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  • Do you have Endometriosis?

    The story would be too long to tell here, but I have basically been in pain for over a year now. The pain is in my lower left quadrant, my flank, the left side of my lower back, sometimes shoots down the back of my left leg, and I also get a shooting shoulder pain. I also get REALLY frequent, painful urination. I was told kidney stones at first but a repeat ct scan and a cystoscopy showed nothing out of the ordinary save for some minor bladder inflammation. I am always VERY tired and all of these symptoms get worse the closer I get to my period.

    My pain is not being managed AT ALL, my quality of life is suffering and this has been going on for a year. I have an appointment with my OBGYN and might be getting a lap done this coming week because of suspected endometriosis.

    I have had 2 ct scans, an ultrasound, a KUB, and a cystoscopy with left ureteroscopy done within the last year.

    My questions are:

    What symptoms of Endo do you have?

    What is your doctor doing about it?

    Is your pain being managed?

    Did you have a laparoscopy? How was that?

    What helped the most?

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  • Any suggestions for dealing with a kid that lies?


    I am the stepmother of an 8 year old boy. I have been in his life for 5 years, so this is nothing new for him. He is with us for half of the time, again, this is nothing new. We have had the same arrangement for 5 years.

    His mom has NO rules at her house. We have talked to her about this and nothing has changed.

    Over there he is allowed to:

    -have free access to cable tv

    -have free access to the internet and facebook with no supervision

    -have free access to 5 different gaming systems that include several rated M games

    -go to bed when he pleases

    -drink pop and choose not to eat the dinner that was made

    She also tells him that our bed time is stupid. 830 on a school night for an 8 year old is more than appropriate.

    She also tells him that he doesn't have to listen to me or follow our rules. We have talked to her about this and nothing has changed.


    He lies. About anything. Mostly to or about me. All the time. We have tried time out, standing in the corner, extra chores, taking away tv and video game time, taking away an upcoming fun activity, etc. I have no idea what to try next. Where do I go from here?

    Recent example: He was here and he brought his Nintendo DS here for the weekend. I found out that he was using it to go online. I told him that he didn't need to be getting online with it and asked him to stop. Later in the day, his baby brother (18months) came up and touched the screen and messed up his game. He pushed him, not just knocking him over but seriously sent him flying a few feet. After this I took the DS away.

    He goes home and we get a phone call from his mom saying I am mean and horrible and always picking on him. She explained that he had told her that I took away the DS because he was getting on facebook with it, completely leaving out the part where he pushed his brother in a fit of rage. See what I mean?

    His Dad feels guilty when he punishes him. I have spoken with him repeatedly about it and he gets a lecture and that's it. It helps for a day or two but it just goes right back.

    Has anyone dealt with this before? Do you have any ideas for me? I am open to trying something new, I just do not know where to go from here. I am nearing the end of my rope.


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  • Stepmoms! Do you have this problem?

    I have a stepson who is almost 8. His mother has a very different parenting style than we do. At her house he is allowed to do whatever he wants. He has no chores, unlimited computer/video game time, gets to go to bed late on school nights, gets to drink pop, eat tons of junk etc. He is also allowed to talk back and actually yells at her. And this is perfectly fine with her.


    When he comes here, we have loads of problems. He is here a lot, not just every other weekend. He tries to talk back and yell at me almost every time he comes here. He throws a fit about having to chores and doesn't want to do them unless we plan on paying him! Which, doesn't happen.. He has actually thrown things at me in the past. If you try to bring anything up with him-if he doesn't like what you are saying-he shuts down and won't say a word.

    I have no idea how to fix it. I have tried letting up, cracking down, being nice, being stern, grounding from favorite activities, taking away his DS or other favorite item, writing sentences, extra chores, earlier bed time, time out, standing in the corner, etc.

    I do a TON for this kid and get zero appreciation, no thank you's. The only thing I get is attitude. I fear that my 3 year old and 1 year old are going to start this behavior because they see him do it.

    Any suggestions? Have you been in a similar situation? What did/would you do?

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  • 3 year old with a severe speech delay is teaching 1 year old brother his made up words?


    My three year old son has a severe speech deficit. He is in preschool (just started) and has speech therapy twice a week. We read to him, talk to him and do everything the speech therapist recommends to help him along. The therapist suspects developmental verbal apraxia as the cause, so it isn't anything we did or didn't do. It just is, and he will grow out of it with therapy.

    The problem is he has a one year old brother who is starting to talk. He is 14 months old and has about 15 words. But. Corbin is teaching him his made up words and very bad pronunciations. I have no idea what to do but I know I don't want to have two kids in speech. I try to correct and emphasize the proper pronunciation/word, but it doesn't always work. I am also going to speak with the therapist about this to see what I can do the next time I see her. She is out for at least the next week.


    Has anyone had this experience? Any ideas? Suggestions? Information?

    Thanks :)

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  • I keep getting jerked around by doctors...?


    This will probably be pretty long, just to warn you.

    I have been to 5 doctors since may. I was diagnosed with a kidney stone in early June. Stuck in the ureter, right above the bladder, causing a great deal of pain.

    The first doc refused to believe that I had a stone, but I talked her into sending me for a scan. She was wrong. She didn't want to refer me to a urologist because the stone was "just about to pass". I had been having pain for a month already at this point.

    I finally get a referral. I go to the urologist. He was a visiting physician and it ended up that he couldn't do the surgery. (We did try other things before we jumped straight to surgery), My insurance wouldn't cover it there. So, I get referred again.

    The day of that appointment, I was informed that I was no longer covered medically. CRAP. So, I cancelled the appointment.

    Coverage gets reinstated a month later. I call back the last place and its too long of a wait so I look elsewhere.

    Finally get into a different Urologist. He sends me for a repeat scan, I go to the follow up appointment and he says the stone is gone, I ruptured an ovarian cyst on the opposite side. CRAP. Now what?!

    Not satisfied, still in pain with exact same symptoms, I call up Urologist number one. I get an appointment and was asked to get a copy of the ct scan on a disk and bring to their office.

    Curiosity killed the cat, I pop the disk into my laptop (what? I took anatomy one AND two). I find the stone. I knew where it was because I also looked at the results from my first scan. I find the stone on the scan. CRAP AGAIN. I called radiology and they assured me that that was most certainly not a stone. Hmm. Well, the last radiologist and 2 doctors said that the last scan had a stone on it (the slide was IDENTICAL). You must be mistaken.

    I go to my appointment. They don't believe me. "Radiologists are never wrong" he says. He finally gets to looking at the scan, and he says "Well, I'll be damned. It's right there!". But, again, I cannot have the surgery done by this practice. They referred me AGAIN to another place and its a 2 month wait. I have only been waiting for 6 months. No biggie...

    So, I call up the 3rd urologist and ask to speak to the nurse. I explain to him that I got a second opinion, and radiology missed the stone. He explains to me that the Dr. doesn't even look at scans, he only reads the report. Of course. He scheduled an appointment for me on Monday and asked me to bring the disks.

    Should I go? Or wait? Or just go to the ER (which is what I was told today so that I wouldn't have to wait any longer)?

    I feel really nervous to go back to that same office.

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  • Any kidney stone vets out there with advice?

    I have a 5mm stone stuck in my ureter right above my bladder. Its been there for at least 3 months. I am trying flomax for seven days to see if it passes and will be scheduled for surgery if it doesnt. The surgery will be at least a month away because they are very backed up. I have tried to flush it out by increasing my fluid intake and it hasnt worked. Any ideas for me to try? I am miserable.. Also, has anyone had a stone removed surgically? What was the recovery like? Thanks in advance.

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  • Is this legal? And is it common procedure?

    I went to the hospital last year for a kidney stone. I was 28 weeks pregnant so I was sent directly to the OB floor. I passed the stone within 20 minutes of arriving. They had not drawn blood or even started my IV before I passed it. I was never given anything for pain because the pain was gone after the stone was passed. Fast forward: I have a stone again and will be seeing the urologist today. I decided to get copies of my labwork to bring along since they sent my last stone to the lab to analyzed. I opened the envelope and right on top was a copy of my negative drug test. They never asked or mentioned that they would be testing me for drugs. I passed the stone before the test was done. I never received any pain medication. I was furious upon finding out about the test. Why was it done? What about me on that day said 'hmm lets test her for drugs'? My mother in law has been a nurse in my state for 20 years and said this is not normal procedure. Should I be upset? What would you do? I feel violated.

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  • Bleeding AGAIN at 16 weeks.. I don't even know what to do anymore?

    I have been bleeding off and on throughout this entire pregnancy. I bled at 9, 10, 13-14 and 16 weeks. I just stopped a very long but light bleed that lasted ten days. I just went to the doctor on wednesday (for just my regular appointment) and I don't have another appointment for 3 weeks.

    I am so frustrated :(

    I have been to the ER 4 or 5 times for bleeding and I know the bleeding I am having now is not bad enough to warrant a trip to hospital. The ER docs say not to worry unless you are going through a pad an hour but my doc says if you are bleeding like a period then you need to be seen.

    Its just so hard to keep seeing blood all the time, its not something I can get used to. Its also hard to be told "wait and see" and "just relax" and "take it easy" over and over again.

    Did you bleed while you were pregnant?

    What was the reason (if any)?

    What was your outcome?

    Any suggestions on coping would be helpful as well.

    Thanks Girlies :)

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  • Bleeding again :( 14.5 weeks. Called my doctor's office and?

    He is out of the office until monday! I have no idea what to do :(

    I went to ER on saturday and had a followup appointment yesterday but it was with my doctor's substitute and he was awful :(

    The baby was fine and throughout the day the bleeding almost stopped.

    Well, when I got home from school last night (college classes, 2 nights a week) I was bleeding bright red again and it was kind of a lot. I called the sustitute doc and he said to lay down and call the office in the morning.

    So, I called and talked to my favorite nurse this morning to see what I should do and she said sub. doc probably wouldn't do anything and I would be better off going to the ER again because they would at least do an ultrasound and sub doc would not (he can't because he isn't certified). My doc comes back on monday and I have an appointment on wednesday.

    I don't think I can wait until monday to know if the baby is ok :(

    What would you do?

    Would you go to a different ER? (I have been there so many times in the last month and everytime I go they give me a foley and they blow my bladder up before the ultrasound, not pleasant)

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  • Did you have any bleeding/cramping when you were pregnant? How did?

    things turn out?

    I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am bleeding for the third time. I get really bad cramps when the bleeding first starts and then the next day my belly is really sore. I go back to the doctor again tomorrow and they never have any answers for me. I went to the ER yesterday and the baby was fine, so don't say to go to the hospital because I already did :)

    I just wish I had some answers and that I could get excited about this pregnancy but when I keep bleeding all the time it makes it hard to get attached to the baby.

    Did you bleed? What was the reason (if you had one)? How did it all turn out?

    Thanks :)

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  • Have you ever been on bedrest? Any tips or advice?

    Hello :)

    I just got put back on bedrest (its not super strict I am allowed up for 15minutes at a time) after saturday's trip to the ER for another episode of bleeding/cramping. I am 14 weeks pregnant and was off of the bedrest for about three whole days :)


    Have you ever been on bedrest? Do you have any advice for me?

    I have a 17 month old son so bedrest is very hard to stick to when I am alone with him during the day.

    Any advice or tips would be great!

    Thanks :)

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  • Bleeding again at 14 weeks and now they say they see another..?

    gestational sac?

    I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemmorhage (blood collecting in the between the chorion and amnion) at 9 weeks. I bled at 9 and 10 weeks and now I am bleeding again at 14 weeks (I went to ER today so don't say go to the hospital because I did that already :] ) They put me back on bedrest and said to see my obgyn on monday.

    But here is the thing...

    Now (after 7 ultrasounds) they say they are seeing another gestational sac instead of the hemmorhage but the sac is empty and that maybe the bleeding is from the sac.

    I have seen the hemmorhage at every ultrasound and at the one before this it was down to almost nothing, it was just a thin strip instead of the usual big black spot. Well, today, it was HUGE, it was as big as the baby.

    Do you think another gestational sac could have been missed 6 other times? Have you ever bled during pregnancy?

    I have a ton of questions that no one seems to be able to answer! The only thing I can think of with the second sac is that maybe it is behind the first, but if that is the case, how can they tell that it is empty if they can't get a clear shot of it?

    If you have any info or advice please share it with me.


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  • Would you go to the hospital if you were me?

    First a little bit of background information:

    I had a "threatened miscarriage" at 9 and 10 weeks (I'm 14 weeks now) and both times ended up in the ER with severe pain and a ton of bright red bleeding. The baby was fine both times.

    They called it a subchorionic hemmorhage and put me on bedrest and prometrium.

    I stopped the prometrium earlier this week and was told by my doc I could come off of bedrest and go back to normal activities. So yesterday, I lifted my toddler 5 or 6 times. I had some minor pain afterwards.

    I got up this morning to use the bathroom and I am bleeding again with some pretty strong cramps. Its not a lot of bleeding and it is brown but given my history I am freaking out. The cramps get worse when I am moving around.

    Should I go to the hospital? Would you go?

    I just don;t know if I can stand to wait until monday.

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  • Problems with 6 year old step son? Any suggestions?

    I have a 6 year old step son and lately we have been having a ton of issues with him. He is here pretty frequently; twice during the week and every other weekend.

    Here is what is happening:

    1. You have to walk around on eggshells because you never know what will set him off. He either flips out with an all out fit or he completely shuts down and won't look/talk to anyone, not even his dad. We have told him that it is ok to be angry/sad/disappointed etc but it is NOT ok to flip out and throw all out temper tantrums. We have tried many things to discourage this behavior and nothing works.

    2. He has recently started throwing fits to try to get what he wants. His dad gives in 25% of the time and will not listen to me when I say he is encouraging this behavior.

    3. When you ask him anything he shuts down, won't make eye contact or respond and this has gone on for an hour or two at a time for about a year now. Its so frustrating.

    I am starting to think there is more to it than just regular 6 year old troubles. Nothing has changed recently, visitation has been the same for two years, the rules at our house are the same as they have been forever now, he started kindergarten but he had already been doing all day preschool so its not a huge change.

    His mom has no rules or structure for him. He has no bed time, plays a ton of video games and can throw fits to get what he wants. We have tried talking to her about it but she doesn't care and won't do anything. He has two older brothers there and they are really mean to him all the time.

    I am just wondering what else we can try. We have done timeout/stand in the corner, taken things away, go to bed early, no video games/tv etc. Its getting to the point where I cannot handle him anymore. I have a 17month old and am currently pregnant again and having problems with the pregnancy, so I don't need more stress, ya know? Its just getting to the point where I dread picking him up, I know that sounds mean but I have spent 3 years trying to bond with this kid and have gotten nowhere.

    Have you gone through anything similar? Have any ideas for me?

    I am just so tired of the constant fight :( I am afraid some of this will rub off on our other son.


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  • Bed rest for two more weeks :( I don't know if I can..?

    I have a subchorionic hemorrhage and have had two instances of severe bleeding. I am 11 weeks and have been on bedrest for the last two weeks. Today the doctor said it looked half the size it did last week and to come back for another scan in two weeks. I am to continue bedrest.

    My husband has been staying home with me to help take care of me and our 17mo old, but we can't afford two more weeks of him being off. I really thought our family would step in to help or at least offer but they haven't! My mother in law has been sick for ONE day and the family is bringing her food and they haven't offered me a thing. I know I'm not "sick" but I have a problem that is serious enough that I am not allowed to do anything. I can't lift, push, pull, climb stairs, or be on my feet for more than 15minutes at a time.

    I'm just so frustrated. What would you do?

    Go against the doctors orders and go about your business? Flat out ask the family why they aren't offering to help out?

    (Many of these family members do not have jobs or are laid off)

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  • Why does this keep happening to me :(?

    Last week I had an extreme stomach pain and then a ton of bright red bleeding. I went to the hospital and they said I had a subchorionic hemorrhage/threatened miscarriage and that I was to rest; no sex, no lifting, no stairs, limited walking etc. I stayed in bed all week and barely did a thing. I had an appointment set up for tuesday and I had hoped they would release me from bedrest and say I was *all better*.

    Well. Fast forward one week later and the same thing happened again except more pain and less bleeding. I was in so much pain I couldn;t walk or talk. I went back to the ER and was told I still had the same thing but it looked a lot better than last week and that the baby still looked good.

    If its so much "better" why am I in so much pain? Why is this happening again :(? Its so frustrating and scary.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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  • Prometrium? (progesterone supplements) Have you ever taken them?

    I have recently had a complication with my pregnancy and today the doctor prescribed progesterone supplements for me to take until at least my 12th week (10 weeks now). I started taking them today and they make me *really* tired. Like cannot stay awake no matter how hard I try (I am on bed rest until at least week 12 too so I am in my bed all comfy which probably doesn't help the sleepiness!).

    Have you taken Prometrium? Did you have a lot side effects? Did they subside after a while of taking them?


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  • On bedrest with a toddler? Any suggestions?

    I had a subchorionic hemorrhage (which is bleeding from behind the placenta) on saturday. The ER doctor said I was not to do anything until I saw my doctor on monday. So I went to the doctor today (there was an improvement! baby still looked good!)and they said I am on bedrest until further notice and it will be for at least the next two weeks.

    The problem is I have a 16 month old son that I am not allowed to pick up :( My husband is being very supportive but we cannot afford for him to be off of work to take care of me and the baby. I don't really have anyone that can come sit with us during the day.

    I have been staying in my bedroom with the baby gate up to keep the baby in... and he can climb up on the bed for diaper changes and stuff like that. I have also been feeding him on the bed (which is awful as he makes a mess and he won't always stay still long enough to get his belly full).

    Have you been on bedrest with small children? Have any tips for me?

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  • Rephrasing my question: Did you bleed while you were pregnant?

    I am asking this question again because I only got one answer. (It was a good answer but I would like a few more :) )

    Yesterday afternoon I had sudden, severe cramping and started bleeding heavily (ten weeks pregnant) within minutes and went to the hospital.

    I filled a pad just on the way to the hospital (15 minute drive) and I was *sure* I had lost the baby. They got me in for an ultrasound and incredibly, the baby was just fine, it was even waving and kicking and we could see its little teeny tiny nose :) I was shocked that it could be okay after all of that bleeding. They called it a subchorionic hemorrhage and threatened abortion.

    So they put me on bed rest(no stairs, no lifting, limited walking, no sex, etc.), gave me a shot of progesterone, and said to see my doctor in three days.

    This morning the bleeding has almost stopped and isn't bright red anymore.

    What I want to know is...

    Did you have a subchorionic hemorrhage/bleeding during your pregnancy? How did things turn out? Were you on bedrest/restrictions for a long time?

    Thanks so much.

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  • subchorionic hemorrhage, anyone?

    Yesterday afternoon I had sudden, severe cramping and started bleeding heavily (ten weeks pregnant) within minutes and went to the hospital.

    I filled a pad just on the way to the hospital (15 minute drive) and I was *sure* I had lost the baby. They got me in for an ultrasound and incredibly, the baby was just fine, it was even waving and kicking and we could see its little teeny tiny nose :) I was shocked that it could be okay after all of that bleeding.

    So they put me on bed rest, gave me a shot of progesterone, and said to see my doctor in three days.

    This morning the bleeding has almost stopped and isn't bright red anymore.

    What I want to know is...

    Did you have a subchorionic hemorrhage/bleeding during your pregnancy? How did things turn out? Were you on bedrest/restrictions for a long time?

    Thanks so much.

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