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I'm 22, From England I love music whatever it is because you can always play a feel good tune to make you feel better after a bad day. Music is the Greatest invention by mankind. Without music where would we be? Music would have to be the thing i took on a desert island along with a acoustic guitar, finally learn how to make the music that fuels my life and my personality. If there is anything else i can help you with add me to your msn ( Or add me as a friend.

  • CCTV in the work place.?

    I work in a shop in a town centre and it has CCTV camera's (about 20 in total).

    I know when I go to work that I am being recoreded and that's not the problem.

    I believe that those camera's have been installed for the "prevention of crime" during store opening times.

    My problem is that the manager of the store has logged onto the cctv system on numerous occasions to check our productivity when the store is closed. We work after hours 6pm until 12am and the shop is open 9am - 5.30pm

    We have random security checks weekly (could be more than once a week, could be less) and the security guard (who works the camera's in the day) has never found anything untoward in those spot checks.

    Last Friday, we (my team) were called into the office and told we were breaching certain rules and given a disciplinary over it, The manager made us sign a document explaining that we had accepted the disciplinary, without offering us the chance to see the footage that he had checked (lawfully, or unlawfully). One person, who was made to sign the agreement, wasn't even working on the day(s) he stated.

    I'm wondering if this is entirely legal because:

    1) We work out of shop hours and the footage is apparently for "provention of crime", and we have a clean slate with security.

    2) The footage was used against us without a chance to see the footage and respond to it or see that it was correct.

    3) I believe that this statement on the HRA guidelines has been breached:

    "in all contracts of employment, there is an implied term that employers will not without reasonable and proper cause conduct themselves in a manner calculated or likely to destroy, or seriously damage, the relationship of confidence and trust between themselves and employees".

    Extra info:

    The company is a limited company. Branch of 100 +stores.

    The recordings were viewed at 12:40am and 11pm on the occasions that we were told about.

    The manager says his reasons are "he's been headhunted, and wants us to not get into trouble with the new manager for failing to comply with company procedures.

    Any info on the proper law covering this subject, or routes to take action are appreciated.

    Thanks for looking.


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  • Web browser problems. Help?


    I installed an update for Mozilla Firefox 3.0 a few months ago. It was to be able to play a video or a game, I'm unsure.

    The page re-directed me to a website to install the update that looked like the genuine Mozilla website.

    After I had got the update, every time I search my results come up as normal, but if I click the result, it sends me on a wild goose chase with a web search program.

    As soon as I click something the address comes up as this when I google twitter:


    (Not suggested to visit the above website, possibly harmful).

    Then sends me to another search engine, like and does the same there and so on...

    I've installed the new beta 4.0 version of Firefox and it is still on there, it does the same on IE, google chrome and safari.

    Anyone know what it is, or how to get rid of it?

    Thanks V3

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  • Should I end it? Long Question.?

    I've been with my partner for 2 years. I was unemployed for 16 months while I was with her and only got a job in December last year, she paid for everything when we went out for meals and I always appreciated it.

    Everything was fine up until 3 months ago (Just before I got a job). Things started to go down hill, we stopped having sex and every time I tried it on she said I was pressuring her and she didn't feel comfortable with it.

    This brought up doubts in my mind that she didn't find me attractive and no longer loved me. She did nothing to clear up these doubts but just said "I'm not ready".

    At the same time as that was going on, one of her family friends got divorced from their partner because his wife said that her husband had been sleeping with my girlfriend.

    I didn't think anything of it and trusted her because she told me right away (even with not having sex for about a month).

    After that we were sort of ok, we would just scrape along together, I felt that she wasn't as open to me as she had been in the first year and a half. She would arrange to go out with her friends and tell me at the last minute and not ask if I wanted to go. She was constantly on twitter when I was there talking to everyone ( a lot of male attention) and I asked her if she minded not using it when I was there, because I felt like she would rather be on that than with me, she agreed and understood my feelings about it. I never dared look at her phone because I trusted her, this was about our quality time together.

    In December she lost her job (over not turning up and being off sick) She didn't tell her parents about it and would come round to my house to make them believe she was still working.

    Last month, she was short on her mortgage and asked if I could help her out. I agreed because we were supposedly moving in together in May. I gave her more than half of my monthly wage so she could pay her mortgage. She went out on the town the week after, not caring that I had no money to live on and not inviting me out with her.

    She said that she had a bad week and just wanted to forget things and have fun with her mates.

    I was really annoyed that she would do such a thing but I backed down to her and forgave her.

    Last week I told her I was going out on Saturday with my friends, it just happened that she was too, she asked me what my plans were and because they were similar to hers, she acted like her life was over!

    I said "I'm not going out with you and don't care what you do, it shouldn't matter where I'm going".

    To make the situation easier, I made her believe that I might not bother going, and she seemed happy.

    I did go out and she saw me, she ended up coming over to me and ignoring her mates, I said, I'm not out with you and if you don't want me out with you, why are you coming over. We shortly went to another place and she turned up later on.

    While we were in the other place, I saw her friends on a balcony, having a smoke, I joined them and gave them some cigarettes.

    As soon as I did, one of her friends started berating my best friend (for no reason). He didn't want to say anything to her because it would cause trouble. I opened my mouth and started on her. She ran off and told my girlfriend what had happened.

    I walked off to find her, as I was looking for her, she was bounding towards me "ready to give me what for"

    Started shouting at me saying I'm wrong, calling her friend, I tried to explain what had happened but she was having none of it and walked off ignoring me.

    I followed her shouting at her to listen to me, still nothing. I got really frustrated and grabbed hold of her (forcefully, like a side on hug but so she couldn't run away). She shouted let go of me and I shouted at her (I ******* hate you right now) before pushing her away (very lightly) and walking off.

    She sent me messages saying I'd "hit her".

    Today she agrees that I didn't hit her and she apologised for saying that I did. It's now turned to I grabbed her, scared her and pushed her against a wall.

    She won't agree that she picked her friends over me, more than once. And says I'm wrong for my actions.

    My mother was in an abusive relationship and I told her the minute I woke up what she said I did. My mum called her a drama queen without listening to the full story. She fully believes me and that I wouldn't dare do it, because I was in a packed club, and there has been no violence in the years leading up to it (with plenty of chance to, if I was that way) and that I'm not that sort of person.

    Was i wrong for grabbing her?

    Did I hit her?

    How would you feel if you borrowed your partner more than half of your monthly wage and she went out the following week?

    Would you have borrowed her the money?

    Do you think there is a chance this could be resolved or should I just move on a single person?


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  • How are you feeling right now?

    How are you feeling?

    Happy, sad, or something else?



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  • Joke What's purple and.......?

    What's purple and smells like blue paint?

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  • What Bands Are From Leeds/Yorkshire (UK)?

    I was listening to Arctic Monkeys and I was just thinking and wondering which bands that are mainstream or have really good songs come from Leeds or Yorkshire?

    I Know of two more, The Cribs and The Pigeon Detectives. At the minute, I really like the lyrics from these bands and I'm just trying to "discover" if Yorkshire is where the best lyrical bands are from.

    Any help appreciated,



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  • iPhone showtime licence key?

    I have just purchased a licence key from showtime (iphone video)

    and It has sent me an e-mail (from paypal) with numbers everywhere, which one do I enter for my activation of this product, I tried 2 really long numbers but got code error or something.

    Do I need to wait for the e-mail off showtime/polarbearfarm

    or is the licence key in the paypal e-mail?

    thanks, Liam.

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  • Pete Doherty's Guitar?

    I have been searching all over the internet and still have no idea which guitar Pete Doherty plays (I know there are a few like the 60's style one). I want to learn how to play one and think this would be a good incentive for me to play when i know how to.

    So if anyone knows which guitar, acoustic or electric that would be great.

    BTW, I Don't need people telling me he's not a good role model and/or a drug addict (come on stick to the question) I can make up my own mind and don't need opinions!



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  • Computer problems!?

    I have Spyware on my computer, just wondering about the best way to get rid of it for free.

    There is a process "iexplore.exe" that is taking up 45,555K and 98% of my CPU.

    What this process is, is CiD popups that just come on, no way to block them (pop up blocker doesn't work on it and I don't know if there is a website that if I add it to banned websites it wil stop them either)

    I don't really want to do a system restore. Any tips please?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • is anyone else drunk now?

    I am extremely drunk, sorry for any answers I give now, seriously I am Kunted! (english phrase)

    Anyone who seems as drunk as me or post's what they have drunk and it beats me (Take in to account I Can drink a lot and this took me a long time to type and fix the spellings) I have even been over it 4 times to see if it was right.

    I will add after the first 4 answerers how much I have drunk to see who in the top 10 (to be fair, it's a random number) are beating me!

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  • Number Riddle?

    no pen and paper...or it gets too easy.

    Spain and France are signing a new treaty with a third party. In order to hide the content of this treaty, a secret code was invented.

    If Spain is identified as 19161914 and France as 61811435,

    What is the third country if it is identified as 1912152251491


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  • What number is right?

    ASSASSAAA is to 999119119 as AASSSSAAS is to?

    A) 991191991

    B) 999119199

    C) 911911991

    D) 991199991

    E) 911999911

    F) 991199199


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  • name the tune?

    Hello, been looking for a music track for a few days, can't for the life of me remember what it was called....but I can sort of remember the lyrics and some other stuff about the track.

    The song I am after the name of is one from when I was younger, I can remember it playing in my friends car, a dance song, also with a few other tracks like, York - time to burn, darude - sandstorm, kernkraft 400 - zombie nation and a few others.

    The song was on a cd (bought, not ripped) with them it was quite fast, and had an instrumental part after the lyrics which sounded like there were more than one person singing, which went something like

    *singing this one song if you wanna dance , say you will, say you will*

    then the electronic/instrumental part.

    ANY help appreciated.



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  • Football fans?

    I know it's out of date, but i was reading the News of the World last night in work.

    I came across a bit that said, "do you think Jose Mourinho used Chelsea to get a better job?"

    How would this be possible, at the time Mourinho was brought in they had the billionaire owner splashing the cash on players saying "if they are the right person for the job, price does not matter".

    So Chelsea must have though he was the best man for the job, Right?

    At the time, and now......that has to be one of the highest profile managers position going with a bottomless transfer fee's and world class players already there. how could he have used Chelsea? More like Chelsea used him.

    Do you agree with my opinion or not?

    and.......What are your thought's on Jose using Chelsea for a better job?

    Thanks for your answers.


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  • Liverpool Fans Are Fickle?

    I read in the paper about the fans showing of "solidarity" for Rafa Benitez. With all the "pressure" he has been under the fans have given an ultimatum to the new American owners....Which was something along the lines of:

    "Rafa goes, We Go"

    After all the stick you give UTD fans for saying they are "glory supporters" I'm sure they would never desert the club if Sir Alex Ferguson was sacked (not going to happen, but if it did they still would support the club).

    This looks to me like you are supporting Rafa, Not Liverpool. Would you seriously Walk out on Liverpool for a Manager.

    If you wouldn't Why say it?

    Can you just clear it up for me please, I'm confused!


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  • Stress? How would you define what it is?

    Stress? Intellect V's Instinct?

    Is stress where your mind is saying what you should do but your instincts are saying not to?

    I have had Quite a hard time understanding what Exactly Stress is...any help appreciated!

    Thx, V3

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  • Who was best?

    out of Lassie or Skippy the bush kangaroo?

    Tough one if you ask me.........

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  • England V's Croatia Tonight?

    Say you had £10 or 10 Euro's to bet.

    I would go for a bet on England to win 2-1 odds are 8-1 so my £10 bet would win me £80(plus stake too).

    What would you do?

    Lets see who would win the most.

    I used for my odds.

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  • How do I...?

    How could i open my bottle of beer without using a bottle opener or my teeth....chipped one last time so not doing that.

    Of course not smashing the bottle.....

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  • Has anyone else?

    Has anyone else ever Sneezed whilst having a nose bleed, Eww it was all up my monitor and wall!

    Try it it's great fun, if you haven't already!

    Really it's funny as hell!

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