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  • Should I buy Kingdom 1.5 remix? Read Description?

    I'm interested in playing Kingdom Hearts, but im not sure if I should start with this or start from 1 and 2. Someone needs to explain to me what does this contain. Does it really matter or nah?

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  • Which album should I cop next?

    I'm not sure what album to buy now? So it would be nice if you guys can give me a list of albums I should check out. And I'm talking about old school rap albums from the 90's or early 00's

    BQ1: Is Jay-Z's album Volume 2: Hard Knock Life worth getting?

    BQ2: Buy or Sell: Doggystyle is Snoop Dogg's only good album

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop7 years ago
  • Am I The Only One Who Isn't impressed with Kendrick Lamar's Verse?

    In Big Sean song control, Kendrick is basically saying that he wants competition with the hip hop community. But people on facebook be acting like Kendrick was dissing the rappers he named and everyone is acting like kendrick is the best MC out there. To be honest I never got into Kendrick for some reason. And if Eminem, Nas, DMX, Andre 3000, rest of slaughterhouse responded, Kendrick would stfu and not say anything neither would the rest of the hip hop community. People act like they never heard a diss before which it wasn't!

    BQ1: Are you looking forward to Eminem's new album?

    BQ2: Buy or Sell: Illmatic>Reasonable Doubt

    BQ3: Who fell off harder Jay-Z or Eminem?

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  • I'm Nervous About High School?

    I think I start high school in 2 weeks and I'm scared about it. I really hope I make friends in high school because in middle school I was quiet but I still had friends but i wouldn't consider them friends that I would do everything with. Just friends in school only. I had friends that I would hang out with from other schools but I don't hang out with them anymore because they have other friends that I guess are more fun. It's been like a year since the last time I hung out with them. But I don't miss them too much I wouldn't consider myself anti-social because there are times where I am very social and there are times where I'm not so social. The only reason I was quiet in middle school is because the middle school I went to isn't the middle school I wanted to go to. So I was mad and became quiet in middle school. But it's whatever now. Also, when I start high school my sister is still there for her last year of high school and I don't want her to see me as a loser in high school. My sister has friends and is kind of those type of people that go to parties but not all the time. Is freshman year the easiest? Please let me know so I won't **** up. It seem hard to get get good grades and be social at the same time. I want some advice from people who were extremely nervous about their first day of high school and how the outcomes were. It would help a lot. Also, tell me what I need to watch out for.

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  • I miss my family from another country. Help me out? (read description please)?

    Today I came back to USA from Peru and I don't want to stay here. I hate doing the same boring routine here. All I ******* do all day here is play video games and stay on the internet or some other boring ****. I don't have any friends to hang out with because there ******* traders who I will never forgive. I'm starting high school this year so hopefully I can make some friends. But I doubt it since I always hear stories on how lots of people don't fit in in high school. So I guess you can say I am kind of depressed here in USA. I miss Peru so much because I never seen my family in a long time since 2000, so my mom, sister, and I were happy to see them again after 13 years. I felt happy that there was people that still cared about me. My dad is kind of strict, so he let me and my sister go to Peru because we got good grades (well I actually didn't show him my real grades which were mediocre with a's b's and 5 c's). But I can't hide my real grades in high school since they get mailed home. So chances of me going back to Peru probably not for a couple of years. Also, even if i did get good grades I don't think my dad would let me go to Peru every year. I'm a stupid kid. When I left Peru, I started crying because I love my family so much and knowing I won't see them for a long time. Anyone can advice something can give me to stop missing my family so much and to go back to Peru sooner?

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