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  • Who does she mean by this

    There's a girl I fell for halfway through the last school year. During her relationship with her ex she even told me she loved me too when I told her I did. Not too long ago she went on vacation and told me that if she ever broke up with him she'd probably go out with me because she's grown so fond of me. When she gets back from vacation her boyfriend breaks up with her. And of course I attempted to comfort her through it and did an ok job I suppose, we even tried to pretend like we were going out to make him jealous, she even tol me that once she's healed we might actually go out.

    Well the pretending didn't work and after a couple of weeks or so, I finally get the guts to ask her out. She says yes but breaks it off 4 days later. Apparently she started having dreams of her ex and felt like she wasn't going out with someone else.

    So we're still friends and we might possibly get back together someday because I'm sure she still loves me maybe. But all I need is to be friends.

    Now with the background information filled in, here's what I came here to ask you guys about.

    Today she posts this on a blog, her mood being sad:

    when you fall for someone you never expected to fall for your whole life changes..when you hug them you know your safe. when they always make sure your ok you know they care. when you kiss them you feel like your a whole new person everytime. when they say they love you, you know in your heart they truely. you dream about them every night and wake up happy almost everyday knowing he's yours. they make you laugh even if something really bad happened. he comforts you when you get hurt. you hate the fact that he's always so far away from you.

    be careful who you fall for..

    I could say this is about me, or it could be about her ex. I don't know. Seeing as her ex hurt her bad and shes trying to get him out of her mind, it may not be.

    Just wondering who you guys thought it was about.

    But asking this makes me feel like I'm being selfish, wanting her to focus only on me. That's not it at all. I just hate being confused about stuff. All I want from her is to at least be friends. That's all I need =]

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  • Icons won't go away on desktop. What's going on

    I changed to Windows Classic theme for a little while on my Vista laptop and changed it back to Aero and now somehow I have duplicate icons and some I can't click. I attempted to delete all and was going to redo my icons, but those unclickable icons are still there.

    Friend says it's possibly hard drive error, which happened to him. He said it makes you lag, some folders won't open and it makes you more vulnerable to viruses. He says it started with icons for him too.

    What the ****, someone help.

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  • Is*67 free?


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  • I don't think so, but is this the start of a relationship?

    Well my dad told me I've been talking to my friend's girlfriend quite a lot, and maybe she likes talking to me more than him (he's been being a bit of an *** lately)

    He says she may not know it right now but she might like me.

    I don't think so, she always tell me how much she loves him. I just wanted some people's opinions

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  • Pics of good cheerleaders?

    My girlfriend is going to cheerleading tryouts and she wants some good pictures of cheeerleaders doing various stunts. Like kicks, splits, holding up others, that kidna stuff.

    She could explain it better than me but she can't get on the computer right now and told me to ask for her

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  • How do you win the heart of a girl who's just an ok friend?

    There's a girl that's an ok friend of mine, meaning we're friends but we don't hang out that much. I've had a crush on her since last year and I've already told her my feelings and was rejected. I know I should probably try to spend more time trying to be closer friends but that's kind of hard when I'm too shy to even say Hi most of the time, much less ask to hang out sometime.

    i was wondering if there was a way I could make her like me back. I'm not strong, I'm smart, and I don't look that handsome, which is probably the main reason many girls don't talk to me :/

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  • gmail help?

    Ok I was using another e-mail to register another account on Maple Story. But I decided to get rid of that accoutn and now I can't remember the username or password to the e-mail so I can get the e-mail to confirm the withdrawl of the account.

    My question is, is there any way to see all the e-mails that I have registered on gmail?

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  • Where do you get codes like different colors, moon jump, and clones for a SM64 ROM?

    I see all thse videos on youtube and they have Mario moon jumping, they have his clothes different colors, they have him making clones of himself too. How do you get all these codes on a SM64 ROM? Mine doesn't have them.

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  • I need help getting over nervousness?

    I like this girl that I was friends with since 6th grade.

    I have her phone # and I was going to call her and ask her how she was doing since she got sick this morning.

    I'm nervous to call

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get over my nervousness of calling her?

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  • What's a good present for my crush on valentine's day?

    ok I was planning to give her those sweet tart hearts that i have. I also don't want to look dumb in front of everyone else at school.

    i know, if I was to become gf/bf with my crush it would obviosuly be known but for some strange reason that's how stuff works in my schools. they know who you're crushing in and they're like. Oooooo

    So what's a good present (somethi ncheap like candies) i can give her w/o lookin stupid (considering givin everyone candy to make it look unsuspicious)

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  • Ok limewire is being crap?

    I found the files i wanted but most of the mhad viruses that luckily i was able to delete. Now i try to to run limewire to try a new search (I had closed it out for a sec) and it won't run. i am going to reinstall.

    Any idea why it wouldn't start up?

    And is there any way to keep from getting infected files?

    And one more thing.....I'm tryin to get gamemaker with limewire, which version do you know to have a downloadable, working, and noninfected file in limewire?

    5 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • I want to download the latest version of the program, gamemaker........?

    with limewire.

    2 questions.

    1. I did a search on it and i get millions of choices. Should i et he .exe or .zip? Which is recommended?

    2. What is the latest version of gamemaker?

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  • When using limewire...?

    i have 2 questions about Limewire.

    1. How do you open a file you downloaded? or do you just open it from the downloaded list? (I heard about shared folder...?)

    2. When I searched for a program it came up with .zips and .exes. which should i download?


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  • How can I build up the courage to actually talk to someone?

    Well I always seem to have trouble talking to some people...even ones i know. I can talk to my best friends, etc. but it seems people who aren't really my close firends i have trouble talking to.

    I can't seem to be able to build up the courage to ask some people a simple question......

    And if I can't ask a simple question i ay not even be able to ask out this one person.

    How can I build up the courage to talk to someone?

    12 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Emulator help?

    I was playing Paper mario on an N64 emulator and I cant figure out what i use for the c buttons. if I don't figure it out I can't beat the game. Please help.

    I got the rom and emulator at I used the Project 64 emulator. And yes I do own the real game.

    please help.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • How do I get Stick Arena hackpacks to work?

    I've been searching around for help with hackpacks and i finally got far enough that it seemed to work. In the allow part on, i allowed the game and the hackpack...I did like most people said and opened it in an internet browser. It loads up Stick Arena but it won't go to the login and instead it says something like:

    "Stick Arena has been updated!

    You need to clear your internet cache....(something)

    Internet Explorer - (something about cache)

    (something) - (something about cache)

    Firefox - (something about cache)

    Something like that. Should I do what it says with clearing the cache or am I doing something wrong?

    Please help I wanna use hackpacks and i can't get them to work.

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  • Is there any other way to contact the admins or mods at

    I know you can do the re-submit thing and talk to them in the description, but that's for why didn't your FAQ didn't get accepted.

    They recently modded me on the boards for "illegal activities". All I did was link to music sites and the sites say I can!

    Only 1 has been deleted with karma loss, that's why I didn't contest them.

    Is there any other way besides the re-submit way and the contest way to contact the mods and admins?

    I need to know because the linking I was doing was in my CYOA and CARA and the moderatrions caused most of the story to be deleted.

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  • I have a crush on a cheerleader who is in my class, how can I get her to like me?

    Well she's already my friend but I want her to be more than just my friend. I want her to be my girlfriend. What's a good way to get her to really like me and want to be my girlfriend?

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  • I'm 13 and I have a slight cursing porblem. How can I stop?

    My friends are bad influences and i started to get pissed easier and now I I'm starting to curse occasionally. What's a good way to stop cursing?

    18 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago