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I hold qualifications in. Electrical, physics, teaching (former), yoga teacher, engineering, father. I am interested in. Engineering, astronomy, science, money! Personal/Spiritual growth.

  • I am looking for a practical book on structural design?

    I don't need to start from basics. I wan't something I can use as a handbook to actually design something.

    Safety factors, wind factors, examples of infrastructure. I want to design a structure to support a cyclonic dust seperator.

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  • Nail size for floor?

    I am going to lay a floor using 19mm (3/4") thick tounge & groove Yellow Stringy Bark (a hardwood) What size nails should I use?

    I am doing it by hand, no gun, no glue no fluting or pseudo screws please. I just want to know what size 'bullet' heads I should use.

    the joists are hard wood too

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  • Probabillity of reincarnation. Please debate not berate. After your thoughts not your oughts.?

    If you consider yourself above belief and logical. Answer these question in your mind and then you can either accept it. Or build an argument to continue your beliefs as before.

    1. Do you believe you exist?

    2. Did you exist before you were born or concieved?

    3. Do you accept that there was a finite probabillity of you existing prior to your conception?

    4. Do you think that you cease to exist after you die?

    5. Is not existing prior to conception any different to not existing after death?

    if you beleive you exist and you are consistently logical you have to conceed that the probabillity of existing again after dying is equal to the probabillity of you existing in the first place.

    Therefore reincarnation has a possibillity. or argue your point.

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  • I need a hand book or notes on how to design a radiative heating system.Does any one have any designs?

    I am intending on using black tube type infrared gas burner heaters.

    My attempts to contact via email have been answered as out of office.To date I have been reverse engineering a consultation/quote based on mounting them at 6metres height and at 45 degrees. I have used cosine law, Inverse Square and a knowledge of lighting design to work out the irradiances at different heights for a directly overhead arrangement.

    However the problem is I have had to assume the original idea from the sales person was spot on. Whenever I contact them I get a rule of thumb type response. They are too far away to just pop in when I come across something different.I need enough info to check my figures basically. Also I want enough info to proceed with some confidence. I have had some issues with some so called heating engineers in the past and these people don’t seem to have the knowledge required. please don't suggest alternatives I am trying to heat a large well vented shed

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