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  • Anxiety Medication and Joining the Military?

    So heres the deal last month my doctors prescribed me some anti-anxiety pills, not because of anxiety really but because of this skin itching problem I have which he said the pills would take care of. Now I've been taking them for just under two weeks, but I plan on joining the military and recently found out you have to be off all medication for a year.

    So my question is am I going to be barred from joining because I took a damn pill and if so how will they know? Like I said I've been on them for less than two weeks and my doctor would approve I am in good condition. Plus cant I just lie and say I never took them?

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  • Delta Force Officers?

    I've asked a similar question before and I know this may be hard to answer but I thought I'd still ask to see if anyone knows. I'm interested in knowing the role Officers play in Delta Force, I've read several books on Delta including some written by Officers, however I'm never quite clear on what their role is in the Unit. For example who commands the troops on a squad level is it an Officer or an NCO? In comparison Army SF ODA's are led by a Cpt. who commands a squad of 12 men.

    Does Delta operate this way or does rank even matter when it comes to command? Do Officers even go out into the field with the men? etc.

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  • How is Delta Force structured?

    Now this may be hard to answer but I thought I'd still ask to see if anyone knows, I'm interested in knowing how Delta Force in particular is structured. I've read several books on the unit and have only ever gotten a vague description such as it has how it has three squadrons. But I'm more interested in how it is organized on a squad level.

    For example how many men would consist of a squad, who commands a squad (NCO or Officer), the role of Officers in Delta Force, etc. In comparison it's common knowledge that Green Beret's are organized into 12 man ODA's with a Captain leading them. I wanna know how Delta would operate.

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  • Non-Fade/Buzz Hairstyles for a Black Guy?

    OK so I'm a black guy and I have somewhat curly Afro hair and I was wondering what kind of good hairstyles are out there for black guys like myself who don't want to cut their damn hair. Now I definitely don't want dreads or cornrows or anything dumb like that, just something I can do with my natural hair besides cutting it down to the point where I barely have any hair at all. I find it kind of stupid that pretty much all black guys have their hair cut/faded, are you telling me their is nothing else we can do with our hair? Someone help me!

    Also tips on how to get my hair in those different ways would be helpful as well.

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  • Can Soldiers in the military keep journals?

    Can a soldier in the military keep journals like details of the missions they go on? Or are they prohibited? Also if they are allowed to keep journals are they subject to inspection?

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  • Can Soldiers use their own personal sidearms?

    In the US Military are soldiers allowed to bring their own personal sidearms with them when being deployed. I've heard they cannot and it would get seized at customs, is this true?

    And if so what about the following say a Soldier gets deployed to Afghanistan and buys a Sidearm their from some local merchant. Would he be able to use it, and would he be allowed to take it back with him to the States.

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  • Army Officer Time Commitment?

    So I would like to join the Army after college and become an Officer by going through OCS. But I would like to know a few things about an Officers Acive Duty commitment.

    #1 I know they must serve a 3 year Active Duty Committment, but does that 3 years include your time at BCT and OCS?

    #2 When my 3 years is up and I decide i wanna stay a bit longer do I have to sign up for another 3 years or can I just keep going and quit when I feel like it?

    #3 I also heard that if I were to join SF's as an Officer I would have to sign up for another 3 year committment with them after reaching 1LT, so does that 3 years also include the time spent training to become SF's?

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  • How long must Army Officers serve? And About SF?

    How long do Army Officers have to serve on Active Duty?

    When your time is up and you want to keep going on some more do I have to sign up for extra years or do I just keep going Actively and retire when I want?

    Finally if I was to join Special Forces as an Officer would I be obligated to serve more time?

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