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  • What is the name for this word phenomenon?

    I can't even think of how to look this up online. What do you call it when you have a word and then you use each letter of the word to describe the word? It's not an acronym or initialism, but it seems related. It has to have a "real" name.

    It's kind of common where people will do it with names. Here's an example using my name Andrea

    A - Adventurous

    N - Nice

    D - Determined

    R - Respectful

    E - Energetic

    A - Artistic

    Please help me linguistics and grammar fans! Thanks.

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  • How much do you pay a pastor or donate to the church when he/she performs a private memorial service?

    My mother recently passed away. She was on hospice, so she was able to communicate some of her wishes beforehand. One of her wishes was for a memorial service, but she stated that she did not want the memorial service at church, which was a surprise to us. She said that it was important for her to have her beliefs expressed during the memorial though. Her pastor offered to help me with the memorial service, and I know some type of donation is customary, but I'm not sure how much I should budget for. Any guidance would be helpful.

    The memorial will be at an gazebo in an outdoor garden near the Sacramento area, in case you had questions with geography and local custom.

    Thank you.

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  • What are some Thanksgiving cocktail ideas that are interesting?

    I'm not looking for wine/mulled wine/wine punch ideas, rather cocktail ideas, and ideally ones that can be batched. We’ll have plenty of wine, but we want to mix things up. The drinks should be yummy, potent, but with minimal hangover potential (is there such a thing?). My two ideas are batching up Jack Roses or a Bourbon Milk Punch. Thanks!

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  • Did Chuck Palahniuk die?

    I received a press release today about a line of lip plumpers Nathan Lane is apparently launching, and in the release it said something about Nathan Lane attending Chuck Palahniuk's funeral "several weeks ago."

    I can't find anything else online and have to think this is a mistake. I'd be so sad if he had. The link to that press release is below. This whole thing is bizarre.

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  • My friend and I will be traveling to Dubai over Christmas. Is it safe for two American women traveling alone?

    I have looked at a number of tourist sites for information on tourist activities and it looks amazing.

    We will probably:

    * Have afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab

    * Go on a desert safari

    * Ski - or at least watch the skiing

    * Visit the Gold souk

    * Visit the Mall of the Emirates

    * Go to a spa

    * Go to the Dubai Heritage and Diving Village

    * What else should we do? We welcome recommendations of course

    Neither of us have ever traveled to a Muslim country, so what additional information do we need to know so we can be polite tourists and obey local customs? I haven't really seen a website that outlines local customs dos and don'ts for Dubai.

    Also, what about tipping there?

    Thank you.

    7 AnswersUnited Arab Emirates1 decade ago
  • What music should I set my photo and video slideshow to from a Christmas trip to Belgium and the Netherlands?

    I'm just getting around to dealing with all my holiday pictures from my vacation at the end of last year. We were in many beautiful places, everything was so idyllic (e.g. Christmas Markets and ice skating rinks) and I'm having trouble trying to pick out the music.

    I was in Brussels on Christmas Eve and Bruges Christmas Day, then Rotterdam the 26, Gouda and the Hague the 27 and Amsterdam the 28-30.

    Please help me come up with some ideas. I'm giving it to my traveling companion too. We have lots of amazing pictures and I'd like to actually enjoy them (way more fun to see with a fun slide show in my book). Thanks!

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  • Help me remember a talk show host's name. I think he also hosted a food related show. Who starts with G?

    First off, it's not Gordon Ramsay. His name could very well be Gordon something though.

    This is just something odd I'm trying to remember.. I think his name started with a G or J. He had dark ash blonde or grey hair (can't remember), and he was really big at one point and then lost a lot of weight and got a food type of show where he'd show up at people's houses and make meals out of what they had in their houses or something. I think it was from 10 or so years ago. Perhaps British?

    Thank you!

    I hope someone out there can help, it's been bugging me all day.

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  • How do you make condensed chicken noodle soup taste like the kind in old-school Chinese restaurants?

    Starting in the 60s or so, lots of Chinese restaurants (not the super authentic ones) served a chicken noodle soup for the first course that looked a lot like Campbell's and tasted something like it. There's one other flavor component I can't put my finger on. It's not five-spice or ginger. What is it?

    I love eating that soup with a tons of crushed Saltines so it's like a chowder.

    If you know of a restaurant in the SF Bay Area that has it, I'll take a recommendation, if you know what to add to the condensed soup to make it taste that way, please help. I love this stuff and probably am the only one who does.

    I looked at a number of recipe websites (allrecipes. recipezaar, epicurious, foodtv, chowhound, etc.) and they all contain authentic Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup recipes. Please don't post a link to one of those, I looked and found them already. I'm looking for kind made from condensed soup that's doctored up.


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  • Do you have any Christmas or winter season book recommendations?

    I have a lot of driving ahead of me over the next few weeks and hope to download a few festive audiobooks to make my travel time a bit more fun.

    To give you an idea of my taste, some of my favorite Christmas books are:

    This Year Will Be Different - Maeve Binchy

    The Christmas Train - David Baldacci

    A Redbird Christmas - Fannie Flagg

    The Stupidest Angel - Christopher Moore

    Winter Solstice - Rosamunde Pilcher

    Little House series - Laura Ingalls Wilder

    I'm not looking to revisit classics such as:

    A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

    A Christmas Story - Jean Shepherd

    The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - Barbara Robinson

    Thank you!

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  • Have you tried that No!No! hair remover thing they sell at Sephora?

    Is it worth the $250? How well does it work and how long until you see results? Does it hurt?

    I pasted a link to the product to show you the one I mean:

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  • What are some of the most popular desserts in Canada?

    Also, what are some of the traditional Canadian desserts? Thank you.

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  • What's the brand of the new nail polish that eventually wears/fades off and you don't need to remove it?

    I think I read about it in Lucky magazine awhile ago and it either faded or wore off gradually so you never needed to remove it. It was supposed to be a fairly neutral and pale color and dried really quickly. I think Sally Hansen makes it but I can't find the article about it anymore.

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  • What are some of the must-see coffeehouses around Long Beach, CA?

    I work in the specialty coffee industry and our national conference is in Long Beach next month. I am looking for really cool independent cafes and other restaurants with great specialty coffee beverages. Anything in a 30 mile radius is up for grabs. I'm hoping to cram as much market tour into a couple of days as possible. Thanks.

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  • What ingredient in sunblock is causing my nail polish to get soft and sticky?

    This probably sounds weird, but I've experienced this with a few different sunblocks. For example the Banana Boat UltraMist and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblock both cause nail polish to get soft/sticky (it never hardens back up) and will make the ink from magazines rub off on my arm/leg/wherever it touches. Is there some sort of acetone ingredient? I want to know what it is so I can avoid it. I haven't experienced a problem with the Neutrogena Fresh Cooling sunblock just the Ultra Sheer (which I did really like for awhile until I had the sticky problems). It seems like whatever would melt nail polish and cause magazines to lose their ink can't be all that healthy.

    FYI I wear SPF 30 and over. I'm going on a sunny vacation soon and will pack my own sunblock but want to avoid buying any others with the sticky factor. Thanks.

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  • How many more people do you think will ask for a website to see the Saddam Hussein execution video?

    It seems like the same question gets posted every 2 minutes.

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  • What are some good snacks to stop you from being hungry?

    I am one of those people who gets "hangry" when it's time for me to eat. I'm looking for some new snack ideas of fairly low-cal, healthy-ish things that serve my purpose of snacking (to make me not hungry).

    The snacks that seem to do the best for me are hard-boiled eggs, beef jerky (not the weird processed meat sticks), edamame, a small apple with cheese or peanut butter or baby carrots with a bit of peanut butter. Sometimes I'll have nuts (like almonds or cashews) but they don't seem to stop the hunger (and instead I just want to idly eat them because they are delicious). Please help me with ideas for new snacks, I'm not looking for processed food ideas like the 100 calorie packs or things of that nature.


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  • Do you know of any unusual uses for Vick's VapoRub?

    While cruising Y! Answers tonight I found uses for Vick's that I didn't even know existed. Apparently it gets rid of toenail fungus and helps with hemorrhoids and psoriasis.

    I personally love the stuff (there's nothing like the fresh smell of menthol), do you have any unique uses for it?

    One of the unpublished uses I swear by is for fixing chapped lips. If you have really chapped lips, slather a thick layer of the stuff on before bed and when you wake up all the flakes and dead skin can be washed off and you have soft lips again.

    3 AnswersOther - General Health Care1 decade ago
  • For those of you who name your cars, do you assign a gender and personality too?

    I'm just wondering.

    I come from a family of car namers. We've personified cars ever since I can remember, giving them names, personalities, genders, etc. Below are the names, genders, colors, makes and models of some of ours if you're interested.

    Current car:

    ZsaZsa, Female, Aqua 2002 Ford Thunderbird

    Others from the past (mine and other family member's):

    The Chimp, Neutral, White 1987 VW Cabriolet

    B@st@rd, Male, Dark green 1965 Mustang (this car HATED women, every time a female would get in she would bleed. Seriously.)

    Grandma, Female, Tan 1994 Toyota Camry Station Wagon

    Graceland, Neutral, Light blue 1989 Camry

    Old Ironsides, Male, White 1989 Camry

    Alvin John, Male,Navy 1976 Volvo Station wagon

    Uncle Bud, Male, bright blue late 70's Datsun King Cab

    Aso, Male, Silvery blue early 70's Datsun pickup

    Gianini, Male, Green early 70's Volvo Station wagon.

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  • Have you ever named your furniture?

    When I was growing up, we always named our couches. There were Big Blue, Country Joe, Old Man, Leatherneck and Greenie through the years. Did anyone else ever name the furniture?

    It seemed to prevent the fights with my brother and I had each Saturday morning, because rather than calling couch, we could call the specific couch we wanted to sit in to watch tv. One had a better view of the tv. Heaven forbid we actually sit next to each other.

    12 AnswersSociology1 decade ago
  • What are some of the most common lazy habits out there?

    My curiosity was piqued yesterday when I was at my cousin's house and noticed the empty roll of toilet paper on the holder and a halfway used roll on the floor. I assume people were too lazy to put on the holder because I remember it being like that in our house growing up. Are there any other examples?

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