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  • What is or is there a backstory behind Elton John's 'Daniel'?

    (Apologies if this has been asked before...)

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  • I hear all about the pros of hybrids--what are the cons?

    Looking at SUVs and will consider a hybrid not so much to conserve but to save on gas.

    I've heard that there's danger regarding accidents-rescue workers can suffer shocks from the electric batteries, and that even an owner doing a bit of self maintenance is vulnerable. My husband does our brakes and changes the oil himself to save money---any comments or dispelling of myths?

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  • Need best suggestions for a new vehicle?

    I'm currently driving an '03 Subaru Outback Legacy wagon. My commute is 100 miles a day. I live in the mountains, VERY rugged, work in a city, lots of highway but also lots of stop-and go braking.

    I never feel comfortable with too many miles on a vehicle, considering the long commute, and am feeling the itch with 115K on it now. I know it can take more but I don't feel comfortable with it.

    I'd like an SUV, truck or wagon that has AWD or 4WD, with a very roomy cockpit. My car is too cramped up front. I also have knee and shoulder problems, so climbing up into anything woud be a serious issue. Is there anything that isn't too expensive that I can look into, that's going to be able to handle hard winters and lots of mileage--oh, and fairy godmother--good on mileage is a consideration....HELP!

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  • How do I help my sister who's boyfriend just put her in the hospital?

    She called me last night from the emergency room. He borrowed her car while she was in work & picked up her two hours late & was drunk. She took the keys from him & he beat her like a prizefighter. If the neighbor hadn't seen it from his window & called the police, he would have killed her.Thankfully she has no broken bones. She does have black eyes & he busted her mouth and the soft tissue in her jaw is damaged.

    I don't live near her but I told her my husband and I want her to come and stay with us for a few days to get away but she said she doesn't want me to see her and cry or scold her.

    I wouldn't dream of scolding her but I can't promise I won't cry. She can't even close her jaw it's so swollen.

    My brothers live in the same city but they're not getting involved because they don't like the type of guys she dates.

    I knew this might happen one day because he had mental problems that included paranoia and blackouts and he told the cops she 'fell down the stairs' --how DO I help her?

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  • Are these parakeets normal?

    A few years ago, I first got the male and a few weeks after that I got the female. They have plenty of toys that I rotate regularly and eat a varied diet. They won't eat any fresh fruits or veggies.

    The male is very mild and rather sweet, but the female has been feisty from day one.

    She spends a great deal of her time yelling at him, or at least thats what it looks like. He alway tries to get 'kisses' from her and she's always squawking and chasing him away. They will doze near each other when they nap and eat at the same time from different feeders and I've never seen them hurt each other, just yelling a lot.

    They chatter all day long at each other and I've never had budgies before but visitors who have had birds always remark at how much noise mine makes. I'm not complaining--I think they're happy, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

    They don't seem to hate each other. Either they're talking or arguing....what's going on?

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  • Can anyone tell me why Fleetwood Mac?

    named the song, Tusk?

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  • Has God ever spoken to you?

    In a whisper or a shout....

    To encourage or rebuke....

    Awakening you at night or while you're scrubbing the bathub....

    How has He spoken to you?

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  • Cat losing weight?

    Peachy is a 6 yr old neutered male housecat. He's the oldest of 5 cat siblings & is the alpha cat.

    He's up to date on his innoculations & vet visits.

    Last year all the cats were getting a bit hefty, so we started feeding them high end weight control formula, advised by the vet, who told us not to expect results for a couple of months. After about two months we noticed Peachy was looking more svelte. Success! But the others didn't lose any weight.

    Then we adopted another kitten & because we couldn't keep the food separated, the vet ok'd us feeding all of them kitten food. They're now eating Nutro Kitten. They eat it like it's Lucky Charms.

    At the same time, Peachy's littermate died. He was a very troubled cat & the tension in the house left with him & he was always fighting with Peachy as well but Peachy seems depressed since he died. Why, if they didn't get along?

    He's still losing weight & I wonder if that's a contributing factor. We've had bloodwork done twice and it's perfect. ??

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  • Is this child abuse?

    My friend's bf was brutally abused & left home to escape it and was homeless for a brief period. During that time he met a mentally ill woman & had a child w/her. They broke up & lost touch. She raised the child & when he found she was abusing the kid & a social worker witnessed it, they got custody. The kid (10) is an absolute mess. She steals & lies & is ggressive at school but isn't as disruptive at home because they're extremely structured & discipline her to the nth degree. I know she fears my coworker who's a very large woman & loud & very intimidating to adults, much less a child. Today she told me that due to the kid playing with her hair 'obsessively' they cut it all off & because she's been acting out, they took all her things but one outfit of clothing & she's been wearing that outfit to school for 10 days. The idea came from the therapist who said the rejection by her schoolmates should make her change, but she hasn't. The therapist can be a crackpot, can't he????

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  • Need a recipe for balsamic chicken?

    This local deli used to make it. It is not a low-cal or spa type balsamic recipe. I have tons of those. The chicken was usually legs and thighs and somewhat breaded and stewed with mushrooms and onions in a kind of thick tan gravy. As a self-styled foodie, I can tell the thickener was not the usual corn starch or flour, but probably breadcrumbs, and the balsamic was more of a flavoring, but not as a reduction or the base for the sauce. Can anyone help?

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