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  • How many people are against including inconsistencies of evolutionary theory in public school?

    Evolution is included in most public school curriculum because it is backed by evidence when viewed from a secular perspective (our school/government is secular). There are, however, inconsistencies within the theory that cannot be denied form a logical standpoint. For instance, the huge lack of transitional forms in the fossil record. The ratio for how many missing links have been found to how many fossils have been uncovered (well into the millions) is remarkably low. Not necessarily proof that evolution is wrong but definitely an issue that is hard to ignore. Not only that, but evolution, as of today, is not observable. Adaptation is, but not evolution. Millions of years would have to pass before we could say, without a doubt, that one kind of animal can turn into another (horse to cow, reptile to bird, etc.). It's an historical science and should therefore be taught from the most objective view possible, which means exploring its faults as well as its merits. Thoughts? Comments? Insults?

    TL;DR - Should teaching of evolution in public schools include the view that it could be wrong?

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  • What should I do about my toenails?

    My toes/toenails look terrible and I don't really know what to do to make them not look so bad. I wash them a lot and I don't wear my shoes all day so they aren't dirty a lot. Here is a picture of them:

    If you don't have any helpful advice, I would appreciate you not pointing out that my toes look nasty. I know they do. It's really weird. Anyways, if there's anything you can tell me that will help I appreciate it.

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  • What's the big fuss over laundry?

    I hear so many people complain about how complicated laundry is but I don't see how. All I do is take my clothes, throw them in the washer, put some oxiclean in there and turn it on. Am I doing it wrong? If I am, then I've been doing it wrong for like 3 months and my clothes are fine. What's the big deal?

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  • Is it weird that I'm 18 and have never had a girlfriend?

    I'm an 18 year old guy starting college in the fall and I've never had a girlfriend nor have I ever kissed a girl. I'm not homosexual, and I don't hate girls, I've just never had a serious relationship with the opposite sex. It seems like it would be socially unacceptable, but it kind of makes me feel unique. Maybe I'm just that much of a loser. Thoughts?

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  • Is this battery legit?

    I am looking for a battery for a particular Gateway laptop model, the nv73 to be precise, and I stumbled on to this one

    It doesn't quite look legit since it is the only battery I have been able to find for this model that is not 6 cell or less. Thanks in advance.

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  • Do Frodo and Legolas ever have any actual dialog in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy?

    It may be just me, but it seems that Legolas and Frodo never actually converse with each other in the trilogy. Tell me if I'm wrong or if they talk in the extended versions of the movies.

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  • Why do some websites require you to use a certain web browser/operating system?

    I know that most web-oriented languages are platform independent (I can't think of one that isn't anyways) so it is astonishing to me that some websites, for instance when applying for FAFSA, require you to use a certain Operating System with a certain browser. I use Ubuntu Linux and I tried applying for FAFSA through Firefox, but my Operating System was not supported. For some reason, the browser itself was supported but the OS was not. Why is that? I am a little frustrated at it really and some info as to why certain websites require certain browsers would be helpful.

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  • If I get my license and drive my parents' car, will I be on their insurance?

    I will be 18 in less than a month and I plan to get my license then (please don't give me crap about not having my license yet, I get enough from school). I just need to know if I need to get insurance myself or if the car will be covered by my parents' insurance. I know that if you are driving someone else's car and you wreck, it is their insurance that pays for it but I am not sure if that still applies to a child of the person. Thanks for your help.

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  • Evolutionists, how does evolution explain maladaptive behavior?

    This is a legit question, not meant to raise an argument. I actually want to know from the evolutionist's point of view how maladaptive behavior (behavior that does not advance the human race) is explained. An example of maladaptive behavior would be a phobia (extreme fear of doors, for example) or OCD.

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  • Muslims: What exactly is the Doctrine of Deception?

    I have heard it is the doctrine that you should show kindness and respect to those who you cannot yet conquer until you have the physical capabilities to do so, then it is your responsibility to kill all infidels. Am I saying that right, or is it something completely different? I just want to hear it from someone who is actually practicing the Islamic religion.

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  • Does something like this exist?

    I heard there was a way to melt the motherboard of a computer by sending the power supply a signal to the power supply that the computer had lost power and was turning back on while the computer actually still had power. This would result in an overheating in the circuits possibly causing the motherboard to melt. Does something like that exist or is it just a rumor?

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  • Any good christian techno artists/bands?

    I'm looking for something that sounds similar to Basshunter or Daft Punk, but Christian. Owl City is good so if you know any bands that sound like them as well let me know.

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  • What is that 80's ship game where you destroy different bases and there are enemies that look like boomerangs?

    the name of it starts with a B I think. I just want to know the game name.

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  • Is there a way to access a laptop's bios settings by hooking it up to another computer?

    A friend of mine has a toshiba satellite computer whose bios suddenly started to ask for a password. I am going to try to boot a linux live cd (which will more than likely not work because the motherboard is the one that boots the cd in the first place) but I would like to know if there was some way to get a hookup from the laptop to another computer, boot the laptop and somehow reset the BIOS password. If you know another way to reset the password (without replacing the BIOS chip in the laptop) let me know. Until then, I am going to try several passwords that companies use as their defaults in case that somehow happened.

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  • Athiests, what is your biggest pet peeve?

    I did misspell atheist on purpose, but to make a point. Why do atheists get mad over misspelling a the part of their name that means "God"? Just wondering.

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  • Who in R&S plays ultimate frisbee?

    I love playing ultimate and my friend tells me that it is a "church game" and I was wondering how many non-christians play ultimate frisbee. I don't really mean on a regular basis, but just people who enjoy playing it.

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  • Does anybody read my answers?

    I have noticed that they are rather long. I don't know how to control that, though, I feel as if I have to explain everything. Inevitably, I shall receive sarcastic comments concerning this but those show me that people at least read my questions...

    I'm a Christian BTW.

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  • Does the "elegant dining" cost extra on Carnival Cruises?

    My family and I are going on a Carnival Cruise (Carnival Triumph) in about a week and a half and I was just wondering if the elegant dining costs extra. I read something about reservation only for this type but I wanted to get information from someone with experience.

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  • Religious propaganda?

    Is it considered to be wrong to group Christians in with the unbiblical acts of the Roman Catholic Church? Often times I will see people say "Christians killed pagans..." and "Religious propaganda" surrounding many of the questions on R&S. I don't see how anyone could group Christians with the blatant hypocrites of our past. We are commanded not to judge (as in condemnation or self righteous judgment) and when a Christian does this, they aren't doing the will of God, or they are rebelling. When someone rebels against their country, or government, they willingly exclude themselves in a militant or disrespectful way. That is what happened with those who misused their place in the church for personal gain (it isn't just with the Roman Catholics, it is also with many protestant denominations), they rebelled against the word of God. Whether they are saved or not is an issue that is between them or God, but actions such as that are not condoned by the Bible or by Christians. I see far more sex propaganda ("sex is ok, "just use contraception", "it's natural", "do what feels good".) being shoved down our throats than anything to do with religion. Comments? Immature sarcasm?

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  • My iMac Harddisk does not display the correct amount of storage left. Help?

    I have an iMac with the storage capacity of just above 230 GB. It says that there is just 7.17 GB of space left but when I click the get info option on the right click menu for each of the higher-up folders (Users, Library, System, etc.) and add up the amount of space taken up, it equals to about 190 GB free. Are there hidden folders or something that may take up all of this space? Or is it simply a small bug that has to do with size calculation? Any help is appreciated.

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