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  • how should i tell my parents?

    i just turned 18 and i have a boyfriend but my parents dont know. they think i should focus on school before i ever get a boyfriend, but, i have one and we have been together for 6 months now. if my dad agrees with it, then my mom agrees too. how do i tell my dad without disappointing him? i really love my boyfriend and he is the most caring and respectful guy i know so i'm scared of my dad not liking him because of his over protectiveness. how do i tell my dad i have a boyfriend and that im not gonna stop going to school or stop doing good in school because of it? my dad's pretty strict and i'm the youngest so its even harder. please help

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  • Are there any war veterans that can answer these questions for me on here please?

    What made you join the war?

    What did you think about the war before and after joining?

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  • i broke up with my boyfriend because his ex told me they made out..did i do the right thing?

    Things had been going good with my boyfriend and i but yesterday, his ex with whom i became friends with during our relationship, told me they made out this past monday (presidents day so we had no school). I couldn't stop crying so i confronted him about it. At first he didn't say anything about it but after he said she was lying to get back together with him. While she was telling me about it, she was crying and said that im her friend so i had the right to know. He kept trying to convince me and i didn't know who to believe until someone told me that he texted his ex, saying that if she told me he would ruin her life. I decided that was it and i broke up with him. at first it felt like the right thing to do but now i feel like crap. most of the day at school today i was really sad. i couldn't believe how he could do that, i mean i didn't do anything to deserve that. He messaged me today saying he didn't cheat and he never will and he said he loved me and he would never do anything to hurt me but my best friend told me that after school, my now ex said he wanted to ruin my day and he was going to take a date to this banquet we're having tomorrow so he could ruin my night but he denied that too. He denied everything. Is he telling the truth or is he just a really good liar?

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  • what does it mean when...?

    okay so i had this guy for a class last year but never really talked and now we talk a lot. we text basically everyday and he says he loves texting me. on Thursday he said we should start walking to school together so we did on Friday. then he asked me if its okay if he hangs out with me and our mutual friends on Monday at lunch and i said that would be cool and he said he would love that. does this mean he likes me or something? or is he just being friendly?

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  • What does this mean? Please i need help on what to do.?

    so theres this guy i barely met this year(ninth grade). then one day at lunch he was throwing ice at me. we have run days for pe and one day all of a sudden he runs up to me and starts talking to me...he started asking me where i was from and i told him then me and my friend started running and we stopped then when he passed us he yelled out to me hurry up! that same day he hadnt done his hair and i told him it looked better like that and the next two days he went to school without his hair done(no gel) what does this mean?..oh yea and i like him

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  • please help i need advice?

    well i've known this guy since 2nd grade and i haven't seen him ever since I'm a freshman in high school and i have him for 3 classes. the feelings i had for him came back but now idk what to do. he always looks at me and when i look at him he turns away fast...please help what do i do?????

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  • please help!! i dont know what to do!!!?

    one of my guy friends asked me out yesterday by text! . hes a nice guy and i wanted to give him a chance so i said yes, but the thing that im more worried about is our friendship! please help!

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  • what should i do???

    well this guy(one of my guy friends) keeps acting like if he likes me.

    one day in school he hugged me and kept saying to my other guy friends that i was his lady...blah blah blah. i had a bruise on my arm and i told him he was hurting me so he hugged me by my waist but the bad thing is that he has a girlfriend and when he was going out with one of my friends he cheated on her with his ex. after that he said..."no cause then i would be cheating on someone else."

    my friends then told me to go away and asked him if he liked me, he said kind of but i dont wanna accept it because if he breaks up with his girlfriend and he asks me out, i wont know what to say because i wouldnt want him to cheat on me. then the next day he was telling me i was cute and he saw me smiling and getting shy and embarrassed so he kept saying it until i told him to stop.he has been saying he was gonna ask me out for a while but he was just playing around. i dont know what to do

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  • what should i do if my guy freinds brother thinks im hot???

    well i was walking home one day and one of my guy friends told me that his friend, my other guy friends brother, thinks im hot. does that mean he likes me or just that im good looking??? please help!

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  • my friend has a boyfriend but he gets mad whenever she tells him she wants to spend time with us(her friends)?

    oh yeah and he never wants to leave her sight

    like if he thinks she's gonna do something bad(she won't)

    i just have a bad feeling about him and i tell her but she doesn't listen


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