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  • Did you hear about Teddy O'Connor being Euthanized This Morning?

    Poor little guy suffered a freak accident today on the O'Connors farm in which he fell and gashed his leg tearing ligaments and tendons and it was seen as catastrophic and he was euthanized. Read at

    14 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • When will something be done to make eventing safer ?

    Two more top horses euthanized due to injuries sustained during Rolex yesterday. The jumps are just getting too dangerous.

    13 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • How can you estimate lbs of pressure?

    If you are to pull gently on a rope only using three or four lbs of pressure how can you estimate this?

    4 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • Falling stars?

    If stars fall how come we never lose any of the "important" ones like from the Big Dipper or any other constellations?

    8 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • How can I get a email address with a different name for a Yahoo Group?

    I joined a Yahoo Group I really wanted to be a part of but then deleted it when I noticed that my real name and email was available to everyone. How can I make one with some other name. I did not make the first one, it was assigned to me by the ISP.

    1 AnswerYahoo Groups1 decade ago
  • Where in New England might one buy Yuca?

    Just returned from Bolivia where I purchased a cookbook so I could make a few of my favorites but they use Yuca there for everything and I am unable to find any. I tried to buy some canned before I left and could not find it canned either. They do not allow you to bring it on the plane or into the country fresh. Any ideas?

    1 AnswerOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • Can anyone help me with this printing problem?

    I have an important email that I could not send. I thought I could print it and mail it but I can't as when I try it comes out on in just a two inch column which is too small to see on the left side of the paper. I have tried saving it as a document and then printing and that did not work. I can print other things fine. Not very computer literate. It has never done this before. What can I do? I am going to have to get out my pen and write it if I cant' figure this out and it is long.

    2 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • I tried to print letter from email which I could not send and something isn't right. Need help?

    The letter comes out all on the left side of the paper and is all in a two inch column.The text is so small I can not read it. This has never happened and I don't know how to fix it. Do you?

    1 AnswerOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Why has Jim Morrisons grave in Pere Lachaisse been turned into a muddy mire of garbage by supposed fans ?

    There are other famous ppl buried there as well. Why do his fans seem to think he would wish to lie under tons of trash? Is that a way to honor someone whom you claim to care about? The Jim I have come to know through his music, poem books, reviews and his beliefs would not have liked this, so why would those who love him trash his grave?

    3 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • Sick Maple?

    Last year my three year old maple got thick white mold on every leaf. What could have caused this? I don't want it to come back this year. I have hundreds of perennials and lots of other trees and shrubs and it was only on this one tree.

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Do you know of a site where I can print info. on the benefits of feeding a high quality food to your cat?

    I am trying to educate my step-sister about feeding high quality food to her cat .She is always buying the cheapest thing she can find.I want a site that is not put out by the food maker as then one might say well of course they would say its best. I've only been able to find those put out by the co. making them.Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

    3 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Why such a difference in what people tell owners of dogs and cats who are pregnant?

    On this site people with pregnant dogs are jumped upon and told its their obligation to have them spayed or neutered but when a cat is in heat they say get a male or get her what she wants.What is the difference? There are just as many unwanted cats in the world as dogs.I tell them both the same. I don't get it.

    7 AnswersOther - Pets1 decade ago
  • Do you know of an organization which is working hard to eliminate the torture of ducks and geese for foie gras

    It is horribly brutal what they do to these ducks, forcefeeding them by jamming a long rod down there throats into their stomachs, then once the diseased liver can take no more they kill it and sell the liver to restaurants as foie gras.Wolfgang Puck is a big promoter of foie gras. I want it to be outlawed and want to help.

    5 AnswersOther - Pets1 decade ago
  • Are there agencys who deal with animal abuse in northern Vt. other than VSP and HS.? Horrible death !?

    This week my girls called to tell me there dads dogs had been killed by a neighbor. He pierced them repeatedly dwith a pithfork until death occured. Humane society never even called me back. State police are investigating but said the owners cooperation would be needed and this is unlikely. I know how that sounds but they all take the law into their own hands in this area.No one reported it besides me because they are all afraid of retaliation from the killer. I can't get this picture out of my mind.My girls are grown but quite upset. Any ideas? I think the same should happen to the killer.

    7 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Are there any other agencys who deal with animal abuse in northern Vt. besides VSP and HS. Horrible abuse !?

    This week my girls notified me that their dads dogs had been killed by a neighbor. He repeatedly pierced these dogs with a pitchfork until death occured. What kind of person could do this?I reported this to the local humane society and have not even got a call back. The state police are investigating but say they need the cooperation of the owner which is unlikely. I know how that sounds but you would have to know the area. They all live in a pretty much lawless area and take the law into their own hands. No one would report it because of fear of retaliation from the killer.All involved are well known to the police. It's not hard to see why I left my husband and the area 20 years ago is it? I want to see justice done. Any ideas?

    3 AnswersCats1 decade ago