text msg if you can to get through. A friend of mine did to reach her loved ones so we could tell them how to get help. Help those in the zone and tx where food and water or gas is. go to and please donate to the houston food bank, salvation army and redcross. Our fellow americans need our help.

    God bless LA and TX.

    Americans are praying for you all.

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  • What will China's legacy be regarding the Oly games?

    I think imo, that it has proven to the world it is still not to be trusted. It did not allow freedom of protesters and the internet as promised to get the games and the air was horribly bad.

    I hope to hear from people all over the globe.

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  • What do they do for a World War II vet funeral, anything special?

    My uncle in his 80's just died today. He was a world war II vet. I know when my grandfather died, a world war I vet, they had 21 gun salute with a canon. I was wondering what to expect this time. Salute WWII vet. They gave us so much.

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  • Why do mexican come here and give birth then get dual citizenship for the kids?

    I saw this on the local news. The mex govt came to help process 250 kids born to illegals in the US who are now demanding dual citizenship of their American child? If they can go through this legal process why didn't they try to become legal in the US as well first?

    I have friends and family who came as refugees or other immigrants who followed the rules and I myself immigrated to Canada. It can be costly and a pain but worth the legal process. So if the Mexicans know the rules why not follow them and instead they cause more hardship that they claim they are escaping from.

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  • Did you have silver fillings and do you have a child with autism now?

    I have long thought the silver fillings many got back in the old days were the cause of autism. I am curious to know, and I hope this question get worldwide response, how many of you no matter the country, have silver dental work, and had an autistic child. The US FDA just admitted they knew they could be bad.

    My child has autism so I am very curious.

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  • divorce and men why do men like to drag out divorces?

    I noticed this in many cases when a man has been not a great husband and the woman starts the proceedings that the man always seems to drag the divorce out for years. Why? The kids are the ones who suffer because of this.

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  • what are autism and special needs services in your country or state?

    I have lived in the US and Canada. The Us by federal law guarantees in school therapy for all special needs kids.Canada it varies from province to school board.

    Here is and idea of US special ed. What is it like where you are?

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  • did you know canada terrorist trials get under way shocking?

    Alleged Toronto terror plot detailed in court


    A track leads through land in Ramara Township northeast of Orillia, where the accused men are said to have held a military-style training camp.


    In a video, Person 1, shown sitting in the dark under what appears to be a tent, speaks to the group:

    "We're here to kick it off man. We're here to get the rewards of everybody that's gonna come after us, God willing, if we don't (get) a victory, God willing, our kids will get it. If not them, their kids will get it, if not them, the(n) five generations down somebody will get it, God willing. This is the promise of Allah. . . .

    Excerpts from a conversation in a car during

    "Operation Badr," recorded covertly by police:

    Person 3: "What happens, what happens at the Parliament?"

    Person 1: "We go and kill everybody."

    Person 3: "And then what?"

    Informant: "And then read about it

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  • mommy has cancer a good story and some resources for cancer?

    HI. no questions just lost my mom a few months back to cancer. I saw this on CNN on cancer resources and how to talk to kids about cancer.

    To anyone fighting this pls use the resources in the story. Even though my mom lost her battle the and american cancer society is sending me great info which i am posting for others. i hope it helps someone somewhere.

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  • bracial how many are out there? laotion/white americans especially?

    i saw post by accident by one girl on here about this. my kids are biracial. they are adults now. the us censuse say there are over 25 mil biracial kids. speak up. would love to know how you felt growing up. i know my kids mix is rare than some. i want to add vote this year. your voices must count.

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  • read this book compares to todays issues?

    i read this in hs and it is scary to see the comparasion of today from walmart to big govt and keeping people like sheep. dumb and blind and ignorant.

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  • how did the loss of a love one affect you?

    I lost my mom this week to cancer. i know god exists and i now know why i was put on this earth. i am sad but profoundly moved by the signs i have seen that god does exist in the most amazing myseterious ways. how did the death of a loved change you good bad or otherwise. it was for me an sad event but an epihpeny of things arose from it. only good can now come forth.

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  • JEREMY HERNANDEZ a new american hero!?

    Yes. I am proud of this 20 yr man who saved most of the kids on yesterday Minn bridge collapse. They were save by Mr Hernandez on the school bus.

    For illegals this is what being an American is all about. Not breaking the laws. Young hispanic people have a new great hero to look up too.

    watch the young hero!

    your rock jeremy!!

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  • For anyone who lost more than 30 percent of thier colon what to expect after surgery for eating?

    Someone I know has lost 40 percent of thier colon, they say 3 yrs later they cannot eat. What if any help can I give or advice on this? Exercise, therapy help would be great.

    For women this is a women who got cancer from drinking and smoking. If you are a female and do both, pls stop now it could save your life.

    Only serious answers pls. This is a matter of life and death for this person.

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