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  • Senior in high school and I need advice! Thanks!?

    Okay so there’s just a few things I’m confused about:

    1. Does taking a half schedule my senior year effect college acceptance?

    2. I got a 31 on my ACT, but the essay portion wasn’t included... will I need that for college acceptance?

  • I’m about to be a senior in Highschool and I need some advice on a class I’m debating on taking or dropping.?

    So my GPA UW is 3.5 and W is 4.2 (or smth like that I’m in summer rn so I can’t check it online), I got a 31 on my ACT (the essay portion wasn’t included though, will I need to take that eventually?), and I have volunteer hours clocked in (at least 120 hours). I’m wanting to pursue the path of becoming a surgeon (either trauma or GI) and right now I’m thinking I’ll just go to schools in state because of money and such.

    So with that background, I would like to know if you think I should take the second year of my medical professions class. It allows you to graduate from high school as a CNA, which is amazing, but I’m not pursuing a nursing career. While I take this class I have to clock hours at a geriatric unit and take care of the residents there, which includes a lot of messy work (like brief changes, helping residents go to the bathroom, bathing resident, etc.). Which I’m not grossed out by doing, but if I don’t have to and if it won’t benefit my career in the long run... why do it?

    I understand the patient care experience will be valuab and that a job as a CNA theough college would be great, but... is it worth it? Is this class something I should dedicate most of my time in my senior year to?

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  • I need help and pointers on scholarships for colleges, please help!?

    Alright, so I m torn between NAU and U of A. NAU is closer to home, I have family up in flagstaff, and I can get the lumberjack scholarship with my grades. U of A, however, is more known for its medical programs and that makes that college very appealing to me. I think I should also mention that after I get my undergrad, I want to go to UCSF, a medical school in San Francisco. So here s what I want help with: what scholarships can I get if I have all As and Bs? Most of the time I have more As than Bs, but my second semester of sophomore year I had four Bs (in honors classes). What scholarships can I get? Which college, NAU or U of A, would UCSF like more? Does it matter?

  • I need help with science fair!?

    I m a sophomore in high school and I m doing a really, REALLY crappy science fair

    So, I pretty much need help making up some sort of BS reason as to why bouncing basket balls on different surfaces to see which helps the ball bounce the highest is important, or how it contributes to the world or whatever

    Anything will do as long as I can get my points,

    Thank you!!!

    (Idk if it would help but my research question is: if the basket ball was bounced on the different surfaces sand, gravel, and grass, which would the ball bounce the highest on?)

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  • what are ALL the possible units for this equation: Q= mc(Tf-Ti)?

    I need to know all the possible units for this equation: Q= mc(Tf-Ti)

    it would be really helpful...

    cant Q be in both Calories and Joules?

    I need to know the units for all of the variables in the equation


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  • The Host by Stephenie Meyer, page number and quote?

    I was wondering if anyone knew what page number the quote, "Perhaps there could be no joy on this planet without an equal weight of pain to balance it out on some unknown scale" was on?


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