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  • Can you see any potential problems with this website?

    Like problems with the design or anything? Obviously some people may not like it - but could you rate it from 1 - 10?

    The site:

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  • Looking for the name of Portuguese song with accordion in it?

    I can't remember the lyrics, but it has a catchy accordion tune. It's an old hit song (maybe 70s or 80s), and completely in Portuguese.

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  • What is the name of the song on the newest Heineken Commercial?

    I tried Googling "Heineken Beerlander" which was what the commercial showed at the end, but got no results. And I can't find the commercial on Youtube. It kinda sounds like the band MGMT, but not quite. Has anyone seen it?

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  • Do flash loading screens annoy you? And which site of these two would you prefer?

    What do you think of the flash loading screen here:

    Would you prefer a layout like this?

    What things annoy you in web design and what do you think looks alright?

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  • Do flash loading screens annoy you? And which site of these two would you prefer?

    What do you think of the flash loading screen here:

    Would you prefer a layout like this?

    What things annoy you in web design and what do you think looks alright?

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  • Does anyone else find it hilarious when guys pose with their shirts off while making a tough face?

    Like these:

    Or like these guys (without the tough face or shirts off):

    I think it just looks ridiculous and way over the top. XD

    But for some reason some women think it's hot. I don't see anything attractive in those pictures at all.

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  • Is it becoming a trend to say "y'all"?

    Is it just me or are an increasing number of people who aren't from the south starting to use the word "y'all"?

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  • Why do some people hardly say anything when you're talking to them on the phone, or in real life?

    Like for example, I know a few people who just won't say anything back when you talk to them, and then you have to keep talking even more or else there'll be a really awkward silence. I definitely don't talk too much, if that's the way it looks from the question. I talk very little myself, but I wonder why some people hardly ever say anything back when you talk to them.

    And then on the phone, it seems like you're the only one talking, and if I pause to let them say something, then there will just be a long silence. I assume maybe they're busy doing something, or are driving or something else, so maybe they didn't hear me.

    One time when I was on the phone with this guy, he just completely stopped talking after saying 'hi', and I eventually hung up, thinking the call got dropped; although it didn't sound like it did.

    Why are some people that way, though? :S Even if you pause to let them say something, they just stay silent. And the people I'm talking about don't act shy at all, so I don't think that's the reason. Do you know of anyone like this?

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  • If all areas of human knowledge/study are tautological, is it possible to ever 'know' something (see inside)?

    Is it possible to ever know 'know' something which is true in and of itself, to know something as it truly exists? Is foundational epistomology impossible? Like, for example, the rules of geometry are themselves purely arbitrary, and are therefore tautological. You can't "define" geometry without basing your definition off other arbitrarily chosen rules, which are again tautological.

    That probably doesn't make much sense, but hopefully you can understand what I'm trying to ask.

    4 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • Why aren't there any cheap budget airlines in the U.S. like there are in Europe? Like RyanAir and EasyJet ?

    I know there's JetBlue for national flights, but even their flights are mostly $200+. Why is RyanAir able to maintain £10 flights and EasyJet £30 flights?

    Distance and mileage isn't the problem, as the distance between some of their destinations would easily span across more than half the U.S.

    Why exactly haven't there ever been any real budget airlines in the U.S.?

    3 AnswersAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Why do some people get so worked up about people not "upholding the law?"?

    For example, I've seen many, many answers on here stating that breaking the law is ALWAYS wrong, and that people aren't being "good, law-abiding citizens" or whatever. Like for example, there was a question on here that asked whether suspending a student for two weeks was alright because she had brought mace with her to defend herself because she didn't feel secure in the violent neighborhood she lived in. Yet many responded saying that she should have known better and that only two weeks suspension was too light a punishment for her "crime."

    I'd really appreciate it if some of the answerers on here would articulate as to why it's so inexcusable for someone to not "uphold the law" in those kind of circumstances, instead of just responding with "but they broke THE LAW!!! They deserve the worst punishment!" Really? No matter what?

    And, I know this is an extremely controversial subject, but what about children who are separated from their parents who came here illegally? I've seen answers on here condemning those parents for being "despicable criminals who don't deserve to see their children again for setting such a bad example for both their family and society. They broke the law, and should be punished to the highest extent." Seriously?! Shouldn't these people be worried about more important things?

    I'm aware some of these are just trolls, but there ARE a lot of people out there that really think this way. I really wonder what their psychology is, or what causes them to think in this manner.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • I don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore; ultimately, it's all relative. Has anyone else felt this?

    I really just don't know what's right to do anymore. I'm not unhappy, just confused. I have my own views and opinions, however, in the past two years I've had a chance to see all kinds of different people, places, and ways of thinking/looking at things, some of which oppose my views. Now, a lot of opposing opinions really make a lot of sense, but so do mine. I just can't figure out the right way to look at things; I can't find the right perspective, so I'm rather.. indecisive, about everything at the moment.

    After I'd thought about it, I realized that there really is no absolute right and wrong as far as opinions and ideas go, and no real morals built-in to the universe. Suddenly a lot of contradicting views seem alright to me; it just depends on what perspective I use.

    I don't know what to think of anything anymore. I used to base my opinions and motivations on what I thought was universal truth, or just what seemed like logical decisions to me. Now, I don't know what is right. I've been this way for the past year, and the only way I make decisions is by using the old set of views I had, which ultimately are no more right than the next person's opinions and morals.

    Please don't answer saying it's just a "phase" that I'm going through, and that it'll be over in time. I really think this is a serious hindrance, but I can't see of a logical way to deal with it. Nothing shocks me anymore, no morals or opinions seem absolutely wrong or absolutely right to me, and I just am not sure what to think of anything right now. Has anyone else felt like this?

    20 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • Why is Cy Twombly regarded as an innovator in art, even when 4-year-olds could paint like him?

    I apologize if the question sounds a bit blunt, but I'm just wondering how he could achieve such a reputation as an "innovator" of modern/abstract art, even though 90% of kindergardeners could paint with just as much so-called "creativity", "emotion" and inspiration as Twombly's followers seem to find in his paintings. Why aren't these kids just as famous for their paintings/fingerpainting/paint splattering? Surely any average person off the street with half a brain could paint with as much expression, yet they are not considered great artists worthy of praise and recognition. Why should artists like Cy Twombly, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko get all the recognition for something most people could do?

    Again, apologies if I come across as offensive and blunt -- but I just need to ask this question.

    5 AnswersPainting1 decade ago
  • Is it just me, or are the British slightly more blunt/harsh when asked for an opinion on something?

    Like, for example, in this one movie "About a Boy", one of the lead characters is told by this lady that his life is a "complete disaster and there is no point in living it", and then shortly afterwards the lady is asks him to be the godfather of her child, as if everything's normal.

    I've also noticed that whenever the British are asked an opinion on something, more often than not they give a very pessimistic answer. Like, "well, it's a complete and utter disaster and I don't see this project going anywhere, honestly. I think it's best if we give up and go home," or something along those lines.

    Is it just me? Or are the British just very blunt/pessimistic when giving their opinion/view on something? I could see an American getting very offended by some of the things they say. :P

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Isn't it rather silly when people say 'everyone does it' as an excuse or (lack of an) argument?

    I think it's a bit silly to say that 'everyone' does something, even if they're just exaggerating. It's inaccurate, and a weak argument. Could someone really believe that everyone in the whole world does the same thing? Are they just trying to justify something to themselves by using the excuse that 'everyone else does it', even though it's a completely baseless argument?

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  • Why are men so against taking the woman's last name in marriage?

    I personally don't see what's the big deal. I guess my parents weren't really "traditionalists", so maybe that's influencing my view. But still, why are some men just absolutely against the idea of taking their wife's surname in marriage? I don't mean to sound too blunt or harsh, but I'm just shocked after having read the really negative answers to previous questions of this kind from hardcore traditionalists.

    What does it matter if the woman has her husband take her name, or if she takes his name, or even if she keeps her own name?

    And I don't necessarily agree with the argument that it would "destroy the sense of family unity", as my own mother decided to keep her maiden name and not take my Dad's (I know, not the same thing as the man taking the wife's name, but still), yet we were very happy and not dis-bonded at all.

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  • Is only pure silicon used in a betavoltaic cell? Isn't there anything else? Like boron or phosphorous?

    This is probably a silly question, but I'm just trying to get a better picture of how a betavoltaic semiconductor would work.

    1 AnswerChemistry1 decade ago
  • Would you rather comment on a subject you know little about and sound grossly ignorant, or just stay quiet?

    That should be "or just stay quiet until you can find out more about the subject/area/field?"

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