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  • Can I use this bit and only put the reins on the dee ring?

    Can I use this bit and only put the reins on the dee ring rather than the lower set and use only the one set of reins instead of double-reining it?

    6 AnswersHorses9 years ago
  • How does a french link bit compare to a mullen mouth and curb bit?

    I'm looking at taking my horse to the next level in western showing but he needs to learn to neck rein so I need to switch him from my simple O-ring snaffle to a very very mild shank bit or even, at this point, just a single-piece mouthpiece. So I'm considering a low port in a loose cheek curb bit or possibly a french link (aka dog bone) but I'm not entirely sure how they compare to each other. Any tips?

    3 AnswersHorses9 years ago
  • What do colleges mean when they want a resume?

    I don't know exactly how to go about with this one application because it's a long process and part of it is sending them my resume. But I don't know what they mean by this, surely not like a work resume?

  • What would be the best laptop for college?

    I'm going to an out-of-state university next fall and need to find a laptop that will work best for me. I'm going to be typing a LOT (going into a writing program) and need something dependable because I'm really not too adept at computer malfunctions and such. It needs to have a reasonably sized screen, I don't want to strain my eyes just to do homework.

    What are your recommendations?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers9 years ago
  • Has anyone been to the Clinton Anderson tour this year?

    I have tickets and it says the gate opens at 8:15 but what time do they actually start the event? I only ask because I have an hour long drive so I want to know by what time I HAVE to leave.

    2 AnswersHorses10 years ago
  • Straight flush combinations formula?

    I have formulas for the combinations available in hands of poker, I'm not understanding why for a straight flush it's C[9,1] * C[4,1] instead of C[10,1] * C[4,1] like a regular flush. Do they not count the ace in a straight? Why are there only 9 denominations?

    4 AnswersMathematics10 years ago
  • My boyfriend is going to buy a smoking pipe for his friend tomorrow?

    My boyfriend's buddy and the buddy's girlfriend want matching pipes to smoke tobacco but we're all only 17 and my boyfriend looks older so he's going to the larger city (two hours away) to buy the pipes for them. Am I just paranoid or is it truly a bad idea? Cause he doesn't seem to have any issue with it.

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police10 years ago
  • Summer "job" idea, what are your thoughts?

    My horse life has currently come to a pause with the spread of EHV-1 and I'm kinda wanting to keep a loose schedule in case this passes quickly but I would like to make some cash (like every other teenager) over the summer. So I was thinking about this predicament while I oiled my saddle and I started toying with the idea of cleaning other people's tack for cheap, saving them time and filling my idle hours. I know of several boards I can post ads on and just let it go by word of mouth through our fairly small community.

    Please be honest, I'm asking your opinions and why you think so. If you have tips or think of a detail to help me it's greatly appreciated!

    5 AnswersHorses10 years ago
  • How to measure my horse's dose of bute?

    My vet gave me a powder of phenylbutazone for my older horse with arthritis and said to give it orally once a day at one gram. The little scoop provided is 18mL (or 0.6 ounces). Does anyone know how to measure out the one gram?

    9 AnswersHorses10 years ago
  • My horse has a brand and it gets scabby every spring?

    It gets really scabby about the time he starts shedding and the scabs flake off so he has little sensitive lines on his hindquarters and i feel bad brushing it cause i don't want to hurt him but i can't get it to quit scabbing and its only in the late winter to early spring. I don't even know what it says. I did a whole project on livestock branding as a 4H presentation and nothing in that helped except I've decided it was most likely made by a running iron. Does this mean the iron wasn't hot enough or is it normal...?

    4 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • My dog has several broken teeth on the right side of her mouth?

    Recently she's been constantly licking; she'll just be standing there and her tongue is going and we looked in her mouth to see if something was stuck in her teeth and found that several of the teeth on the right side of her mouth (including her K9) are broken fairly significantly. Any ideas...?

    13 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Clippers or scissors?

    I am taking my horse to county fair in less than a week and it's our first time and I hate to cut his mane, tail, feathers, and whiskers but because I don't know what breed he is I have to trim it all neatly. I don't have time to buy online but I know someone who has old clippers I can use though I would have to desensitize him to them so I was wondering if it makes a big difference to use scissors rather than clippers appearance-wise.

    6 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • does anyone know these song lyrics?

    all i can remember is:

    it's too late now, it coulda been you

    you coulda been the one, to make all of my dreams come true

    it's too now, it coulda been you

    all ya had to do, was be committed and it coulda been you

    13 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • I haven't had my period in the last 2 months...?

    I'm getting kinda weirded out. I'm not on any sort of pill or anything and I know I'm not pregnant because I'm a virgin and I'm really confused but don't want to freak my mom out and go to the hospital. Anyone have anything like this?

    3 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • what kind of rocks...?

    if i get a betta (which is what i was answered i should get in my last question) can i get those cool marbles? i've always wanted to have a fish tank with those cool little marble-rock things but i wasn't sure if i could. i've always used the boring little gravel things before for fear of killing my fish.

    5 AnswersFish1 decade ago
  • I want a fish that's easy to care for...?

    i have a tank that's about 1 1/3 gallons. i just want a fish that won't die like a week after i get them/it like my last fish that weren't even supposed to be sold apparently, but we found that out AFTER they died... i did have a goldfish that died about 3 years ago that i had for 11 years. but he had to be moved into a bigger tank after a few years and i want a very, very, VERY low maintenance fish that's colorful (it would be a nice addition to my room that is currently themed as in the ocean) and won't grow any bigger than the size i got them at "mature age" or w/e.

    4 AnswersFish1 decade ago
  • on

    there are two terms that i see all the time n i can't figure out what they mean..... OOC and AU??? what do they mean?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • i've heard this song on the radio several times...?

    but they never say who it is or what the title is. i can only remember a few lines:

    imma teach you how ta scream ma name

    let me be your tiny fantasy

    and then a little after that is like:

    you're gunna like it, ya

    i wanna tap dance

    and then i forget anything else. i keep doing searches for it but i never find it. does anyone know what it is?

    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • i just got a brand new mp4 player but i don't know how to put music or anything on it...?

    in the little booklet thing it talks about mp4 files on my comp... how do i get those? it can't work with iTunes? i'm very confused about how to put anything on it. and when i go into a file i can't get out unless i turn it off...

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • i'm trying to choose a new bra...?

    i'm looking for a new bra. i don't want/need a push-up bra or anything but on in the size choice thing it has 32A 32B 34A 34B 34C etc etc. how do i know which one i am? i did the measure for the perfect bra thing but don't know if i'm 32 or 34? how do i find this out???

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago