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  • Do I pick him or her?

    So one of my cousins who I am close to and talk to quite often and I were talking. She told me about a one of two guys she likes. And she told me she likes both and because of her I was introduced to one of them. A few weeks later he started talking to me on facebook and such and I told her about it and I didn't think anything of it. We talked on a regular basis for a short time and then the day before she was going on a short trip he told me he liked me and asked me out. I actually said yes and I was so confused now shes back and I have to tell her and I don't know how or what to say. I talked to her and shes not sure how she feels about him and I have grown to really like him, I am so lost. And everyone I go to for advice is of no help. I really think I like him alot but I'm afraid of what my friend will say and how to tell her. What should I do?

    I know friends and family are first but what if this is real?

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  • How do I make him feel better?

    I have this friend and we've been friends for almost a year. And we have talked about alot of stuff we arent bffs but we are close. Recently he told me that he hasn't been feeling so good. For the last couple of months he has been really upset and refuses to talk about it and is becoming less and less social. Everyone has noticed a change in him and im becoming really worried. What should I do to try to make him feel better? What do i say?

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  • How do you prevent your hair from getting greasy looking?

    I do alot to my hair from curling to scrunching to straightening quite often. But The next day the roots of my hair turns greasy how do i stop or slow that down?

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  • How do you get rid of ALOT of back acne?

    One of my girlfriends refuses to wear a bikini when we hit up the beaches this summer because she has a really bad case of back acne, now I'm not talking LIGHT spots im talking HEAVY breakouts. Some of them are even scarring on her back from what I've seen. What can I recommend for her to use to get rid of the scarring etc.?

    (p.s. please don't say tell her to go to the derm. LONG STORY)

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  • What would you do if she got over you fast? (guys)?

    I wanna know how you would react if your ex got over you in a day or two

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  • How much would it cost to unlock a voyager?

    So my family is gonna switch from t-mobile to at&t soon and I wanted a flip phone (for texting) but At&t doesnt have very many nice ones. SO i wanted a voyager. I was wondering how much would a voyager cost and then how much to unlock it?

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  • How do you keep your hair fresh and soft ?

    I tend to straighted my hair alot and it's been damaging my hair...before straightening i usually use some temp. control to make sure that it doesn't go overboard. But I wanna know how some girls are able to keep their looking fresh and feeling smooth even though they straighten their hair often...Any suggestions?

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  • Is it a canker sore or what?

    Well for the last week I had a sore on my tongue. It hurts Altot especially when I am attempting to eat or swallow. It cause so much pain that I have trouble sleeping. I googled information about canker sores but I'm not exactly sure what it is. I have been eating alot of yogurt because eating anything else hurts. What do you think it is? What should I do?

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  • If you were asked to take a picture of religion in america what would you take a picture of?

    Please no "people holding hands". How do you see religion in america?

    27 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Agree or disagree? ( pres. Election)?

    Agree if disagree? Do you think the current presidental election can be considered the final stage of the reconstruction...especial if obama wins?

    Why or why not?

    3 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • What do you think of this poem?

    please be honest. thanks

    You Tried

    You tried to take my hand

    And I shyly pulled away.

    You stood there and would smile

    With nothing more to say.

    You tried to put your arm around me

    And I would smile the biggest smile

    Knowing you wouldn’t succeed

    But you didn’t care all the while.

    You tried to lean in closer

    for a simple goodnight kiss.

    And I would stand there thinking

    Hope he doesn’t miss.

    You tried to introduce me to all your crazy friends

    And I would be real nervous.

    And hope that it would end.

    You tried to tell me that you loved me

    And I want to let you know

    My love for you will never die

    It will only grow.

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  • what should I do about my relationship and family?

    I have been dating a guy that alot of my family really likes. And I really like him too. I was so happy that my family really liked him though..recently I told my older guy cousin about it and he was not as happy as everyone else but he was excepting about it. He tells me that I shouldn't trust this guy whom I really really like. So wen we were all hanging out my bf and I were hanging out and having a pretty good night. But when I left my cousin said that he was being flirty with alot of girls. I trust my boyfriend..but my cousin wont get off my back about it. So what should I do?

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  • what are some really good romantic movies that i could watch online?

    any romantic movies that arent too old that i mite be able to watch online.

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  • Complicated. please help.?

    Well my boyfriend have been a couple for a couple of months, when we started the relationship I told him that i believe in celebacy until marriage. Lately he has been pressureing me to get into bed with him. When we are out together he is always glancing at other women. I really do love him and I really think this is bothering him. Without giving up my principals what should I do?

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  • Love triangle?

    Recently one of my friends has had a huge thing for one of the guys in my best friend's band. She has tried talking to him and when he replies his answers are very short and vague. When I talk to him he is more social and more open.She is convinced that he likes me, which i think is not true. She wants to give up on him but she can't cause she has really strong feelings for him. What should i do to make her feel better?

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  • MY Best Friend and her Ex?

    my best friends Ex wants to have lunch with her and i dont think its a good idead how about u?..shes been with him and he is the reason she is upset all the time but i think that she will just have high hopes then she will be crushed....and she wont listen to anything i say ..what do i do?

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  • have u lost someone really close to u?

    i lost soemone i love with everything...MY aunt ..and one of my bestest friends my mom cant get over loosing her lil sis and this is a really hard time what can i do to get my mom a lil happy during this hard time?

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • do u think that saddam hussein should of been hanged?

    i personally diagree with one man taking the life of another and i was wondering do u believe that saddam hussein should of been senteced with a life in prison or he deserved what he got ?

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  • would u rather have a boyfriend or girl friend with ...?

    a great personality or with great beauty ??? SIMPLE ANSWERS ONLY!

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