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I have a B.A. in Business Management and in Speech & Theatre Arts. I am competent in my knowledge of the theater (Broadway and other) though my knowledge of Broadway kind of trickles off at the point that Disney began taking over the B'way stages. I am a Master of Divinity student at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA (that means studying to be a pastor). I have been an avid TV fan all my is always on in my home. I can often beat the people on "Jeopardy" and when my family plays games like "Trivial Pursuit" the teams are always me against everyone else.

  • Do terminally ill persons know when they are about to die?

    Do persons with terminal illnesses, such as cancer and AIDS, have a tendency to know when they have reached their last day or hours--like many animals seem to know--or do their final moments come just as randomly to them as they do to everyone else?

    I realize this is a subjective question that relies heavily on personal opinion and observation. Whatever your answer may be, please give a brief explanation as to how you came to such a conclusion. Thanks!

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